Sheriffs in Ramona visit the "Chicken Ranch"

Compound was used by burglary ring to hide and process stolen property

Sheriff’s deputies served a warrant Tuesday on a Ramona property known as the “Chicken Ranch,” which a gang of burglars was reportedly using to hide and dismantle stolen property before attempting to offer it for sale.

Concluding a two month investigation, deputies searched the residence of Mark Ertman on the 2400 block of San Vicente Road. Seizures made during that time included firearms, explosives, methamphetamine packaged for sale, stolen vehicles, $8,000 in cash and another $44,000 worth of stolen property.

Thirteen arrests were made in connection with the investigation, breaking up a burglary ring suspected of over twenty break-ins over the last year, with targets ranging from residences to commercial burglaries including one victimizing the Girl Scouts of America.

Ertma himself was booked on charges of possession of stolen property, possession of a stolen vehicle, and possession of a firearm.

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...burglaries including one victimizing the Girl Scouts of America.

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