Hueso, Emerald reconfirm statements on DeMaio behavior

DeMaio claims charges are lies. Hueso says he answered Dalton queries truthfully

Carl DeMaio has taken the offensive, claiming on Channel 7 and to the Union-Tribune that the charge that he was caught masturbating in a City Hall restroom is "a lie" that could damage him and the City of San Diego.

But Ben Hueso today (Aug. 28) reconfirmed what he had seen. He is now a state senator. His office issued this statement: "I was asked by the reporter [San Diegan Rex Dalton of] if I witnessed an incident involving Council Member Carl DeMaio and I answered truthfully. I would never maliciously disparage a person's character or impede their future with false or misleading information. This was difficult to share and I have nothing further to add."

Another council member, Marti Emerald, had seen Hueso right after he caught DeMaio in the alleged act of self-gratification. Emerald, reflecting on DeMaio's activity, was quoted in today's, "I am glad this is all out. It speaks to DeMaio's character, maybe even his mental stability." Emerald said she had unsuccessfully argued for calling the police about DeMaio, "but didn't do so herself as she didn't witness the act, which she believed was known by all on the council," according to the Orange County online publication.

Continued Emerald, "For too long, insiders tended to keep secrets. There is no room for secrets. We have to be transparent -- up front, thoughtful, and responsible."

DeMaio claims he passed a lie detector test. Matt Potter has published an item about the person who administered that test.

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shirleyberan: Both Hueso and Emerald had reconfirmed the story with Dalton just before it ran. But it is refreshing to see them do so once again. Best, Don Bauder

I think Whackergate is going to put the kibosh on DeMaio's political career. He's facing the worst kind of accusation: one that can neither be proven nor disproven. His new name is Kibosh Carl.

Burwell: More revelations should be coming out. Best, Don Bauder

KLoEditor: Not teasing. Not ready. Best, Don Bauder

He needs to get a grip and come clean.

Diogenes: Don't count on it. Best, Don Bauder

Umm, I think you might have fallen for a bad pun.

ImJustABill: True. I missed it. And I think they should end. Best, Don Bauder

Yankeedoodle: So many politicians back down when the fire heats up. It is refreshing that Hueso and Emerald did not. Best, Don Bauder

Don, I called her office and thanked her at the time when she was a holdout on the Filner reignation, although she eventually folded. Would vote for her.

Yankeedoodle: Some are talking about Emerald for mayor. Best, Don Bauder

She voted for Jacobs Folly.
She knew about DeMaio yet did not report it.
She called for Filner's resignation. Had she been the lone holdout, that would have been courage. Instead, she caved.

Not interested, sorry.

K: okay, I didn't know about the folly vote. So, for whom would you vote? Nobody looks that great to me compared to Filner, quite frankly.

No one comes close to Filner. Of the candidates mentioned so far, there isn't anybody I would vote for.

Well just saw in Dorian's thread that Bruce Coons is running. That would certainly be a way of saving Balboa Park. Though a one issue candidacy isn't very appealing, is it?

Full disclosure: We started exchanging comments on threads during the recall effort. I didn't know he was running!

KLoEditor: Bruce Coons has only recently (matter of days) declared his candidacy - I doubt that had entered his mind during the earlier exchanges with you on the recall effort. He isn not a one-issue candidate although his present broad name recognition is largely due to the course he & SOHO held to against the Jacobs plan for Balboa Park.

Please pay attention to him during the campaign and ask him questions about other issues that are important to you. You'll find that he is very thoughtful, quite knowledgeable and just as firm when he has set a course as was Filner. He's just less bombastic about it.

KLoEditor: Aguirre may come forward. Frye is a possibility. Best, Don Bauder

Yankeedoodle: The Democrats have a problem. The Republicans have the money. Best, Don Bauder

KLoEditor; I find I am never completely in agreement with any politician. Best, Don Bauder

True, but you have some points on which you want to agree. The biggest issues. One candidate may be strong in one way, yet lack credentials in another, etc. It's the rare one that can take everything on, and do it well.

The rare one was Bob Filner. It is an epic disaster to have lost him.

KLoEditor: Filner was difficult to work for -- males as well as females say that. But his ideas for San Diego were excellent. Best, Don Bauder

Was Senator Craig in the stall next to him?

Diogenes: I do believe that was uncalled for. Best, Don Bauder

Still funny, though. I suggested as much on a thread today, lol.

The comment was about being hypocritical, not about being gay, Both deny their actions, which were witnessed by the vice squad in Senator Craig's case, and I have heard the tape-recordings of the actual incident and arrest; and two acts of masterbation in a public restroom by DeMaio.

Being gay is not the issue. These acts by DeMaio were witnessed and DeMaio asked Ben Hueso not to tell. Then DeMaio threatened to expose Filner.

There is much right wing hypocrisy going on by DeMaio. If I offended anyone, I am sorry. Senator Craig claimed that he had a wide stance.

Diogenes: That makes the remark acceptable. Best, Don Bauder

He might have claimed a medical condition, priapism or something, that would have looked bad but been innocent. Young men have their embarrassments. He might have said Ben Hueso was confused, imagining he saw something he did not. But Carl DeMaio decides to call Ben Hueso a liar. Never attack a reluctant witness.

The thing that was disturbing wasn't what he did, it was why and when he was doing it.

KLoEditor: However, if half of what the accusers said was true, he had a definite problem. Best, Don Bauder

Psycholizard: I saw a video of his Channel 7 remarks. He was not impressive. Best, Don Bauder

The most interesting aspect of the Voice of OC report relates to Jerry Sanders and Gerry Braun:

"a top aide to then-Mayor Jerry Sanders, a Republican, proposed in a September 2011 memo that political consultants exploit DeMaio being caught in “a self-gratifying sexual act in a City Hall restroom...during a council meeting.” But as his term was ending last year, Sanders endorsed DeMaio, then became president of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, a supporter of DeMaio policies."

Sanders may not have been the choice for that well-paying role he landed at the CoC, if he damaged DeMaio. The same might be considered for Tony Young's job at the Red Cross.

HonestGovernment: Sanders initially couldn't take DeMaio. Finally, politics -- and probably money -- prevailed. Best, Don Bauder

That would have been a heck of a fight - Jerry Sanders against Carl DeMaio.

shirleyberan: They are both of the same political party. Best, Don Bauder

Yankeedoodle: Sanders was termed out as mayor. Best, Don Bauder

Don: Of that I am aware. I was asking about the statement about Sanders being of the same political party as DeMaio. Thanks.

Yankeedoodle: Democrats fight among each other in public. Republicans try to be nice to one another -- at least in public. Best, Don Bauder

It wouldn't surprise me if Young set up Hueso in the first place, nor does it surprise me that he left Hueso holding the bag. Or tried. Everybody on the City Council at the time, including your beloved Donna Frye, will have a lot to answer for. Todd Gloria, Tony Young, Marti Emerald, and Ben Hueso. Especially Gloria and Emerald, who were so eager to force the mayor to resign, yet didn't report or call for an investigation into an act being repeatedly committed by one of their colleagues, an act they knew was criminal.

I think there is a lot more serious fall-out to come from this story. Jerry Sanders, a former top law enforcement officer, knew about this, and knew it was a crime. Instead of acting upon the information, he chose to hold it in reserve as a secret weapon for political advantage. That to me is seriously dodgy conduct.

The same goes with Goldpelt. What did he know and when did he know it? Why did these two men choose to endorse DeMaio, if they knew about this? It looks verylike they were covering up a crime for political advantage.

Where did you hear that Emerald was eager for Filner to resign? I must have missed that.

Yankeedoodle: After she and Myrtle Cole held out for a long time, not demanding the resignation, finally they joined the chorus and said he should resign. Best, Don Bauder

That is precisely what I remember, which doesn't seem "eager" to me -- rather, reluctant.

Yankeedoodle: I have no idea how eager she was after she changed her mind. Best, Don Bauder

For the record, Yankee, both of the women that were supposedly the final straw for the reluctant Emerald and Cole were obviously not studied by either councilperson. Both accusers were celebrity-seeking women with lots of easily found baggage, for anyone who looked at the volumes of stuff they posted about themselves on the Internet. There was nothing real about their accusations, even though the tantalizing way CNN/Ch 10 played it out on TV became another meme with no connection to reality.

Who pressured Emerald/Cole to denounce Filner at that time, using those women and their ludicrous stories? Why didn't Emerald/Cole take a simple look at the ridiculousness of the accusations and the exaggeration of personas of the accusers? History may tell.

Blues: Well, of course, the whole thing played like a Trollope novel, and one had to assume by the increasing daffiness of the accusers that the hold-outs were persuaded to ask for Filner's resignation, finally, by other arguments. I assumed that those prevailing arguments were, shall we say, forceful. I think it obvious that Emerald was smart enough to see the campaign was not fact-based. A child could see that.

BlueSouthPark: When hysteria reigns, and is intensified by deliberately slanted press reports, it is difficult for a politician -- or anybody -- to go against the wind. Best, Don Bauder

KLoEditor: You make extremely good points. It appears that a lot of people should have reported a crime. Best, Don Bauder

KLoEditor: Of course, crimes should be reported. But should one councilmember call the police when another jaywalks? Perjury is a crime. If strictly enforced, we would have no politicians. Best, Don Bauder

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Before we imagine a Wankergate that would take down our entire City government, we should remember that Ben Hueso alone knows precisely what he saw, and that was likely limited to glimpses, even if it was obvious. Years ago he made his decision not to pursue this. This is not the bridge to fight on.

I think we can win on the issues. We know that people really want someone to stand up to the development juggernaut. We need a candidate who will turn the focus back to community planning.

Oh, were it true… it's not a good week to expect a victory based on virtue. Short of taking down the entire city government, certainly there's a large, even critical mass that needs exposure and upgrading. For example, if Sanders covered up a crime, who would prosecute it or him? Popular anti-union commentary notwithstanding, it's mostly rotten on top. It's a good thing there are rank and file government workers doing the daily duties, best they can, in spite of the leadership. And people begrudge them a living wage and benefits.

rehftmann: One could argue that a lot of things that happen on the political stage appear to be illegal. But all are not reported, and can't argue with that. Best, Don Bauder

Psycholizard: Yes, getting back to the issues is paramount. There are two primary ones: 1. Spreading the money to infrastructure and neighborhoods instead of hogging it downtown for corporate welfare projects, and 2. Reining in developers. Best, Don Bauder

And speaking to the issues, we have SB 1 and SB 731 working their way through the Legislature. SB 1 would recreate redevelopment at transit hubs, use tax increment financing and allow eminent domain for promoting a “sustainable community.” SB 731 weakens CEQA to make it easier for the developers. These bills are all about corporate welfare, SB 1 author Steinberg says as much. This would also encourage more money going to downtown projects, since “the neighborhoods” typically are not transit hubs, e.g. Serra Mesa.

Speaking of mayoral candidates, Bruce Coons' “one issue” speaks to all of this. Historic preservation intersects with redevelopment, infill development, infrastructure, community planning…

Brian: Yes, some legislators are trying to reinstate redevelopment under a different name. And you are right: there is a movement to weaken CEQA. Both of these movements smell to high heaven. Best, Don Bauder

I think I just heard Lori Saldana (on Ch10) say something like that, in a quick interview.

shirleyberan: Yes, Lori Saldana is under consideration. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: But the big money would be against her. Best, Don Bauder

What exactly was the crime DeMaio committed if he indeed masturbated? You have to assume he did it in a stall, not while standing in front of the mirror at the sink. If so, it rises to the level of poor taste but nothing more. Is the political debate going to remain in the gutter permanently in this town? If you want to defeat DeMaio, use his advocacy of hurtful policies and dubious economic policies, not something gutter-like that cannot be separated from an anti-gay smear.

That's not what Hueso said, read before you comment. He said over a urinal in one instance, "in the middle of the room." in another. Not in a stall.

This is a crime, plain and simple, which in certain cases would require him to register as a sex offender. Had you been caught doing this in a bathroom, you would have been arrested. DeMaio was not arrested because he was being protected by his colleagues on the council, the mayor and the city attorney. They have a lot to answer for. Don't take that smear line here, we ain't having it.

"Not in a stall..."

OK, that behavior, if true. Indicates sexual exhibitionism, not masterbation. Such individuals have a compulsion to expose themselves to others.

I just had a case where a guy exposed himself to three girls under the age of six. He had already served ten years in prison and ten years of parole, and had to register as a sex offender.

If true, this is a very serious problem. I have seen many such exposure cases and treatment is difficult, if not impossible. In school, we saw instances of teachers doing this. Both girls and boys may be victims. Some offenders are harmless while others are highly dangerous. Dangerous offenders must wear GPS ankle bracelets and must stay 100 yards away from schools or play grounds. Failure to comply means 10 more years in prison.

As I read the original article, Carl went to the bathroom to wank after chastising City staff. If true, that could be a cause and effect situation and not just "killing time". The stimulus and and sexual release is a huge red flag too me.

FWIW, being gay is not a factor with my assessment.

LarryDarrell: And it shouldn't be. Best, Don Bauder

LarryDarrell: It is obvious that DeMaio gets a visceral thrill when verbally lashing labor unions. Best, Don Bauder

Diogenes: That is frightening. Best, Don Bauder

KLoEditor: What is a crime? Bill Clinton was basically impeached for lying about Monica Lewinsky. If we prosecuted every politician who told a lie, there would be none left. Best, Don Bauder

nativesd: No, it was not in a stall. Best, Don Bauder

This comment approaches my questions on the topic: 1) Since when is it illegal to masturbate alone in a rest room? 2) Does the act become de facto illegal when Ben Hueso busts in on the action? 3) Since when is an allegation of masturbating an "anti-gay smear?"

More to the point are Qs about the bogus lie detector test and bogus lie detector guy. Also the one about the about the gutter-level political debate in San Diego: maybe it ends on Labor Day when everyone puts aways their white shoes and belts.

monaghan: As Emerald says, the activity may speak to mental stability. And I agree that Redden should come under scrutiny. I also think such scrutiny is long overdue. Best, Don Bauder

Nativesd: If DeMaio is not above the gutter when criticizing Filner, far be it from me to help him out of said gutter when he reaches for that office. Live by the sword of vicious, prurient, undocumented charges, die by it.

Yankeedoodle: We can all think twice about DeMaio's pious comments about Filner. Best, Don Bauder

I don't believe the boys were being anti-gay, they were just being childish.

shirleyberan: I hope they were not anti-gay. Best, Don Bauder

Lori Saldana, or anyone that the left can agree on can win. Special City elections can often depend on the union vote. Turnout might be very small.

Lori Saldana is not someone I would support, and I doubt she would get CityBeat's support. She was dishonest with me personally, and she was dishonest with them. My issue was truly petty, the issue with CityBeat was substantial, but when they laid out their basis for what happened, it resonated with me. Again, note that as with DeMaio, it isn't WHAT happened, it's why and how it happened, that's telling. Original article: Followup article:

KLoEditor: Is CityBeat's support that critical? Best, Don Bauder

Well consider that U-T won't endorse her. Reader doesn't endorse. Third is CityBeat and the progressive paper of San Diego, so I would have to say at least from her point of view it is. VoSD will go with Fletch due to Jacobs. I think CityBeat may end up going with him, too. She'll get La Prensa, and maybe Voice and Viewpoint. Don't know about OBRag and SDFP, maybe Coons, maybe Saldana. The two LGBT papers, hard to say; all things being equal, they may back Gloria. This is very early days, though, God knows who we will be talking about in a month. In a way, it doesn't matter who the Dem candidate is, anyway. My own view is a Rep will win the special election. Dems don't come out for special elections, and the Reps are motivated by the recall to keep a Dem out of office.

KLoEditor: The U-T's endorsements in the last election boomeranged. Does anybody believe what is in that publication these days? Best, Don Bauder

Saldana has antagonized so many of her natural constituency because of her petty meanness. She also can't raise the money -- she raised only $20K when she ran for supervisor against Roberts. She lied to me repeatedly and had a tantrum when I discouraged her from running for Congress. She also has no serious management experience.

PBLiving: If what you say it true, she may have a problem. Best, Don Bauder

I think they shot themselves in the foot during the Filner debacle. They're backpedaling now but these last few weeks anything they publish has a disingenuous feel to it.

They've been acting surprised that all of this was about respecting or not respecting women and not a right wing takeover of the mayor's office.

In other words, they're shocked that there is gambling going on in this establishment.

sdcinerama: I believe it was in the movie Casablanca that the words, "I'm shocked! Shocked!!" originated. Best, Don Bauder

CityBeat? Arbiter of truth and goodness and political viability? Read Rolland's editorial today 8/28/13 in which he calls resigned and disgraced Mayor Filner scurrilous names as CB paves the way for acceptance of Nathan Fletcher as the replacement "Democrat" for Filner.

monaghan: Fletcher is corporate welfare personified. Best, Don Bauder

Psycholizard: However, remember that many union members -- such as those in construction -- vote with the corporate welfare overlords. Best, Don Bauder

Don - By the way - I got that Sanders and DeMaio are Republicans - I was thinking that would make it difficult for Sanders to oppose (did somebody say expose- sorry) Carl's conduct at work if he knew about it. Maybe he was just in a hurry to leave office and get to his new cushy job. I always naively thought Sanders was all about doing the right thing, and is required to report such activity. Or maybe he figured it was only rumor. Didn't get the memo.

shirleyberan: Sanders doing the right thing? You didn't read that here. Best, Don Bauder

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

MeReader; It's time to stop the punning over a serious subject. Best, Don Bauder

Where are the Reader standards police?

monaghan: I think those police will be more active. I agree this has gone too far. Best, Don Bauder

This is getting disgusting Don and you should cut it off.

Pat, I agree with you. This story has no heroes and is “gross” (DeMaio’s term). The more Hueso and Marti weigh in on this, the more it tarnishes them. As Don commented earlier, there are important issues in this city. Hopefully, this will take the shine off of any Marti mayoral aspirations, as much as her cozying up to Grantville developers, after they paid off her 2008 campaign debt.

Brian: I am not sure Marti has been hurt by this. She might have been helped. Time will tell. Best, Don Bauder

Pat: I can't stop the language -- that's not part of my job description. But I can discourage it, and I do now. Best, Don Bauder

Let's be realistic, right now the left needs a candidate. If we don't find one, we get Nathan Fletcher, Kevin Faulkner or worse. Lori Saldana seems so much better than these. Whoever runs will be deeply flawed at best.

It's truly our summer of despair, Psycho.

I would get behind Fran Zimmerman or Richard Barrera. They've both got name recognition, nothing questionable in their backgrounds that I know of, both used to dealing with big budget crises, fair good relations with the communities, progressives. And they are both highly intelligent, good debaters, and speak their minds. They have massive presence, star power, in front of an audience. Fran especially was very committed to the mayor during this recall situation, she really grasped his policies and I think got re-energized in a way she hadn't been for a while. if she could be persuaded, I think she'd be the one to support.

KLoEditor: Fran is a possibility. Best, Don Bauder

KLoEditor: It would be an interesting experiment in Realpolotik: one assumes that most if not all the calls for Filner's resignation came from those office-holders who either coveted his position or feared removal themselves. If Fran were elected, that would tend to discount the pragmatism of deserting Filner.

Psycholizard: It will be nearly impossible to elect someone with Filner's beliefs -- and the courage to put those beliefs into action, as he did. Best, Don Bauder

Psych: Very sane attitude. I guess I need to man up and ditch the bitter sorrow. It's bootless, especially when the ocean is, right now, so placid.

Psycholizard: Both parties have to find someone without skeletons in the closet. In politics, that isn't easy. Best, Don Bauder

KLoEditor: I agree. Let's draft Fran. What a mayor she would be! Her only negative is she is Irish until proven innocent.

patflannery: The trial balloon is in the air. Let's see what happens. Best, Don Bauder

Don: I will volunteer as her tail gunner, with a shotgun. Let them dare take pot shots as her. On second thoughts I don't think she would need any protection. It's the media that would need shotguns. We want Fran!

Pat: Anybody running as a progressive has to realize that he or she will be smeared dispiteously by the Union-Tribune. Besst, Don Bauder

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

I think the story I believe now is one I heard on the radio. DeMaio's camp knew all about Filner's mistreatment of women and Filner's camp knew all about DeMaio's self-treatments. Both sides decided to shut up rather than play mutually assured destruction.

Donna Frye was the wildcard because she actually put principles over blind party loyalty.

Keep up. We've been knowing this about MAD. That's why we suspect it was either the mayor or one of his allies who gave the okay for the story to come out when it did.

And if there's one thing I wish, it was that this Donna Frye mythology would die a painful death.

ImJustABill: Whatever "principles" Donna Frye may once have had she threw them all away when on TV she sought to destroy a good man the people of this city had elected only a few months earlier. She screamed that he would get "all the process he was due" and made herself judge, jury and executioner. Some "principles" huh?

I think Donna Frye had (in her eyes) absolute proof that Filner had done things in office that were completely unacceptable for an elected official and that he had to be removed from office immediately. I realize you and many others don't agree with a lot of parts of that sentence but I think Donna Frye really believed it (as did many San Diegans).

She certainly had evidence. Donna Frye apparently heard a lot of eyewitness evidence.

No it's not. If she heard directly from the women who were harassed by Filner that's not hearsay.

Justabill: It is a textbook example of hearsay. From Cornell: Definition. Broadly, an out-of-court statement offered to prove the truth of whatever it asserts. Further, "Out-of-court statements hinder the ability of the judge or jury to probe testimony for inaccuracies caused by ambiguity, insincerity, faulty perception, or erroneous memory. Thus, statements made out of court are perceived as untrustworthy." The point has been made in this Reader blog many times in the past month that Ms. Frye and others allocated to themselves the jobs of judge and jury. She knew what they told her, not its truth value. We knew what she told us about what they told her.

The point I am making is not even debatable yet you continue to debate me. Let me try making my point again. If Donna Frye is to be believed, then there were women who DIRECTLY told Donna Frye that they were harassed by Filner. That is NOT hearsay from Donna Frye's perspective. If your definition of hearsay is so broad that anything not said in court of law is hearsay then that is a ridiculous definition.

Donna Frye didn't appoint herself judge or jury. She made her opinions about Filner's behavior public and stated her reasons for her opinion - which she has every right to do. If she was lying Filner has every right to sue her for slander and/or libel - I haven't heard a peep about anything like that happening.

Exactly, this is not debatable. It is hearsay.

ImJustABill: Donna once had an abusive husband. Her anger is understandable. Best, Don Bauder

ImJustABill: That theory was propounded in the original story by Rex Dalton. Steve Erie of UCSD talked about mutual destruction. Best, Don Bauder

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

DeMaio looks to me like he wants to be a good liar. KLo Editor - need a Democrat or votes will be waisted.

shirleyberan: DeMaio wants to be a successful politician and being a good liar is a requirement for such a job. Best, Don Bauder

Who would understand that workers need a livable wage, that stadium and football drunks are not a priority in San Diego? That building and dedicating no open (habitat) land here is a travesty.

shirleyberan: The downtown overlords certainly don't understand those things. Best, Don Bauder

In one of the articles I read, can't remember which now, Todd Gloria has denied knowing anything about Mayo's wanking, despite what Hueso said in the original article, that Todd knew. Well this article came out today seems to confirm that he indeed did know, and helped to cover it up, just as I suspected:

That Toad Glorious is a piece of work.

KLoEditor: Yes, that article does seem to state that Gloria knew of the incident, although he thought it was a false rumor. However, words like"bathroom" gossip arguably might not refer specifically to the 2009 incident. Best, Don Bauder

About four years ago I got a call from someone who worked at City Hall who informed me that some City Council aides were having “fun” spreading raunchy rumors and gossip about the newly elected Councilman Carl DeMaio who had not long ago publicly confirmed that he was gay; almost all the Democrats on the 10th floor greatly disliked the then rising young Republican star. I immediately informed Carl of the situation and with the help of Councilman Todd Gloria, those Council aides were reprimanded. At the time, this “bathroom” gossip and lies were dismissed by the naïve young councilman, but Gloria and I knew immediately that unless this outrageous gossip was not put to rest it could spread and these lies would continue.

KLoEditor: I agree the wording suggests that Gloria was aware of the rumors of the specific incident, although one could argue that Nicole was just referring to such "bathroom" talk generally, not specifically. Best, Don Bauder

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Perhaps Filner's team didn't talk up DeMaio's homosexuality because Filner supports gay rights, and was fighting for issues, not merely against the despicable hypocrite.

Bruce Coons is the best candidate so far. He's someone who might make the developers long for Filner's return. We need to win this election, so I'm waiting for everyone to announce, but at least we know we will go to the polls able to vote to save Balboa Park.

I'm hearing good things about Bruce. If Fran doesn't come in, I'd take a look at him. Understand that the needs of my community are different, and that Fran is a better fit, since she knew and advocated for the families in Districts 8 and 4. Bruce has been more uptown issues.

Psycholizard: Coons does not have a big name in town. Best, Don Bauder

Psycholizard: Filner would never have talked up DeMaio's being gay. He has fought all his life for rights of minorities -- and women, too. Best, Don Bauder

Full Time Job Available. Green Democrat, Environmentast, For Hire Now.

shirleyberan: Those are noble objectives, but is there someone with name recognition who carries the banner for these initiatives? Best, Don Bauder

The reason the U-T never ran the DeMaio bathroom story was that the editors down there knew full well that this was all the work of their old devious colleague Gerry Braun, whom they also knew was already working for Irwin Jacobs at City expense courtesy of the wily Jerry Sanders, who was doing Jacobs and his powerful friends like David Cohn favors in order to line up his next high paying gig, boss of the Chamber of Commerce. Jerry knows how things work around here and who needs to be paid off with City money.

And Braun knew exactly who his hit team would be. Hueso and Emerald have no popular constituency base and are therefore entirely under the control of the unions. The Voice of Orange County is the Voice of the unions in Orange County, just as the Voice of San Diego is the Voice of Irwin Jacobs in San Diego. All that was needed was a good script writer and there are few better than Gerry Braun.

There was no need for Jacobs' paper to break the DeMaio hit story in San Diego because the Orange County union paper would break it and the San Diego union paper, CityBeat would repeat it in San Diego. Once the fire was lit in both counties anybody could join in. The timing just depended upon getting the little matter of destroying Mayor Filner out of the way.

This whole coup was planned once Fletcher did not make it to the runoffs and was never likely to. Whichever of the two, DeMaio or Filner, made it to the Mayor's Office, were therefore to be destroyed within months. With the city in chaos the unions/Jacobs coup would then be a slam dunk.

If Nathan Fletcher becomes Mayor, Gerry “Machiavelli” Braun will be his first hire. He knows who and how each player has to be paid off. Jacobs will want to waste no time in getting Balboa Park privatized for his friend David Cohn who probably has already picked out the flowers and the decorations for his new restaurant to replace the “The Balboa Club”. And that will be just the beginning of the giveaways. There are a myriad of "midnight deals" like the one Assemblyman Fletcher made with the redevelopment $1billion that will be stacked on his Mayoral desk. There will be a lot of pigs at the Fletcher trough.

Meanwhile we the people wallow in the sexual muck they serve up for our entertainment and diversion. I hope we are smarter than they judge us to be. But I am not so sure.

I think they wish they were this clever and organized.

True or not, Pat's is a masterly painting of a Fletcher feudal society.

Yankeedoodle; Pat understands how feudalism works. Best, Don Bauder

KLoEditor: Yes, the Machiavellis are sometimes not as smart as they and others think they are. Best, Don Bauder

Pat: Agree that both Filner and DeMaio did not touch the sex questions because it would be mutual destruction. But the downtown overlords waited for the right time to toss alleged harassment at Filner.

Hopefully, Fletcher's midnight deal to pave the way for the Chargers stadium will permanently shelve him. However, I doubt it. Remember, all the money is lined up behind the Chargers and other corporate welfare. Best, Don Bauder

Don: I don't think either one knew of the loaded guns that were pointed at their respective heads. As for the "downtown overlords", they are Frank DeClerq and Mike Zucchett. Any stadium, convention center or waterfront project has to have their imprimatur first and that costs hard cash. Fletcher was an "intelligence officer" in Iraq. He understands the dark arts.

Pat: Only two overlords? How about the law firms, downtown booster associations, Union-Tribune, hoteliers, etc.? Best, Don Bauder

Don: You say: "But the downtown overlords waited for the right time to toss alleged harassment at Filner."

The trouble with that theory is that it was Cory, Donna and Marco who tossed the alleged harassment grenade. They are hardly downtown overlords. The only downtown overlords they answer to are DeClerq and Zucchett.

I know you are trying to deflect blame from them but facts are stubborn things.It was those three who did in Filner. It could not have been done without Frye's "credibility" in particular.

All that stuff will be small potatoes if the monster mother of all corporate welfare projects - the San Diego / Tijuana 2024 Summer Olympics - somehow comes true.

ImJustABill: The Olympics is a pipe dream. Best, Don Bauder

Not on topic, but I always suspected the timing of the Cohn restaurant takeover at Balboa Park and the change of a long tradition called "Christmas at the Prado" were not a coincidence.

Ponzi That's just silly. We have been going to Christmas on the Prado and December Nights as it is now called, forever and a day. Don't see a difference, except for the addition of some unpleasant people with The End Is Near signs mingling with the usual joyful carolers along the Prado. The crèche scenes are still displayed in their usual places and all the music is the same, along with free admission to museums. It's the same, a wonderful crush for those who enjoy such things. Okay, there is more food. Thus, one may now get food at the international houses before fainting from hunger.

Yankeedoodle: I am one who believes that the name Christmas on the Prado should have been abandoned for something with no religious connotation. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: I don't know about that. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: I have been active in the House of Ireland, a constituent member of the international houses for over 30 years and can confirm the timing you mentioned. I know exactly what happened. We all do.

David Cohn gets anything he wants from the City and will eventually get the Balboa Club and his paid parking garage adjacent to his two restaurants. He already has the exclusive right to valet parking in the Park. I got a copy of his lease. Irwin Jacobs is merely doing what his friend is asking him to do.

Pat: I will have to check out on this one. I just don't know. Best, Don Bauder

Pat--I would love to call B.S. on this, but it was so well written, I just can't. It actually makes sense. I guess I should never run for office, as it would get out that I was suspended from 6th grade for calling someone a bad name, and my political career would be over before it started. Oops--DAMN, I just sabotaged my own political career. Oh well...

aardvark: Yes, if you were suspended from sixth grade, you would get smeared in San Diego -- unless, of course, you kowtowed to the corporate welfare crowd. Best, Don Bauder

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