Mayor Filner backtracks on enforcement of medical marijuana dispensaries

Mayor and City Attorney agree to draft a new zoning law allowing medical marijuana and present it to city council

It appears as if the City's fight, and the lawsuits, against medical marijuana dispensary owners is back on.

Today, Mayor Bob Filner met with City Attorney Jan Goldsmith and city councilmembers to discuss the fate of the cases after the Mayor announced earlier this month that he and the City will ease enforcement on medical marijuana dispensaries.

But in a joint statement after the closed session meeting, it appears as if the Mayor is the one backtracking.

Filner's office released a statement announcing that the City Attorney will not drop the lawsuits, nor will the City call off enforcement of current code.

Instead, reads the statement, Filner and Goldsmith will present a new zoning ordinance to the City Council at an upcoming meeting.

“I will be working very hard in the next 30 days to bring an ordinance to the City Council that ensures that the zoning law allows for reasonable regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries in the City of San Diego. As I’ve said before, I want those who legitimately need medical marijuana for the relief of pain to have access to it legally. That is the compassionate thing to do,” stated Filner.

Goldsmith seemed happy with the result, especially considering just two weeks ago the City Attorney warned lawyers for medical marijuana dispensary owners against pursuing any further legal action. “I appreciate the Mayor’s leadership in moving the City toward a solution on medical marijuana dispensaries," stated Goldsmith. "Our office looks forward to working with the Mayor and City Council on an ordinance. In the meantime, we will maintain the status quo through enforcement of current laws.”

Read Goldsmith's January 14 letter here:

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Could it be that the "Mare" has heeded the commentary from the US Atty, Laura Duffy, in regard to the weed peddlers? The last thing he needs to kick off his term in office is a down-and-dirty, roll-in-the-mud fight with the feds. Methinks he stuck his head and neck out 'way too far on this issue, and now he's taken a more sober and mature (after all he's 70, for pity's sake) and decided that this is not the time, place, nor issue for a big showdown with his fellow Dem, the Prez and that Prez's local prosecutor.

As I stated in my previous comment in the story published last week...the Mayor is not above the law, nor a monarch who can order those who are sworn to uphold the laws of the State of California and U.S. Constitution not to enforce them. His decision the work through the political, legislative processes is the correct one.

I agree, work it out as a TEAM, but come on JW, Duffy is an idiot and won't try to work with our local elected officials, she is nothing but a puppet figure head. Appointed.

Name one U.S. Attorney who wasn't a figure head? IMO all of these political appointments are just that. They all know they won't keep their cushy jobs if they don't do their master's biddings. Just Wondering what would happen if we had an autonomous U.S. Attorney.

If that's true, the next four years will be long as he takes one step forward and two steps backwards.

One step forward and two back, doesn't get you very far but at least shows direction. I worry he is going to go which ever way the wind blows. When a politician moves like that, he stands for nothing. I was hoping Mr. Filner was going be a noticeably better mayor. Only time will tell but this is not a good start.

I’ll vote for legalizing marijuana. Marijuana has many medical benefits; as it cures nausea and poor appetite in cancer patients. Update your knowledge about the medical benefits of the marijuana at here.

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