Oceanside gangster admits meth sales

Expects six years in prison, in plea deal

A 24-year-old Oceanside man admitted to selling methamphetamine for benefit of a criminal street gang, in a plea deal last week.

George Leno Orozco, said to be a member of the Posole Locos gang, expects to get 6 years in prison when he is sentenced in March, according to plea deal paperwork.

Oceanside Police held a press conference last October, announcing the arrest of Orozco and eleven other persons, for various drug and weapons charges. Orozco was especially targeted because of his alleged prodigious sales of meth, according to a public statement by Oceanside Police Captain Ray Bechler.

Two weeks after he was arrested, Orozco was released from custody. Papers in his file show he paid $15,000 as a “premium” to Aladdin Bail Bonds, who then posted a $150,000 bond on his behalf. The admitted drug dealer has been free on bond since October 25, 2012.

In the plea deal, signed February 7, five other felony drug charges were dismissed, as well as a misdemeanor charge for “contempt;” George Orozco was accused of violating a judge’s order attempting to “restrain” activities of criminal street gangs.

Orozco pleaded guilty on the day his case was set for preliminary hearing, during which details of his alleged crimes would have been made public. His sentencing date is March 26, in San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse.

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And is he a "gangster" b/c of his alleged gang ties? Does not say he is a confirmed gang member.

It looks like George Orozco remains at large, on bond previously posted. He admitted selling meth for benefit of a criminal street gang, does that make him a confirmed gang member? He was charged w contempt of a court order, for violating one of those gang injunctions, so does that make him a gang member? Unless a person explicitly admits gang membership, what is perfect confirmation of gang status? Police statements?

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