Escondido child-abuser transferred to Los Angeles County

Twenty-four-year-old man admitted sex with 12-year-old girl

A 24-year-old man who admitted to having intercourse with a 12-year-old girl in Escondido had his case transferred to Los Angeles County, last week.

Christopher Bradley Nutt had only recently moved to San Diego County, from San Dimas, before the incident last May. Reportedly he desires to live with his father, in the nearby Southern California county.

Nutt, then 24, admitted felony sex acts and possessing photographs of the girl in a plea deal last August, 2012. He had been charged with six lewd acts with a child and using a child to create pornography and possession of child porn, ten felonies in all. Nutt was sentenced to 270 days in local jail, and required to register as a sex offender.

Escondido Police stated that Nutt and the girl met through “an online social network site,” which the child was able to access through her cell phone. The site was identified as “Skout.”

Over a 5-week period, Christopher Bradley Nutt reportedly drove to the girl’s parents’ home, she would “sneak” out, he took her to his place for sex, and then returned the girl to her parents’ home. Nutt reportedly admitted at least three separate incidents, according to police.

Christopher Nutt’s privately retained defense attorney, Dan Greene, has stated: “There was no seducing. From the text messages it was clear that it was a mutual, consensual encounter. The victim registered on the ‘dating’ site as an adult.”

A probation officer who conducted an investigation, reported: “Text messages were stored indicating the defendant was either pursuing or involved with other females. In many of them, the females referenced being busy with homework or sneaking around parents. These messages indicated that these females were likely underage or in high school.”

San Diego Superior Court Judge Aaron Katz granted a “jurisdictional transfer” to Christopher Bradley Nutt on January 4, 2013. The offender remains at liberty, on probation, and has been ordered to report to a probation officer in Los Angeles County within 30 days.

Court documents show Nutt was ordered to pay his 12-year-old victim $540 in restitution. There is a receipt in his file for $671 paid, dated January 2, 2013.">" alt="Christopher Bradley Nutt brought into a San Diego courtroom. Photo Weatherston.">">Christopher Bradley Nutt brought into a San Diego courtroom. Photo Weatherston. by Eva Knott


The stoopid things kids do. I mean him AND the 12 y/o

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