Archbishop of Buenos Aires named Pope

Jorge Mario Bergoglio chooses name "Francis"

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, has been named Pope. The white smoke appeared in Rome at 11:06 a.m. West Coast time, and the new Pope appeared a little more than an hour later.



Hey Don isn't that your age too? Two humble and simple men still working hard and giving back. But now the other guy gets those fancy red pope slippers but has to pray for 1.2 billion souls. You, on the other hand, get to prey on those who would do us harm. Journalistically speaking. I hope both of you find success for many many more years.

JustWondering: But I don't have to take a vow of chastity. Best, Don Bauder

JustWondering: I realize I haven't addressed part of your question. Yes, like the new Pope, I am 76, but I turn 77 in May. He turns 77 in December. So I am older, but no one would say I am wiser. Best, Don Bauder

"So I am older, but no one would say I am wiser." Well, you weren't in the running for Pope, at least I presume not. So that put's you one up on the fisherman right there!!!!

tomjohnston: It is an absolute certainty that I was not in the running for Pope. Had I been, I would have given the famous reply: if nominated I shall not run, and if elected I shall not serve. Best, Don Bauder

Thanks be to God for minor miracles regarding your chastity comment.

JustWondering: Don't thank God. Thank me. Best, Don Bauder

I was hoping Father Joe would get the nod.

Burwell: Some of the San Diego characters whom Father Joe befriended, courted, stood up for -- David Malcolm, John Moores, e.g. -- may have put in a good word for him. Best, Don Bauder

Is it too early to order souvenir pope soap on a rope?

Murphyjunk: I understand the new Pope has often complained publicly about the inequitable distribution of wealth and income throughout the world. That is an extremely important topic, and he is on the right side of it. Best, Don Bauder

I'm not a close follower of the church, but this choice seems to be another "kick the can down the road" one. Oh, it is symbolic in that it finally recognizes that there is a western hemisphere, after, what, a half millennium? Of course, it also finally remembers that a major source of church members come from the Hispanic world, and that's also a first. So in a few years yet another papal selection will occur, and maybe then someone real in the way of a leader will be selected. But for now, here's another caretaker pope.

Visduh: Yes, the new Pope won't have the time to clean up the church's many problems. But maybe he can get started and pass the torch to his successor. Latin America is critically important to the church. Recognizing that in the papacy is long overdue. Best, Don Bauder

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