Suspected Spider-Man bandit arrested

La Mesa Police announced on Tuesday afternoon (June 11) that they had made two arrests related to a string of robberies involving an individual wearing a Spider-Man mask, dating back to a January 28 heist at Sierra Market on the 3800 block of Massachusetts Avenue.

San Diego residents Johnny McGee (43) and Gina E. Ludwig (38) were both arrested related to the Sierra robbery, and police say their investigation implicated the suspects in four additional robberies in La Mesa, not all of them involving the Spider-Man disguise. Ludwig was booked on a single robbery charge, while McGee was charged with robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, restraining order violations, burglary, and conspiracy.

http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/almost-factual-news/2013/may/31/black-spider-man-threat-or-menace/">Possibly related.


If convicted they will be the Comic-Cons.

Don't you believe it for a minute. Can't you see what's really happening here? Its a simple story line twist! Spidey's going to be a bad guy for a while. Genius! This is something Stan Lee must've had waiting in the wings. Now Spider man isn't only interactive,(he breaks the law, LMPD participates) but he's gone to the dark side and he not only has a sidekick, but he has a female sidekick! I can feel it! It's now, it's happening, it's sheer genius, I tell you. Okay, the Black Widow is taken, hmmm, so is Venom, ooh yeah, I got it! Spider girl,...nah too DC. Okay, how 'bout the Pink Recluse? Six eyed Nancy? Okay, it needs work but, it has potential. Comic-Cons,...now thats good!

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