Activist sues to block private CPUC huddle

March 20 meeting breaks open meeting law, says her lawyer

Masada Disenhouse today (March 11) filed suit in superior court after she was not permitted to attend a California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) meeting March 20 meeting at Scripps Seaside Forum. The subject will be cleantech. So-called "stakeholders" will be permitted to question CPUC commissioners on their concerns. Disenhouse was told the groups were filled up, and she would be removed from the attendee list. "These meetings are designed to increase communication between the commissioners and local government entities and partners," she was told by a CPUC official. Disenhouse is active with, which pushes for awareness of climate change, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and a clean energy future. Disenhouse's attorney, Mia Severson, filed to block the meeting on grounds that the CPUC is required to hold its meetings in public, and this meeting also violates the California State Open Meeting Law. "Who knows what 'stakeholders' are?" asks Severson. "But they get a private audience with the CPUC. This meeting is required to be open."

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It appears that the camel is already entirely inside of the tent. And has been for a long time.

Such "Commissions," "Authorities" (e.g., the Port District) and the like fiefdoms, not democratic entities. They answer to no one. Hence, the arrogance.

Who's her lawyer? What's the name of the "official" quoted?

Twister: I quoted her lawyer, Mia Severson. The official who wrote her to tell her she would be excluded was Drew Cheney, outreach officer, Northern California branch of CPUC. Best, Don Bauder

Start calling these meeting a conclave, and emphasis on the con part.

Murphyjunk: Great. I wish I had thought of that. Best, Don Bauder

NO ACTION IN COURT TODAY. Mia Severson, attorney for Disenhouse, and the CPUC attorney have to submit more materials to the judge. The hearing resumes Monday. Best, Don Bauder

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