Laura Fink's campaign role with Todd Gloria

Questions: didn't her allies vet her? Did the local press?

Several people who contribute to this blog have mentioned the relationship of Laura Fink, the second woman to claim Bob Filner harassed her, and Todd Gloria, council president who desperately wants Filner's job and loudly says he should resign. One of my contributors found this: in a biography of Laura Fink by the NGS (Next Generation of Service), there is a discussion of how Fink works for Congresswoman Susan Davis. Then there is this: "Other roles include fiscal fundraising, communications, and event responsibilities for prominent campaigns such as Hillary Clinton for President, Bob Filner for Congress (D, CA-51), Todd Gloria for City Council [emphasis mine], and Marty Block for State Assembly."

The lady has a conflict. In any case, her complaint about Filner is extremely dubious. If she was pushed into coming forward by the "Filner must resign" mob, didn't it do its homework? I haven't seen this covered in the local media. Perhaps it has been. But it should have been covered very prominently, and I don't think it was.

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If she was the only one bringing forward complaints against Filner, there might be a point to this. But she isn't... at least three others have come forward, and we have every reason to believe that many more women have been victimized. It isn't hard to understand at all why anyone in politics or business might be reluctant to come forward with charges against a Congressman or Mayor.

There is far too much smoke around this issue to assume there's anything other than a roaring fire at it's heart.

jnojr: If there is a roaring fire, the voters, apparently, will have to decide if the charges are sufficient to remove Filner from office. Remember several things: the so-called victims have been his peers, not vulnerable young girls; there has been no mention of sexual intercourse; there has been no mention that anyone was promised or received a job or promotion because of a sexual relationship with Filner, or as a result of his aggressiveness; I see no instances when somebody complained and Filner did not stop, and so-called victims who have come forward were mature and knowledgeable enough to know that they could file official complaints without fear of losing their jobs.

Unfortunately, the bottom line is that Filner is arrogant and abrasive, and has a wicked sense of humor. The big moneybags in town are out to get him because he is trying to rein in their hammerlock on the city. They are gleeful that his fellow Democrats are leading the charge. These incidents give the Filner haters a chance to scream for his head. Best, Don Bauder

Yeah Don, at least half of Filner's former supporters have called him out or abandoned him, his chief of staff and friend of 35 years quit over the issue, three women have come public with very specific allegations, all on top of a power-trip reputation for years - BUT, it's important to call out Fink's small link to potential replacement Todd Gloria. Anything to hang on by your fingernails.

Just goes to show how much a situation can be characterized by the lens of the particular viewer that's looking at it.

ottog1979: Fink's relationship to Todd Gloria is hardly a "small link." Best, Don Bauder

So she worked for Gloria's council campaign and then went back in time to create a 2005 incident involving Filner AND an email complaint about it? My God, Don, this conspiracy is bigger than any of us!

Randy: Since it's the biggest thing in the news, it's certainly bigger than some people in town. Best, Don Bauder

Go Don GO!!! You are a great researcher!!!

Of course its conspiracy people!! get over yourselves!!

Did people "conspire" behind the scenes to oust Filner for not handing the City Balboa park included over to developers on a silver platter?

HELL-TO-THE-YES!!! Of course they did!!!

It would be crazier to think they did not.

Finks story is BEYOND weak and makes a mockery of real victims of abuse as does the 3rd victim who does not know the difference between a bad date and sexual harassment.

historymatters: The incident with the third woman took place in a Marie Callender's. The self-proclaimed victim is a psychologist. If his behavior shattered her psyche in some way, then her license should be taken away. One would hope that a psychologist understands bizarre behavior. And one would hope that a psychologist does not exaggerate or fabricate bizarre behavior. Best, Don Bauder

This interpretation is deeply offensive, especially to women but also to anyone who was a victim of sexually inappropriate behavior and did not brush it off.

Randy: Sorry. Professional psychologists, female or male, should be able to handle bizarre behavior.

Filner press conference at noon. Probably sayonara. 10 to 1 that SD goes back into hands of downtown corporate welfarists -- if it isn't already. Best, Don Bauder

Just when you thought you'd never see another twist on victim-blaming.

Randy: Plenty of twists still to come in this one. But on balance I think Filner is doomed, and I think the corporate welfare crowd, no matter what happens, is back in control, and will tighten its grip in coming months. Best, Don Bauder

You are confusing psychologists with Vulcans. A Vulcan is a fictional being from Star Trek. Vulcans receiving extensive training to remove all emotion. A trained Vulcan would not have their psyche damaged by another person's offensivee actions. In contrast, a human pyschologist is a person trained and educated to perform psychological research, testing, and therapy. Unlike Vulcans, human psychologists still have feelings and emotions and can have their psyches hurt by another's offensive actions.

Just thought I'd clear that up for you.

ImJustABill: And all this time I thought Vulcan was a blacksmith. I didn't see Star Trek, although my children watched it, as I recall. Best, Don Bauder

ImJustABill: Vulcan Tire is a tire retailer. Best, Don Bauder

Not only, but human psychologists don't think their eyes can "bewitch" people and are frightened when someone suggests this possibility, while non-emotive Vulcans know differently!

monaghan: Any psychologist who deliberately bewitches people might get into trouble with professional peers. I don't think that's true of this complainant, though. Best, Don Bauder

Also worked for Nathan Fletcher for mayor. In her KPBS interview, she plainly states her hatred of Filner. Take her word for it, she's not trying to be fair, she hated her boss, but wanted references, she got them. Even if everything she describes is true, and I believe her facts, this means nothing. This doesn't support McCormack Jackson because it's completely different. A single touch never repeated after a warning doesn't support the accusation of ignoring repeated warnings and continuing an unwanted smooch attack for months.

A normal employee should be relieved of duties and fired after these allegations proved true. But the Mayor is not a normal employee, he represents the policy choices of the electorate, and must be replaced only after a vote of the people. Those who urge his resignation after a media circus pervert democracy. Get your recall on, pay those homeless people to collect signatures, have an election. We have laws for this.

Psycholizard: Unfortunately, perhaps tragically, the policy choices represented by Filner are out the window. Best, Don Bauder

4 more women spoke of Filner's transgressions tonight on KPBS--one of them Ronne Froman--who I'm sure is also just looking for 15 minutes of fame...

aardvark: As I have said, there will be many more charges. Many will come from downtown establishment people, as two of these, and perhaps all of them, are. I looked over the charges. If Filner actually did these things he has been incredibly stupid. I suspect that some of these charges are either misunderstandings or exaggerations, but I suspect some of them are true. That's bad. I am still waiting for someone who says she was offered a quid pro quo for sexual favors, someone who claims Filner did not stop after he was told to stop, etc. This looks like a planned barrage. It also looks like Filner has crossed the line a number of times. Voters have to decide if this is acceptable. Question: if Filner is this bad, why didn't people come forward before he was elected? I don't remember people talking about sexual harassment in the campaign. Best, Don Bauder

Don: So then this will probably go down as the biggest political scheme ever in San Diego politics, at least in your eyes. Had Filner not done these things, it's doubtful that any of this would be happening. But it was all planned. (allegedly) While I respect your opinion on most matters, this is one you and I will never agree upon.

aardvark: Internet buzz has Filner taking time off for therapy. As far as I can figure, that leaves Ekard in charge, and Filner has already granted him broad powers. Will San Diego agree to a $1 billion dollar football stadium, 80% or more funded by taxpayers, while Filner is seeing a shrink?

Filner lay on a shrink's couch while San Diego handed more money to billionaires? Best, Don Bauder

Don: Is this one of the "benefits" of the "strong mayor" system?

aardvark: Those who crafted the strong mayor initiative thought one of their own would always be mayor. That's why they scrambled to steal the election from Donna Frye. Best, Don Bauder

aardvark: It is not the biggest political scheme in San Diego politics. Doesn't come close to the 60,000 seat guarantee, the ballpark scam or the current attempt to put a completely unneeded addition on the convention center. Best, Don Bauder

No one is more disgusted and disappointed with the mayor's behavior than I am. But Don is right--this is far from outlaw behavior. I don't know what the deal is with the mayor and his apparently relentless pursuit of a kiss, but I have yet to hear anything more than reports of bad behavior. If these incompetent attempts at romance are all there is, then I don't see what is required other than a stern warning to the mayor to knock off the grab ass and if he doesn't, he should be recalled. But I don't hear anything about illegal activities, and Don makes some excellent points in stating the behavior stopped when the mayor was told to do so. He does seem to understand "no."

I think this whole thing is in large part the sharks smelling blood in the water and a possible opportunity to off the only progressive-minded, liberal mayor we have had in years. The big dogs just don't like the way he plays the game and see his boorish behavior as a chance to be rid of him. Let's be honest; this town is filled with people who are not exactly waltzing around the learning curve of the new paradigm. The mayor is going through a huge learning experience, and let's hope it takes, but let's not toss out the only guy who has the guts to stand up to the big-money, downtown shakers, because he misbehaves with the ladies. There is a big difference between trying to steal a kiss and making off with the taxpayers money. I can't believe how local dems are allowing themselves to be played on this one.

I once worked with a woman who would occasionally come out with an off-color, raunchy joke, at which we had a good laugh. Then one day I shared a story with her about a woman I met who had her tongue pierced and I mentioned the reason the woman said she had it done was for oral sex. My co-worker quickly turned on me and said, "I could have you brought up on charges for saying that." That's when I realized that women seemed to have an extra card in the deck they played with, and they could choose to play it whenever they wanted. This particular lady never played her card but I realized that if she had, it would not have mattered about the jokes she previously told me. I would have stood accused and that was all it would have taken for me to be let go from the organization we worked for. There is no democracy in a corporation.

I'm not sure why the mayors "friends" are playing their cards now, but I do believe cards are definitely in play and when you can't win with the cards you've been dealt, it's nice to have an extra card.

JavaJoe25: Filner should have realized he would be a target from the beginning. As I have said, he should have consulted Aguirre, who got smeared from least in an election. It seems to me that the Democrats are trying to get Filner out in an attempt to get another Democrat in. But if Filner steps down, the next mayor, Republican or Democrat, will be a tool of the downtown corporate welfare crowd. Unfortunately, the establishment and labor play together on these taxpayer predations, such as the proposed expansion of the convention center. It's critical to know whether the barrage was pre-planned or evolved, and who is paying Allred, among several things. Those are reasons Filner should not resign. If he does, we will never know. Best, Don Bauder

Yankeedoodle: I also worry that we will never answer those critical questions. Best, Don Bauder

I love you javajoe and could kiss you for saying the god's truth here, especially your example of the murky "new paradigm" between men and women in the workplace.

monaghan: Let's not talk about kissing. Best, Don Bauder

Yankeedoodle: Keep laughing -- at least you are not puckering your lips in the process. Best, Don Bauder

I believe the creepy stuff, and there's nothing to be gained by attacking these accusers, but I wish they said this stuff at the time of the incidents, if they want a different mayor their timing is very poor. A year ago we could have found someone else to run for Mayor and the election would be fair. Now the Mayor is told to make Todd Gloria acting mayor by the creepiest process imaginable. It's like Al Gore campaigning for Clinton's impeachment. The people can make Todd Gloria mayor, but Filner must not.

BTW Fink & Gonzales no longer have a website or Facebook page last I looked, which is why I haven't linked everyone to my source for her Fletcher and Gloria work.

Psycholizard. The item I gave may have generated the take-down. I did not know about Fletcher -- only Gloria. You raise a good point: the rush of all these people coming forward suggests that a whole bunch of folks knew of Filner's proclivities before the election. Why didn't it come out then? Best, Don Bauder

Oh please....everyone take a deep breath and let's get on with some problems and issues that really concern the citizens of San Diego. These ladies waited an extroardinarily long time to think they had been vicitimized. They're all capable, intelligent women who should have settled all of this long ago with a good verbal lashing aimed at Filner. I've had enough and I'm a grandmother who has taught and is teaching my granddaughters how to deal with a bully should they encounter one. This whole affair (?) should have been over after the mighty 3 called their press conference. I'm tired of it. Get on with governing, Mayor Filner! That's why we elected you. Ladies...get back to your real lives.

sandiegogramma: Your anaysis is sound, but sound analysis is never relevant in an environment of hysteria and a press feeding frenzy. Best, Don Bauder

Rational thought, no common in this debate ....I want to know, did any of these victims tell B where to shove it?

porqueno: The lady who has worked for Todd Gloria and possibly Nathan Fletcher complained of his behavior. Best, Don Bauder

Don do you know about this? I think this is a big key as to why the serious impetus to oust Filner. Katheryn Rhodes who is sharp as a tac informed me about this money and I think its at the heart of all of this along w/ BP...

There exists 1 billion dollars in CCDC right now that Mayor Filner has the power to transfer through an executive order. This money is very likely the impetus behind the aggressive campaign to oust him. It just became unfrozen by the Dept of Finance June 30th 2013 and the developers are desperate to get someone in the mayors seat to take that money for themselves ASAP before Filner transfers the funds. The money can and should be transferred to our general fund for services we desperately need (NOT developers)

It is always about the public's money. In this case the $1 Billion in Successor Agency assets of the former CCDC Redevelopment Agency (RDA) under operational control of Civic San Diego and Council President

Since the end Redevelopment, our $293 million (2010) in unspent and hidden Affordable Housing assets should have been transferred into the City General Fund Reserve.

The solution to the problem which requires our Strong Mayor Filner to bypass the City Attorney and City Council through a Mayoral Executive Order to move all $292.9 of housing funds to the General Fund. Then Mayor Filner will need State approval from Sacramento, instead of hoping Goldsmith's several legally flawed RDA lawsuits filed in our capitol will prevail.

Currently the remaining $700 million (2010) in non-housing assets are still being frozen by the Department of Finance (DOF). By law the non-housing former RDA assets should be deposited into the City's General Fund Reserves.

But starting on January 1, 2014, Civic San Diego and Council President Todd Gloria will have unlimited access to these public funds by keeping the money separated.

It is paramount that Filner stay in office to ensure this money is delivered to the proper services that actually serve the public. Who are the groups we could reach out to to make them aware of this money?....I am thinking the Junior Colleges...any ideas Don?

historymatters: Katheryn is a contributor on this blog. She can come forward and give more information. Best, Don Bauder

Don: I haven't seen anything from her the last few days. I would have thought she would have been defending her "Strong mayor Filner" (her words, not mine). Could it be that she has also seen enough, or is she just taking a break from the circus? I don't often agree with her, but she almost always has strong, thought-out ideas.

aardvark: She hasn't contributed for a few days. I don't see anything in that. But if sticky-fingered developers want that pile of money, she could come forward. Best, Don Bauder

Just came back from beautiful Yosemite.

Thank you Christine for the kind words. Linked above is our solution for Mayor Filner to use the Strong Mayor form of Government to increase our Quality of Life, and save the Veterans Tent from closing down.

Mayor Filner is responsible for his own bad, rude, and immature behavior.

As our Strong Mayor, Mayor Filner does have a GREAT deal of power to help children, battered women, the poor, mentally ill, sick, etc. while bypassing the City Council and City Attorney by moving the $1 Billion in former CCDC Redevelopment Agency (RDA) assets into the General Fund. This would fulfill Mayor Filner's campaign promise to move money from downtown into our Neighborhoods.

The timing is shady. Specifically the time since the start of Fiscal Year FY-2014 on July 1, 2013, and the release of the remaining assets of the RDA later this summer 2013.

Katheryn: We need your wisdom. That $1 billion of former CCDC/Redevelopment Agency funds MUST be moved into the general fund so it can be used to help the neighborhoods. Best, Don Bauder

Honestly, I think there is no woman alive that any of you skeptics would find credible.

That's because every woman alive will have a connection that will look suspicious to you.

Randy: Skepticism is a good thing, particularly in the practice of journalism. You should try it some time. Best, Don Bauder

Add yourself to the list of women I find not credible, RDot. Get a life.

BlueSouthPark: Randy is accusing the mayor of being randy -- the current definition of which is "characterized by frank, uninhibited sexuality." The word "randy" once meant coarse or ill-mannered. I agree with Randy that both definitions apply to Filner, despite the fact that his brains led him to analyze just what is wrong in San Diego, and try to deal with it. Best, Don Bauder

Don, yes, "randy" is one description of Filner's pathetic attempts to hit on older women. I think a better descriptor is the Yiddish "schmaltzy." In an interesting article on Filner's early life Filner reveals that into his college years he was introverted and nerdy (his academic accomplishments are to be admired). Sometimes people who lack social skills will try to engage by overcompensating in an equally flawed way. None of the accusations against Filner merit the hysteria (RDot now has a Psych degree: he called Filner a psychopath) that is being generated by those who want him gone. Filner is a good person, is not evil or dangerous, and his life is filled with good works. He has done nothing deserving of this public trashing by a bunch of Salem-era moral witchhunters who equate boorish, kludgy, schmaltzy behavior with that of a truly sick, dangerous, amoral sexual deviant. I am greatly relieved that Filner is not resigning and is going to begin a personal journey to try to address his compulsive behavior. He deserves credit for enduring the public humiliation with a measure of grace and for his resolve to try to change at this late stage of life (not easy for most +70-yr-olds). I might point out, however irrelevantly, that at least three women in Filner's life have responded positively to his schmaltzy come-ons: wife 1, wife 2, and recent fiance (the latter thinking that it is appropriate for her to demand he quit his public job because of their failed personal relationship).

BlueSouthPark: When I read some of the comments Filner has alleged to have made to women, I wondered whether this might be somebody who doesn't know how to act around women -- something that could be expected from one who was introverted and nerdy in his youth. Obviously there is more to these accusations than that, but I do think much of his behavior can be attributed to his not knowing any better. Best, Don Bauder

I believe the accusers are truthful as to basic facts, but the timing of these complaints is very poor, and very relevant. We've known Bob Filner was running for mayor for about two years. He's been on the ballot constantly really. Why not come forward and make a case before the real judge here, the electorate, before the election? Ms. McCormack Jackson is the only one so far with a timely complaint, I believe her facts, but important facts are missing.

Mayor Filner should not turn the City checkbook over to Todd Gloria without a vote of the people. We call it Democracy, live with it.

Psycholizard: I think all of us who question what is going on agree that there should be a vote of the people. But it looks next to hopeless now. Filner will probably be hounded out of office. Thinking San Diegans will be left with numerous questions that will go unanswered: Was this a pre-planned barrage? If this behavior was so pervasive for years, why was it not a campaign issue? Why diid Filner's current detractors enthusiastically back him? What about the seemingly coordinated media coverage? Why are key matters such as Fink's relationship with Todd Gloria and perhaps Fletcher avoided or played down by the media other than the Reader? Best, Don Bauder

RE: "Why diid Filner's current detractors enthusiastically back him?" Many of us can't stand Carl DeMaio, so we definitely did not want HIM in the mayor's office. Filner looked like Gandhi by comparison!

dwbat: If Filner got in on an anti-DeMaio (and probably anti-U-T) vote, then his support is thin. Best, Don Bauder

Would you come forward and say that the mayor slobbered on you? That he hit on you? That he groped your backside, patted your rear or cornered you in order to make a crude pass?

If true, these are deeply humiliating and disturbing incidents.

If you're a guy, I bet you would not come forward if a powerful man suddenly did this to you.

Especially if you did not speak up, if you did not punch him out, if you did not do the right thing, whatever it was. Especially if you have children. And a wife. And a career. And you think maybe you imagined it or misinterpreted it.

Especially if reporting it publicly would guarantee that this would make it into the first paragraph of your obituary. Even the first sentence, as it almost certainly will for Irene McCormack Jackson.

And, of course, anyone who comes forward will become an instant target of both legitimate credibility questions and vicious smears.

Why didn't you fight back? Why didn't you report it? Are you after money? Political revenge? What were you wearing? Are you attractive? Are you young or old? You're 72? Nobody harasses a 72 year old. Are you a Republican? Are you a DINO? Were you bought off? Where's your evidence?

As for me, yes, unequivocally, I would come forward immediately, out of moral obligation to do so, with no urge to "punch him out". And let the proverbial chips fall where they may, my mind would be eased. The real question is: Would you? Apparently not.

Duhbya: There is so much hysteria that anybody who asks the question -- why haven't these alleged victims come forward earlier? -- is denounced. Ditto for another obvious question: are these complainants coming forward to affect the replacement for Filner? Best, Don Bauder

And this is one of those times when there appears to be very little middle ground. One is either on the grope bus or off the grope bus.....or so I'm told.

Duhbya: That's one way to put it. Best, Don Bauder

Don, we're still waiting for you to report the evidence of all the "hysteria" you keep mentioning. I haven't seen any, and I've been a journalist for many years, too. There have been some heated remarks, but you'll probably see more hysteria at a championship football game. ;-)

dwbat: And that game hysteria -- not just at championship games -- leads to behavior that is far, far worse than anything Filner has been accused of: the 60,000 seat guarantee; the ballpark scam; John Moores walking off with nearly $1 billion because he got ballpark district land at rock-bottom prices and dumped it; San Diego and other cities building or expanding convention centers into a massive glut; the convention center deliberately falsifying its statistics, etc.

Somebody has posted on this blog the meaningful information that San Diego has been sharply cutting the price that Comic-Con pays. Hardly surprising, when there is a glut of convention space. Best, Don Bauder

Randy: The answer is that if Rep. Bob Filner had done these things, I would have revealed them long before he ran for mayor. Best, Don Bauder

Randy: Sorry. The accusers should have come forward earlier. That includes McCormack Jackson, who charged Filner with bad behavior steadily beginning in January, but didn't complain until mid-summer. The others waited years. Best, Don Bauder

Too bad the situation is not like the military, and have doctor (psychologist in the filiner fiasco ) and have him declared unfit for duty.

I think his "vision for san diego" is over shadowed by his erotic fantasies .

Murphyjunk, this is the silliest comment yet. Our military sexual scandal shocks the nation. Real crimes go unpunished. Servicemen trade pornographic pictures of rape and murder. A nation's horrific acts don't excuse the Mayor, but they do reveal hypocrisy.

Psycholizard: Agreed. The reports of military sexual harassment are far more shocking than the reports on Filner's behavior, although it's clear that Filner's behavior was not acceptable. Best, Don Bauder

Murphyjunk: Unfortunately, Filner's vision for San Diego, which was excellent, appears to be dead now. He has handed reins back to the corporate welfare crowd. If you are a taxpayer, prepare to get your pocket picked. Best, Don Bauder

Sad but true -one of his big mistakes, was to keep all the upper mgmt from the Sanders era (many of them promoted in the last days of the Sanders' administration). It is highly likely they have kept the typical benefactors of public coffers fully informed about where Bob was headed and they did not likey.

porqueno: Why don't you prepare a list of top managers kept on? Best, Don Bauder


I assume from his tone that Don is not being sarcastic. I too think it would be useful to see this mayor's mgmt structure compared to his predecessor's.

Yankeedoodle: I wasn't being sarcastic. I would like to see a list of the holdovers that Filner kept. Remember, there is such a thing as civil service. He can't just cut heads willy-nilly. The city bureaucrats who work in real estate for decades have been in the pockets of developers. Filner can't change that with the swipe of a scythe. Best, Don Bauder

The scandal reveals a real flaw in the strong mayor scheme. Should he resign, the office will be turned over to the Council President, Todd Gloria, not elected by voters, and perhaps the most underhanded schemer we have ever seen in this city. He ran as a Democrat, then immediately turned developer stooge when in office.

If Filner must resign, he should do so only after a vote to send the CCDC money into the general fund, and votes to set important issues aside until an elected mayor is in place.

Psycholizard: Whether the power goes to Todd Gloria or Walt Ekard (that is not clear to me), the power goes back into the hands of the people who lost the last election. It will be a coup with minimum fanfare. Best, Don Bauder

Filner is holding a press conference at noon today. I doubt this time he will be denying that he didn't do anything wrong.


You might want to rephrase your double negative.

Yankeedoodle: On the other hand, he may deny that he didn't do anything wrong. He came close to doing that in his "monster inside me" version of a Checkers speech that didn't seem to work. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: The word on the Internet is that he will say he is taking time off for therapy. Question is who gets the power: Gloria or Ekard? Makes no difference. Both are in the pocket of the big money. Best, Don Bauder

I would hope that, if it is within his power, he will choose the more staightforward individual.

Yankeedoodle: For now, he is not ceding power. Best, Don Bauder

Yes, I saw that. Seems to have put some noses out of joint.

Yankeedoodle: Some who were salivating had go wipe their chins. Best, Don Bauder

In particular, Ms. Allred appeared very displeased.

From the start, no one denied misdeeds, from the start, no one has described a crime. The dispute is whether his punishment should include turning the City over to the schemers intent from the start on destroying him, long before these accusations surfaced.

You may want to look up the definition of sexual battery.

Randy: That would have to be proved. Best, Don Bauder

Jesus, Randy. You have gone off the deep end. What law school did you attend?

Randy: He asked you what law school you attended. Best, Don Bauder

Psycholizard: Filner has not denied misdeeds from the beginning. Accusers haven't described criminal activity, in my judgment. Best, Don Bauder

Randy: Law school? Are you trying to pick a fight here? Best, Don Bauder

If someone can cite a conviction for a crime with description similar to these accusations let us know. Bonnie Dumanis is likely searching and you could save the taxpayer money.

Psycholizard: She wants to move while the blood is in the water. Best, Don Bauder

She's recused herself from the sexual harassment situation.

DA's office prosecutes felonies. City Attorney's office prosecutes misdemeanors.

Who prosecutes persecution? Overtly? KPBS, U-T and U-T TV, twitter, VOSD and its partner NBC Channels 7/9, KFMB 8 and ABC 10. Covertly? Players TBA, strange bedfellows with a lot of money. I have never seen such a set-up in my life.

monaghan: KPBS, Channel 10, and U-T are all seem to be sleeping together on this one -- particularly the first two. Best, Don Bauder

Randy: Gosh, that suggests some people don't read every word in the Voice. Best, Don Bauder

So now the superintendent of San Diego schools is said to have been a harassment victim.

The VOSD article says Filner harassed the superintendent about two years ago. Yet in April of this year the superintendent was sitting right next to Filner enthralled. See link below.

Burwell: Hmmm. She certainly doesn't look afraid of Filner. Best, Don Bauder

Randy: I missed that one. Best, Don Bauder

Don, consider your life all the richer for missing that one. In a nutshell (pun intended), Voice's Morality Chief of Police Lewis and his Comment Appropriateness Posse RDot, and their twitter rat pack, have sunk to a new low. They report on a "legal " declaration given to KPBS's Nathan Gibbs by an intern in the Mayor's office working for Irene McCormack in May of this year. This intern reports what he calls a serious incident: Filner and a woman "disappeared down a dark hallway beyond unlit cubicles" and then "disappeared behind a corner." Yes, Nathan Gibbs, Abilene Christian University grad now at KPBS, took this stunning "legal declaration." And yes, like RDot, he's not an attorney.

This may be something that would get a public official dragged through the streets and whipped naked with thorny branches till bleeding by the local clergy in 1643, but it is nauseatingly laughable and pathetic in 2013.

BlueSouthPark: Omigod. I didn't read that one. Best, Don Bauder

I am not aware of Nathan having taken the declaration. Please tell me how you confirmed that.

Randy: BlueSouthPark is up to bat on your challenge. Best, Don Bauder

Don, I've been meaning to mention this for a long time. I found this comment about using "Best" online, and think it is pertinent: "I abhor 'best' as a complimentary close. I first encountered it in the academic world, and that's still where I see it most often. It just sounds detached and snobbish to me. It's also lazy and meaningless. I refused to jump on the 'best' bandwagon, and have instead borrowed from my English friends, who usually sign off 'Cheers.' I like that--it sounds friendly and collegial and I use it on most of my casual or informal emails."

However, in forums like this, there's NO need to sign off with any form of complimentary close at the end of every posting, as it's totally unnecessary (and archaic) in the digital age. Our name/moniker is at the top of each message, and that's sufficient. Putting one's name twice with every comment is redundant. ;-)

dwbat: You make a point to be considered. Sincerely yours in deep appreciation and loving affection and admiration, Don Bauder

My dear Mr. Bauder:

Okay, that got a chuckle.

Aloha YD

Yankeedoodle: Somebody will complain that I was being sarcastic. Not guilty, your honor. Best, Don Bauder

BlueSouthPark: No, the wurst. Love it with mustard on it. Best, Don Bauder

Apparently my suggestion fell on deaf ears. Oh well, I tried.

dwbat: How do you know your suggestion fell on deaf ears? Don Bauder

The 'best' is unusual but seems to be a part of him. Now he will chime in and say "the best part." Notice, how with that piece of advice, you never had a chance?

Yankeedoodle: If "best" is part of me, it's not because throughout my life, people called me "the best." It was more often "the worst." Best (can't resist!), Don Bauder

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