Over 250 kilos of marijuana found floating off the coast of Baja

Sealed and floating drugs found near Ensenada

According to Baja California authorities, over 250 kilos (551 pounds) of marijuana have been found floating in the Pacific Ocean during the month of January. The most recent discovery, on Saturday January 26th, presented 228.7 kilograms floating off the coast from Punta Banda.

The other discovery of floating narcotics this month occurred on January 23rd. During this find, 28 kilos were discovered floating 107 kilometers off the coast of Ensenada.

Local authorities have said the tactic of dropping sealed and floating drugs into the sea is used by the Sinaloa Cartel. After the shipment is dropped in the ocean, the recipient is directed to pick up the waterproof load within minutes.

Punta Banda is located just southwest of Ensenada and is roughly 150 kilometers (93.2 miles) from the U.S. border.

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