Padres's Grandal linked to Florida drug lab

But bigger names such as A-Rod getting the most sports coverage

In November, Major League Baseball suspended Padres's catcher Yasmani Grandal for 50 games for testing positive to testosterone. He had taken over the starting job in the middle of the season and done well. His suspension applies to this year. Now, a Miami weekly paper, the New Times, has linked Grandal to a Coral Gables anti-aging clinic, now closed, that reportedly provided performance-enhancing substances to some prominent players. The New York Yankees's star Alex Rodriguez (called A-Rod) is on the list, along with Melky Cabrera and Gio Gonzalez. The New York Times picked up the story late Tuesday (Jan. 29) for its Wednesday edition; Rodriguez has been linked before to such substances.

The New Times story says that the clinic's chief, Andrew Bosch, misspelled Grandal's first name in his notes, using "Josmany" instead of "Yasmani." The article says that the notation likely refers to Grandal, formerly a star catcher for the University of Miami team. In his notes, Bosch says of Grandal, "Deliver April 4 (in person or by mail). He is in Tucson. Waiting for his call to see if he can drive to Phoenix." Tucson is about three hours from the Padres's spring training camp in Peoria, Arizona, where the team would have been at the time. Continues the article, "On another page, beneath a phone number for 'Josmany's girlfriend' is a lengthy regimen for morning and evening HGH injections, for "six days on and one day off,' with testosterone and IGF-1 treatments as well. "Pink cream prior to game,' he writes, later adding a troche with 15 to 20 percent testosterone 'prior to game.'"


Its just entertainers enhancing their ability to preform.

Murphyjunk: Some sports fans look at it that way: our society doesn't punish comics who juice themselves up before a performance. (I don't take that position, but I know some who do.) Best, Don Bauder

I'm more concerned about the SDPD and Sheriffs Deputies who are "juicing".

Until there is random steroid testing for cops, the public cannot be safe on the streets.

Sports players can do what they like with their bodies...but when it comes to public safety being in the hands of thugs with badges who are shooting themselves up with steroids, that's a genuine news story that continues not to be told, much less investigated or dealt with by the authorities.

Fred: Yes, I have read very little about law enforcement using steroids. It is a subject that should be looked at more. Best, Don Bauder

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