Number of mayoral candidates now stands at nine...make that 13

So far, as of August 28, thirteen potential candidates have filed papers with the City

Update: A version of this story will be updated as more and more candidates enter the race:

And they're off:

As the number of Mayor Bob Filner's alleged victims grows, so to does the list of candidates vying to take over power after Mayor Filner leaves office on August 30.

On August 28, five more people jumped in the race, two of which with some level of name recognition. Those two are Executive Director for Save Our Heritage Organisation Bruce Coons and self-proclaimed fiscal watchdog, Hud Collins.

Collins, a 66-year-old attorney and regular speaker at city council meetings, ran in the last mayoral election and will likely run on many of the same issues this time around.

Coons, on the other hand, will presumably be running on one major issue; to save Balboa Park from the Irwin Jacobs' Plaza de Panama project.

Joining Coons and Collins in filing today are La Jolla real estate agent, Harry Dirks, and accountants Teresa Miucci, and Michael Kramer.

Just in the past week, even before Filner formally announced his resignation during a special meeting of the city council, nine...make that ten, no, eleven, thirteen candidates have come forward. Candidates Tobiah Pettus and Nathan Fletcher were so anxious that they filed papers even before a settlement agreement was announced.

The list of candidates, mostly unknown, to file with the City Clerk's Office to run for Mayor of San Diego include:

Air Force veteran and first-time candidate Kurt Schwab was one of the four people to file a statement of organization to start their campaign. According to a May 2012 report by the local NBC affiliate, since returning from the Middle East, Schwab suffered bouts of depression as a result of severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

"When I came home I had no family backing, no friends, I didn't have a job. I was afraid to go out and talk to people - I was afraid that I might bother them, so I stayed inside," said Schwab in his interview with NBC.

Also entering the race is Jared Benjamin Mimms, owner of a Biotech firm in La Jolla, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Next up on the list is self-proclaimed Libertarian, Mark Schwartz. According to Schwartz's campaign profile, the only one of the four to have one, Schwartz wants to bring "honor and integrity to the office of Mayor. I stand for freedom, peace and self-reliance."

Last on the new list of filers is David Tasem, a tax-preparer in San Diego County.

The newcomers to the race, four days before Mayor Bob Filner is set to leave office, joins Tobiah Pettus and so far, the only high profile candidate to formally announce former assemblymember and mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher.

On August 27, another longshot...and I mean longshot...has entered the race. One-time Libertarian candidate for the 53rd congressional district Paul Dekker filed papers needed to kick off his campaign. According to his congressional campaign page, Dekker is a transplant from Canada who works as a software engineer and systems analyst. He also served on the board for the Sustainability Alliance of Southern California, a group whose goal is to "minimize stress on the natural ecosystem" located throughout Southern California.

Go here to visit Dekker's website.

To get their name on the ballot, candidates are required to submit at least 200 signatures from supporters and pay a $500 entry fee. The fee is waived, however, if they submit more than 2,000 signatures.

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Just got polled by a company called SSI as to which of a list of candidates I would vote for or considered unfavorable, for mayor. The candidate choices (I laughed out loud at the last choice):

Gloria Saldana DeMaio Faulconer Ron Roberts Fletcher Matt Romney

I rated them very (or somewhat; Saldana) unfavorable and said no vote for any of them. Who hired SSI? They merged 2 years ago with a Utah firm, Opinionology.

I changed my mind about Saldana. See Don Bauder ... Latest article, Hueso, Emerald

Bruce Coons certainly would save us from Jacobs Folly. Not sure about a one issue candidacy, though.

Full disclosure, we began to exchange comments in different threads during the recall, but I don't know much about him. And this is the first I heard he was running.

Bruce Coon is certainly not a single issue candidate. He is a community leader with solid business experience. I haven't talked with him, but I imagine his issues would include: neighborhood services and planning, code enforcement, preservation of physical and cultural resources, human rights and empowerment. He is definitely a progressive leader.

Time to start thinking out of the proverbial box for a viable and effective mayoral candidate who can cut through the b.s. in San Diego government. I was thinking about an actor/comedian/writer who cut his teeth at SNL and eventually movies. You might know him as Senator Al Franken from Minnesota. He's doing quite a job for his constituents in the twin cities. So, who do we have like that here in San Diego? No,...really, who do we have that doesn't sit still for nonsense. Who do we have that can effectively manage a group of misfits without much controversy? Who's not squeeky clean yet seemingly honest and admired here? You ready? I know this sounds absurd but, the DSC show has just that guy in Dave. Just ask Shelly, Chainsaw or even Boyer. Okay, I know,...who you got?

There is no reason to believe that Coons would be a one- issue candidate, just because that's all you have heard reported about him. He is a long- time (not just this year) Democrat, he has lived in San Diego longer than Fletcher, DeMaio, and Gloria COMBINED. And he knows how the City works like few people do. He has run a staff larger than DeMaio's business, worked for real business ( and not in fake jobs like Fletcher), and, unlike DeMaio, actually could fix a pothole himself (well, he makes adobe bricks and builds with them, him much harder could a pothole be?)

Hardcover, I didn't mean to imply that Coons is a one-issue candidate. This was just a quick wrap-up on those who have filed, not meant to be an in-depth look at each candidate. That said, I have interviewed Mr. Coons on a number of issues and know how knowledgeable he is, not just on the PdP. Thanks-dH

Thanks, Dorian. I should add he has been on both the Old Town and Point Loma community planning groups, where all sorts of local issues are discussed on a microscopic level, and something I can't imagine someone like DeMaio, etc., ever doing.

I posted this on Bauder’s recent DeMaio article:

And speaking to the issues, we have SB 1 and SB 731 working their way through the Legislature. SB 1 would recreate redevelopment at transit hubs, use tax increment financing and allow eminent domain for promoting a “sustainable community.” SB 731 weakens CEQA to make it easier for the developers. These bills are all about corporate welfare, SB 1 author Steinberg says as much. This would also encourage more money going to downtown projects, since “the neighborhoods” typically are not transit hubs, e.g. Serra Mesa.

Speaking of mayoral candidates, Bruce Coons' “one issue” speaks to all of this. Historic preservation intersects with redevelopment, infill development, infrastructure, community planning…

Are you listening?

Everyone who cares about runaway development and downtown redevelopment boondoggles needs to get in email touch with their State senators NOW.

Encourage them to vote NO on SB1 which enables redevelopment at (downtown) transit hubs and NO on SB 731 which weakens the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA.)

I've known Bruce for 10 years. Bruce Coons will make a fine mayor. He knows the history of the city, has worked for the common good, his ego is in check and most important is very moral ethically good person. Think Donna Fyre, but with business experience and negotiating skills to get things done!

The people of San Diego elected a progressive who was not bought and paid for by a millionaire developer or billionaire king maker. I think Bruce Coons would be a great replacement for Filner, with great interpersonal skills and character and who would work for the people of San Diego instead of those who just want to privatize public assets.

Coons can also look you in the eye and lie with a straight face. Something I can’t imagine the other candidates bring able to do.

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