Anschutz still wants foot in door

He may not lure Chargers to L.A., and is having trouble with his wind farm, too

San Diego sports fans have long fretted over Denver multi-billionaire Phil Anschutz. The Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) has been planning a downtown stadium for Los Angeles; there has been concern that Anschutz would buy a big piece of the Chargers and move them to L.A.,, or simply woo them there. Now, Anschutz Entertainment Group is for sale, although there is still justifiable concern that the Chargers will eventually get to L.A., whether or not AEG is the power behind the project.

Anschutz, supposedly worth $7.6 billion (Forbes estimate), owns the Power Company of Wyoming. It proposes to build the nation's largest wind farm and ship the power to California over a 725-mile transmission line. But Gov. Jerry Brown prefers in-state renewable energy projects, says the Denver Post. California utility executives say they can meet renewable energy needs with projects close to home. "A couple of years ago it looked to us that the future was going to be large wind projects beyond Nevada, but not now," San Diego Gas & Electric executive Matt Burkhart told the Denver Post.

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The wealthy are fighting like starving mongrels over the carcass of what was once the greatest economy the world had ever known. Anschutz apparently found that there's litte money to be made in sports facilities, even with the heavy government subsidies. Now Anschutz wants to use government muscle to force California ratepayers to subsidize his windmill empire and provide him with an "economic rate of return" on "his" investment because he can't find any other game in town. Anschutz is looking for another government handout.

The wealthy are fighting like starving mongrels over the carcass of what was once the greatest economy the world had ever known

So True

SP: And as Joseph Stiglitz said eloquently in Sunday's New York Times, it is the vast gap between rich and poor that is seriously harming the economy. Best, Don Bauder

Burwell: Yes, and like so many crony capitalists, he will scream about big government while his sticky fingers grab its largesse. Best, Don Bauder

Anschutz also supports conservative Christian groups, including the anti-gay Colorado for Family Values. And his Walden Media co-produced "The Chronicles of Narnia."

dwbat: Yes, he backed the movie you mentioned and also the Institute for American Values, which opposes same-sex marriage. Best, Don Bauder

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