Local lawyers disciplined

Some disbarred, others get probation, suspension

According to the California Bar Journal, several San Diego attorneys have been disbarred or been disciplined by the State Bar of California in the April/May period. Timothy Clarence Bryson was disbarred for, among many things, improperly withdrawing funds from a trust, failing to provide competent legal services, charging an illegal fee, and failing to cooperate in an investigation. Jerry Alonzo Stevenson was disbarred for mailing out letters that confused and deceived the public, failing to return unearned fees, and failing to perform competent legal services. He had been put on probation in 2012 for similar offenses. Kris Patrick Thompson was disbarred for violating conditions of a disciplinary probation imposed on him in 2010. Bryan D. Sampson was placed on two years of probation for altering copies of a complaint. David Allan Demanski, a well-known poker player, was placed on interim suspension following conviction for felony grand theft.


Bonnie Dumbass' name should be at the top of the list, but b/c these are more political than merit based that will never happen as she is a former director of the Bar....

SurfPup: I can think of several prominent San Diego lawyers that should be in trouble with the bar, but won't be. Best, Don Bauder

Lerach paid the price.....as did his buddy Pat Frega.............why cant we get Dumbass disciplined???

SurfPup: The Bar is very, very reluctant to enter into local politics. Best, Don Bauder

Dunbass has nothing to do with politics, she fabricated evidence in a 1st degree murder case, she should have her law license REVOKED over that. It is a no brainer slam dunk.....

SurfPup: She is an elected official. The Bar will be very reluctant to go after her. Best, Don Bauder

Prison and disbarment probably added 15 years to Lerach's life. Even after prison and the disgrace of disbarment, he is still worth an estimated $900 million. In his case, crime paid.

Burwell, mark my words, Lerach will get his law license back, just as Dirtbag DDA Peter Longanbach did after his "disbarment";http://members.calbar.ca.gov/fal/Member/Detail/48988

I have no doubt Lerach will get his license back, he raises millions for the Democrats.

Burwell: But it will be the Republicans, particularly from Silicon Valley, who will battle the most strenuously to make sure he is denied a license. It could be a political standoff. That's just about all we have these days. Best, Don Bauder

SurfPup: I'm not so sure that Lerach will get his license back. Some important people in law enforcement believe he got off easy on the first sentencing. Best, Don Bauder

Burwell: Remember, too, that Lerach's sentence was quite lenient. I am curious to know if the U.S. Attorney's office will pursue the lawsuits that UCAN under Shames fed his firm and other firms. UCAN's staff collected the information, provided names of potential clients, and Lerach and other lawyers raked in the profits. Best, Don Bauder

U R blowing my mind - probably why average mentality tunes out - when power political hiding truth for their own survival - who/what can u ever trust?!

shirleyberan: Trust nobody. And verify. That is a variation on the theme of a former president. Best, Don Bauder

Attny for Ed Brand, Kathleen Wellman helped "Fast Eddie" make sure and encouraged (money for both of them) to make a father with dementia/ onset -Alzheimer's and two friend Ed employees had for witnesses at last will signing. Wellman stalled to give me my right to a copy after my dad died , Ed lied to my face by not saying what he was really gonna do against me -think he hated me because I was 1st born to my dad and he now (and for a long time) tarnished my family name. He's just a self righteous hater but please don't forget his childhood friend Kathleen Wellman I should have made an official complaint on but didn't because I wasn't hater then

shirleyberan: The Reader's Susan Luzzaro, who is covering that story superbly, should know about this. Best, Don Bauder

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