Big money battle brews with DeMaio's Orange County trip

Democratic champion of U.S. military funding for local public universities and GOP's self-styled taxpayer advocate both hit the hustings outside of San Diego in quest for campaign cash

Ex-San Diego city councilman and unsuccessful GOP mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio is going on the road to raise money for his congressional bid against La Jolla Democratic freshman Scott Peters.

DeMaio isn't traveling too far over the county line in his quest for funds to vanquish the self-styled middle-of-the-road Peters, who has been drawing major financial support from high-tech executives, including the president of Microsoft Office and a bevy of those with connections to Irwin Jacobs-founded Qualcomm, Inc.

The House Armed Services committee member has also been bragging about major military funding the committee has approved for local public universities.

According to an invitation posted online by, DeMaio is staging a July 10 fundraising reception at an unspecified location in Orange County.

As reported here last week, Peters held his own high-dollar April money raiser in Washington, D.C., featuring an invitation headlined by his membership on the House Armed Services and high tech committees.

DeMaio is also expected by inside observers to rake in military contractor dollars. As previously reported here, his city campaigns were backed by the Blue brothers of Predator drone fame.

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DeMaio can't count on much support from the local LGBT community, as he's no Todd Gloria!

Damning with faint praise here, dwbat: Gloria is creepy; DeMaio is creepier. Both are terminally self-involved and poor public representatives.

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