UCSD nation's top school, says magazine

Three UC schools are in the top five

The magazine Washington Monthly revealed today (Aug. 26) said that the University of California San Diego is the nation's top institution of higher learning. UC-Riverside and UC-Berkeley are also in the top five.

The criteria are schools' performance in recruiting and graduating low-income students, conducting cutting-edge research and producing PhDs, and encouraging students to perform public service. These are similar to President Barack Obama's plan to rate colleges on performance.

Others in the top five are Texas A&M and Case Western Reserve. The University of Florida is number one in "best bang for the buck."

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Psycholizard: When you look at the criteria, it is not surprising UCSD is right up there. Best, Don Bauder

I didn't think there was a bigger crock of sh-t ranking than US News and World Report but this one takes the cake!! The vast majority of professors at UCSD doing cutting-edge research almost never meet undergraduates, let alone teach all academic quarters. And since when is production of PhD students a major factor in excellence for undergraduate teaching? Only in that they end up doing most of the undergraduate teaching! As far as encouraging public service, all that means is that UCSD and similar schools have a bureaucracy to put out brochures, etc. It says nothing about the actual number of graduates who end up going into public service, however self-serving that sector is even defined. As I said, what a crock!

nativesd: I have heard your complaint from many people who attended UCSD. They think too much money goes for research and too little for undergraduate education. Best, Don Bauder

That is true on all UC campuses to a greater or lesser extent. Undergrad education at Berkeley, UCLA and UCSD is very far down on the list of priorities, and PhD output has no connection to the sort of experiences and insights that are provided for the undergrads.

So the nation's top school refuses to help its libraries through a state budget shortfall? Four branches closed, including the Scripps library, housing the largest oceanographic collection in the world. A top institution should funds its research libraries, instead of watching them collapse.

sandiegocynic: Given the criteria, it is not surprising that 3 of the top 5 were UC schools. Best, Don Bauder

Those criteria are of no relevance to most students when they choose a university. I agree with nativesd about the US News & WR ratings. Tthose put out by Newsweek are just as suspect, and all of them mean little, especially to undergraduates.

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