DUI crackdown nets one drunk driver

Saturday night’s DUI crackdown at the San Diego County Fair, which brought officers from eight local law enforcement agencies together to conduct “saturation patrols” around the fairgrounds, resulted in 95 total traffic stops, with 16 drivers evaluated for driving under the influence and one arrested for the same offense.

The other 15 drivers were cited for more minor traffic offenses, including one who was cited and released for driving without a license.

In addition to the agencies listed Friday, the La Mesa, Oceanside, and San Diego Police Departments committed officers to the operation.

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DWI 'Crackdown'!!!. Ooooo. From the title, it would seem that the writer thinks more people should have been charged with DWI at the fair. Is the writer implying the 'crackdown' was a waste of time/resources? I disagree. Whether it's for fear of being caught, or because alcohol is expensive at the fair, or just because drivers know they shouldn't drink and drive, the results are a good thing. Maybe we're all growing up. I'll drink to that.

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