Plaid-shirt fraudster got probation at sentencing

A judge noticed the defendant wore the same shirt to court seen in evidence photos

Abrahim Ah Saed was sentenced to time already served, twelve days custody, plus three years probation for a felony fraud which he admitted last month.

A judge had noticed at a prior court appearance that Saed was wearing the same plaid shirt seen in evidence photos, captured by surveillance cameras at multiple Lowe’s stores in Southern California.

A manager from Lowe’s previously testified that Abrahim Ah Saed made 125 returns of door knobs and hinges and other hardware to different stores between September 2012 and January 2013. That witness said Saed commonly returned merchandise worth a little over $100, and sometimes made four or five returns the same day at different stores within the same County. The name Abrahim Saed and an address in Ontario California was a “common theme,” but the identification number on the California driver’s license changed for each transaction, the Lowe’s manager said in sworn testimony.

Abrahim Ah Saed, 31, had been charged with three felonies for one fraudulent transaction at a Lowe’s store in San Marcos. In his plea deal, Saed admitted one commercial burglary in exchange for dismissal of two other felonies: using stolen ID and using fraudulent driver’s license to commit forgery.

The defendant had benefit of an Arabic interpreter when he was in San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse most recently, on June 26, 2013.

Honorable Judge Aaron Katz ordered three years probation for Saed, and further ordered the felon to stay away from all Lowe’s stores. Saed asked that his case be transferred to Riverside County, because he resides there. That matter will be decided at a future hearing.

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On April 23, 2013, during a preliminary hearing, the Honorable Sim von Kalinowski noted on the record that Abrahim Ah Saed was wearing “the same exact shirt.” The judge said he had been studying the defendant during the one-hour proceeding and declared: “It’s quite apparent that it is him,” meaning the same person who was captured on camera at Lowe’s stores committing fraud. Saed made a plea deal and was then sentenced this last week, on June 26, 2013.

"... during a preliminary hearing, the Honorable Sim von Kalinowski noted on the record that Abrahim Ah Saed was wearing “the same exact shirt.” I doubt the judge has the power to determine it is the EXACT same shirt, as he may have more than one and it is doubtful only ONLY of these shirts were custom made for the guy.

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