Carlsbad Police program targets parents of unruly kids

Instruction offered to parents of 5 to 10 year-olds on avoiding drugs and gang life

The Carlsbad Police Department has announced new training classes aimed at the parents of unruly five to ten year-olds, with the hope that early intervention will help deter children from drug abuse or gang violence later in life.

“Loving Solutions” classes, set to run for seven consecutive Thursdays beginning February 28, are facilitated by the department’s GUIDE program, which has a stated goal of “educat[ing] young people on self-esteem, positive decision-making, and the dangers of substance abuse and gang involvement.”

“This parenting course is designed for parents facing the challenges of strong-willed and/or out of control children,” says Penny Velasquez, director of GUIDE.

The class costs $25 for individuals, $35 for couples, and is available free of charge to active duty military parents. Sessions will take place at the Harding Community Center, located at 3096 Harding St. in Carlsbad.

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Guess what? Those who should attend will not because of inability or unwillingness to pay, or sheer indifference. Nice idea, but a purely voluntary program will have little effect.

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