Trial begins for California firefighter accused of abuse

Raul Licon Jr. pleads not guilty to six felony counts

Testimony began yesterday in the trial of a California firefighter accused of abusing a boy in his care over a two-year period, starting when the child was fourteen, in 2009.

The accuser is now a young man of 18 years, who appears to have grown taller than his alleged abuser. Raul Licon Jr. is described as 5 feet 9 inches tall and 165 pounds, according to investigators’ statements.

The alleged sexual abuse victim was the first person called to the witness box in San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse, the morning of July 9, 2013.

The abuse happened in a San Marcos home and on family vacations, according to the alleged victim. Prosecutor Matt Greco said technicians gathered sperm and DNA where the boy directed them, and that this evidence does incriminate Licon.

Thirty-nine-year-old Raul Licon Jr. is vigorously defended by privately retained counsel Rick Layon, who paints a picture of a troubled teen who resented household chores and being told to turn down his music. Attorney Layon challenged the credibility of the accuser, suggesting the boy had a “grudge” against Licon and that his abuse claims are “fantasy.”

The alleged victim said he became suicidal in the year 2011, “because I felt trapped” and “I couldn’t get out of the events and they kept occurring.” He said that he carved the words MISERY and FREAK into his own body using a box cutter, and it was after he was taken to hospital that he first revealed the alleged sexual abuse.

Raul Licon Jr. was arrested in March 2012; he immediately posted $250,000 bond and has been at liberty since.

A jury of 5 men and 7 women is expected to get the case to deliberate sometime next week. The Honorable Judge Richard Mills has denied news requests to photograph or record during trial. (Photos are from a preliminary hearing for this case, in the same courthouse, a year ago.)">" alt="Raul Licon Jr. pleads not guilty to all charges. Photo Weatherston.">">Raul Licon Jr. pleads not guilty to all charges. Photo Weatherston. by Eva Knott


No , a taxpayer tired of these sickos using up expensive court time!

So the defendant should NOT get his day in court??? Is that your position?? We have courts to get the right call made, right?

jackybarra- I see, so we should just skip the justice system according to you?

So everyone that is charged with a crime is guilty?

You must be a really smart person to be able to know that he is guilty before the trail has even finished?

It's unfortunate that the Judge denied news requests, this is open court there were a number of law students (I am assuming) that were in court for periods of time. I was personally there for the entire presentation of the prosector "Greco" and part of the defense presentation.. this is an example of a complete waste of taxpayers dollars. I hope the jury is paying attention. This article is also not exactly as it is on record for the trial. No where on any reporting have I read that this case was not picked up (thrown out) by the juvenille system. Why the DA chose to go forward.. is anyone's guess. This comment is especially disturbing "Prosecutor Matt Greco said technicians gathered sperm and DNA where the boy directed them, and that this evidence does incriminate Licon" it is not incriminating when it is in your own master bedroom and not mixed with anyone elses or saliva or other DNA.. I would suggest if you really want to know the truth be there firsthand and make your own judgements, it always seems sensationalized by the media.. catchy headlines and half reporting to make it sound however they think will sell better.. again I hope the jury is paying attention and can connect the dots of what does and doesn't make sense.. this shouldn't have gone to trial!

Uncle Jack don't u have anything better to do with your time...Geez.

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