Mayor to take off two weeks for therapy

Apologizes to women, City; but not ceding power

Mayor Bob Filner said at a press conference shortly after noon today (July 26) that he will enter two weeks of intensive therapy Aug. 5. But he will continue to run the City; there will be no transfer of power, at least now. The mayor apologized to his staff, women he has offended, and the City of San Diego. In essence, he has done that before.

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I saw that too. I don't trust him to come out better. He's been a nut job a long time and it doesn't get fixed in 2weeks. Hope he changes his lousy personality but not on the public $. He's trying to fool everybody with this "I'm sorry, I'll do therapy" You can see he has lots of unethical activities in the works, not just slobbering on random women.

shirleyberan: I doubt anyone can change personality in two weeks. I am glad he is not ceding power -- at least now. Best, Don Bauder

No one has the courage to attack his policies, they are very popular. I hope this penance is done in consultation with McCormack Jackson and her attorneys. Settling her case quickly, as her attorney suggested is possible, is the best idea for plaintiff and defendant, any trial would be a farce broadcast live around the world. Filner should resign public duties, but keep his veto pen until a new mayor can be elected.

Psycholizard: It won't help him to resign while McCormack Jackson case is pending. Best, Don Bauder

As of now it has been proven beyond all doubt that Filner has no morals and no honor at all.

Democratic party leaders must force his resignation immediately or Manchester will achieve his most deranged dreams.

However, it was also proven during the KPBS interview of four women leaders yesterday that it is way past due time for all women to fight like hell to achieve total equality and rights in 2013.

Male leaders/chimpanzees in all institutions (social, political, economic, religious, scientific, education, etc.) have failed the tests of humanity and it is time for women to takeover leadership today or our newest and all future generations will have a legacy that will provide them with a totally unacceptable quality of life.

Anon92107: If Filner resigns, then Manchester will have fulfilled most of his dream. Second part is to put DeMaio or a clone back in. Best, Don Bauder

Don, are you saying that there is no San Diego woman in the Democratic Party with more honor, integrity, morals and expertise than DeMaio?

Anon92107: Donna Frye has the qualities you describe, but the mayoralty was stolen from her once, and I don't believe she is interested. Best, Don Bauder

Good Grief Don, the demos are in trouble in San Diego if there is not one democratic woman who will take Filner's place, because Filner is totally unacceptable in this new era when women's rights must be protected at all costs with zero tolerance for scumbags like Filner ("Duke" v.2013).

There is no Democrat, period, from what we have seen for the past 25 years. I have to agree with Don here. Fighting almost everybody is very difficult, and not many are cut out for it.

Anon92107: Please don't suggest Kehoe. Best, Don Bauder

Don: I doubt DeMaio will become mayor, no matter how much backing he would get from Manchester.

aardvark: For his own sake, I don't think DeMaio should try to become mayor. Best, Don Bauder

Bob just needs to recharge his batteries--I'm sure the vacation will do wonders for him.

I think he has been using disposable batteries up to now.

Murphyjunk: His batteries certainly seem to go on and off. Best, Don Bauder

aardvark: It appears to be two weeks to UNcharge his batteries. Best, Don Bauder

two weeks to change a lifetime of unacceptable behaviour, not a chance .

It will work about as well as lindsay lohan's rehab the first time around.

Murphyjunk: You are probably right, but remember, he will never be alone with women on the job. He won't be able to cure a deeply inculcated "monster," as he describes his problem, but he will have to watch his step. Best, Don Bauder

Keep the faith: people are capable of change, especially motivated smart people like the Mayor.

monaghan: Filner has apparently done some very dumb things, but he is a very smart cookie, and he wants to keep the job. Best, Don Bauder

He should work from home, and let his staff do the public stuff, but hold on to the City checkbook.

Psycholizard: But part of a mayor's job is showing up in public. Best, Don Bauder

maybe the plan of the city council is to change the "rules" while he is away so they can boot him out.

Yankeedoodle: The key is "if they could." Best, Don Bauder

That cannot be done; it's called an ex post facto law and it's prohibited.

dwbat: I'm not sure it can't be done. Best, Don Bauder

Murphyjunk: According to Channel 8, Councilman Mark Kersey wants to change the municipal code to make it easier to oust Filner. Best, Don Bauder

But of course! Where is Voltaire when we need him?

Yankeedoodle: Voltaire Street is still in San Diego where it has always been. Best, Don Bauder

In fact, he's talking about how the municipal code's recall election provisions are invalid under the law.

They say only people who voted on the recall question can vote on who should replace the mayor if the recall is successful. That appear to violate a court ruling.

So there needs to be a change to allow people to vote on either question or both. Otherwise a recall election could be invalid and they'd have to keep holding them until they made the procedure legal.

Randy: That's my understanding of the change Kersey wants. Best, Don Bauder

I think he will end up having the majority of his counseling sessions at City Hall. I mean, this is not heroin addiction we are talking about here. A behavioral counselor can do their work anywhere and it may actually be more beneficial for the counseling to take place while he is in the work environment.

The fact is, this type of counseling is not that uncommon and has taken place in many corporations and organizations for years. Employees are read the new rules and given a few examples of offensive behavior and that is pretty much it. This is not rocket science either. You may have been an offender before but once management makes it clear that kind of behavior will no longer be tolerated, things change and everyone changes with them or else.

Mayor Filner has arrived at the "or else" stage and what happens next remains to be seen. If he does change his behavior and no longer offends, then I say, he deserves the chance to perform the duties of mayor as the majority of the citizens of San Diego elected him to. He should not be removed from office by a bunch of political machinists who think they have found a way to change the results of an election without having to win it.

Yankeedoodle: Agreed. Best, Don Bauder

JavaJoe25: Agreed. He has to come back after the two weeks. Already there are rules in place that he cannot be alone with women. He knows there will be a zero tolerance policy. I think he has to be given a chance. He must also vigorously defend the McCormack Jackson suit and consider suits against some others involved in this. Some say he will settle the McCormack Jackson suit, make sure the U.S. Attorney is not pursuing him on Sunroad, then resign. That is logical but I would rather see him give reformation a try, because if he resigns, he will be replaced by a corporate welfare booster, and all the progress San Diego has made will be gone. Best, Don Bauder

I think he passes the "or else" stage and is at the we had enough of his antics stage.

If he does come back, I think the pressure of being under close scrutiny will be too much for him.

His problems go way deeper than what we see in the news.

Murphyjunk: if he has survived psychologically thus far, I don't think the pressure of watching his step will drive him to quit. Best, Don Bauder

Let's get this straight guys, Filner is totally unacceptable under any circumstance now that he has attacked women vocally and physically.

We must produce a new era immediately where WOMEN'S RIGHTS MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS WITH ZERO TOLERANCE from male predators like Filner, Duke, Bill Clinton, Schwarzenegger, Petraeus ad nauseum.

The way things are going today, we males are devolving into chimpanzees since male leaders of all institutions, cultures and societies have totally failed to protect and respect women.

It has not been demonstrated objectively that Filner's advances constituted "attacks", nor should all men be tarred with the same brush as those who have strayed from the path of righteousness. As for me, I am very grateful that I am without fault.

Yankeedoodle: I am delighted you are without fault. There is a story today -- I read it in the NY Times -- about composer Gustav Mahler. Historians have tended to consider him a chaste ascetic until he married Alma, who of course wasn't. But new information suggests Mahler did have heated affairs, romances and infatuations. The information is all pre-marriage, so we don't know what he did when Alma did some running around during their marriage. We do know that Mahler consulted Sigmund Freud about his marital problems, probably Alma's unfaithfulness, and it's too bad that conversation was not preserved for posterity. Mahler is one of the greatest composers of all time. Could being a cuckold enhance a composer's creative juices? Best, Don Bauder

Good for Mahler..a fully formed human. Have always liked his music.

And thank you for being happy for me. I can tell you earthlings out there, it just feels like a million bucks to be perfect.

Yankeedoodle: Being perfect qualifies you for a billion or trillion bucks -- not simply a million. Best, Don Bauder

Or, half of us could devolve into Bonobos, equally close to humans genetically. Then....Donnybrook Fair!

Yankeedoodle: Sometimes I wonder if we haven't already devolved into a so-called lower species. Best, Don Bauder

Anon92107: I agree that our male-dominated society is full of injustices. My guess is that the Schwarzenegger and Petraeus matters were consensual Best, Don bauder

But that is why we need to devolve into Bonobos. A trip to the San Diego Zoo could show us the future.

Yankeedoodle: I have always wanted to be a hairy-nosed wombat. I'll bet Randy Dotiinga thinks I already am one. Best, Don Bauder

Is the hairy-nosed wombat a fossil from the days of the Neanderthals who has no respect for women? Then yes.

Randy Dotinga - The Voice of San Diego Slime- Bucket Journalism.

Duhbya: Don't blame the Voice for Randy. He is a free-lancer, not a staff member. Best, Don Bauder

Don, my usage of "Voice of San Diego" had nothing to do with the publication, other than coincidentally.

Randy: I don't take you very seriously, but I have to respond to this one. I have been married almost 51 years. I have written that my mother was the brains of my family. I have also said many times that my wife is the brains of our family. While we were raising two sons, she got a PhD in plant ecology -- a very tough PhD -- that required her to be at UC-Davis for stretches. I was the house husband then. Macho men cringe if their wives have more education than they do. I only have a master's degree. I worked hard to make sure she got her PhD, which she deserved. I have been a faithful husband, not straying once in 51 years. I do tell dirty jokes, yes, but in probably 80% of them, the male is the butt of the joke, not a female. You should do some homework before you write. Best, Don Bauder

You don't take sexual harassment seriously. I stand by my words.

Randy: I understand politics. As a writer for the Voice, you should understand it. Best, Don Bauder

Don, the fact is that too many of us, who feel we do have control of our emotions, are in denial about Filner.

However, it is even more hopeless when even the four women leaders interviewed by KPBS on Thursday had to admit they failed to protect women when they had opportunities to prevent sexual acts against other women from occurring.

Most telling though, one woman leader did admit that women fear professional retribution if they take action to protect other women. This is a root cause cultural failure mode that has been destroying any possibility of a permanent solution.

Another ailment that could be cured by the Bonobo devolution. It is the Occam's razor that will cut this Gordian Knot.

Yankeedoodle: Thanks for reminding me: The Gordian Knot Untied (originally Unty'd) is a lovely piece of music by Henry Purcell, the baroque English composer. I haven't listened to it in some time. Best, Don Bauder

Anon92107: Filner apparently liked powerful women who were his peers. All who have come forward have been mature, powerful -- not vulnerable teenagers. Best, Don Bauder

Well the victims obviously have to fear attacks on their character as we've seen in these blogs.

ImJustABill: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the limelight, where you put yourself. Best, Don Bauder

These women didn't ask to be put in the limelight. They are not publicity-hounds. They are speaking out to show that all of the other womens' stories are credible - which has been NOW BEEN PROVEN (at least to any reasonable person).

Interesting alternative solution Yankeedoodle, the Bonobos at the San Diego Zoo appear to have a lot more fun than the people looking in at them.

Since human males and females keep failing to solve our problems with each other, maybe we should let the Bonobos go free and put humans in zoos as the ultimate solution to preventing further destruction of the earth.

Anon92107: When they were young, my sons used to sing the playground song, "Happy Birthday to you; you belong in a zoo; you look like a monkey, and you are one, too." Best, Don Bauder

Of course, Bonobos are not monkeys. They are apes, like chimps and gorillas. The great thing about bonobos, going back to Anon's devolution statement, is that they are just as close to Homo sapiens as chimps, yet the females are the dominant gender and there is a whole lotta loving not fighting going on.

As I said, this elegant solution cuts the Gordian Knot.

Yankeedoodle: They are anthropoid apes, related to chimpanzees, and sometimes called pygmy chimpanzees. Funny: I have been called a stupid ape a number of times, and a monkey even more times, but nobody has ever called me by the name of my closest cousin, Bonobo. Best, Don Bauder

Don, pyscholizard, historymatters, other wild conspiracy theorists:

I wonder what you guys think about why so many of the victims of priest abuse took so long to come out with their accusations? Was that all a plot to unseat Pope Benedict?

Just wondering what the conspiracy theory desk thought....

Obviously nothing Filner did would disqualify him as a priest. There was a proven conspiracy to prey on young people and cover up the complaints of their parents in the Church. The comparison is completely over the top. Though Laura Fink did confess to knowing others who also covered for Filner, the Democratic Party can't be compared in depravity with the Catholic Church.

Psycholizard: As you see in my comment below, the comparison of Filner and priest abuse is not only over the top, it is an example of the hysteria and irrationality I have been talking about. Best, Don Bauder

ImJustABill: To compare the victims of priest abuse to the alleged victims of Bob Filner is about as an invidious comparison as I have ever heard. Ditto the young Sandusky victims. People have questioned whether there is any hysteria in San Diego. You just provided the proof of hysteria. Best, Don Bauder

The abuse was much worse but the victims have the same problem. They have to confront people like you who are more concerned with pushing an agenda than they are with protecting victims.

ImJustABill: The so-called victims of Filner and the victims of abuse by priests and pedophiles like Sandusky are NOT, NOT comparable. Get smart. Please. Best, Don Bauder

I suspect that Bill was making an attempt at humor, and wasn't stating that child molestation was like an unwanted touch of a grown woman, Nevertheless, his comment touched me wrong, and I intend to save this for years, keep whispering about his support for child molestation, and then give a tearful expose' with digitally blanked face on KPBS, while commentators puzzle over why anyone could defend such an obvious monster, then be shocked, SHOCKED, that anyone would think I was engaging in a conspiracy.

My point is that you guys make it difficult for victims to come forward. Your political agenda is much more important to you and Don than the victim's feelings or rights.

ImJustABill: You are changing positions. That is not what you originally said, and it was not what you meant in your second statement. I believe you have said earlier that there has been no hysteria. Your statements claiming that the so-called Filner victims are comparable with the victims of pedophile priests and Sandusky are absolute proof of hysteria. Best, Don Bauder

Psycholizard: Yes, save this. In fact, save everything uttered in this environment. In a year when the smoke clears, the statements will look utterly ridiculous, and San Diego will once again be known as, know. As to whether ImJustABill was making a joke. He was not. Read his second response. Best, Don Bauder

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