Convicted murderer posted Facebook photos from Tecate, Mexico prison

El Hongo inmates shown posing with cell phones in social network photos

Photos were recently discovered of a convicted murderer, in a Baja California prison, which were apparently uploaded from their own cell phones to a personal Facebook account. The inmate, Luis "hipster prisionero" Pachecho Rodríguez, is shown in photos posing with other inmates while holding cell phones. The inmates are currently at the “El Hongo” prison, in Tecate, Baja California.

According to SDPnoticias.com, Pachecho Rodríguez is currently serving a lengthy prison term after being convicted of multiple homicides and armed robbery. It is unclear what punishment the inmates received after the photos and cell phones were discovered.

A Facebook search revealed that the inmates profile has since been taken down.


Oh darn. This was enticing, but los prisoneros have taken down their photos, so I guess I'll pass on joining Facebook, that most fun of our "social media."

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