Filner, Goldsmith met today: reports

Resignation on table, as expected. Secrecy also?

As predicted here yesterday (see my blog post on Sunday, Aug. 18), Mayor Bob Filner and City Attorney Jan Goldsmith met today, according to reports in mainstream media today (Aug. 19).

Locally, such media outlets as Channel 10, KPBS, and the Union-Tribune have reported the meeting today, apparently with a mediator who is a retired federal judge. Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred, who has been working with Goldsmith to find women whom the mayor allegedly harassed, is said to have been in attendance.

Filner's resignation was almost certainly a consideration. My own opinion is that if he resigns, Filner will also have to agree to keep the extremely dubious methods of his opponents a secret.

National Media such as The Hill and Talking Points Memo have also picked up the story.

There was a downtown gathering of Filner supporters over the noon hour.

I will report more if I get it from my sources, who have been remarkably accurate to date.

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MOMENTUM SHIFTING TOWARD FILNER? Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo says today that "momentum seems to be shifting in Filner's direction," although locals may have seen very little, if any, evidence of that.

At today's rally for Filner, one woman said she has known Filner for 30 years, "and he never sexually harassed me."

Best, Don Bauder

CHANNEL 10 CLAIMS IT BROKE STORY OF MEETING TODAY. According to my sources, Channel 10 is claiming today (Aug. 19) that it broke the story of the meeting between Mayor Filner and City Attorney Goldsmith. The Reader reported yesterday (Sunday) that the meeting would be taking place. Best, Don Bauder

The U-T article gives the Reader credit for breaking the story.

Burwell: The U-T? Goodness! Best, Don Bauder

gwhaley03: Few do trust it. But in that instance it was telling the truth. Best, Don Bauder

Linked below is the UStream of the Pro-Filner Rally. I missed the first 5 minutes. There was a large group of people from Districts 4 and 8.

If no volume, unmute the audio on the UStream page.

laplayaheritage: Some are still loyal. And others realize that this is an intergovernmental extra-legal plot.

It's possible the plan to lock Filner out with a temporary restraining order has been aborted or put on hold, possibly because the Reader reported on it.

It is more and more likely that the bugging incident was pulled off by a local arm of government, and at this point is being covered up by the feds, who discovered it.

Best, Don Bauder

RE: "And others realize that this is an intergovernmental extra-legal plot." Who in all of San Diego are these mysterious "others" who have repeated that phrase? This is your own conspiracy theory.

I misread the TPM thing just like you did. Read it carefully. He is being facetious, and said so on Twitter when I tried to call him out.

Randy: He joked that 16 women had complained about Filner's behavior, then one had no such complaints.

So he said the score was 16-1. If he wasn't being facetious, I think he knows that any momentum change is probably not the case. Best, Don Bauder

I was very impressed with the dignity of all of the speakers at today's supportive gathering for Mayor Filner. Thank you to everyone who spoke. A sharp contrast to the freaky ranting at the recall rally, where unions and the Democratic State lege were the Teaparty's crosshairs.

BlueSouthPark: Have you ever seen Tea Partiers show dignity -- or knowledge of reality?

They are the ones screaming that the federal deficit is ballooning when in fact it is shrinking. But they scream so loud that the overwhelming majority of Americans believes the deficit is soaring rather than retreating. Best, Don Bauder

The media was speculating when they thought the meeting was in the U.S. Attorney's office. It turns out the "retired federal judge" and probably the most famous mediator in the country has an office on the 17th floor and it listed in the lobby.

Lawrence Irving 101 W Broadway # 1700 San Diego, CA 92101-8289

Ponzi: It has been my experience that Larry Lawrence would be a good mediator. He was a good judge. Best, Don Bauder

Speaking of freaky, in a fun way, check out Gloria Allred: I wonder if Jan Goldsmith knows who he is in bed with?

Psycholizard: I agree with Allred in the battle for LGBT rights. Best, Don Bauder

Did you catch the photo of her when she arrived in LA in her twenties? She was adorable! What a great photo, and it's great that her firm defends LGBT rights. I don't think Goldsmith cares. I doubt that he operates under a unifying field theory of life.

Gloria rocks. There's a lot more to her than her TV image and sound bites.

Yankeedoodle: I agree with her on LGBT rights. Best, Don Bauder

DRot is making stuff up. He didn't misread anything, didn't call Joshua Marshall out (as if he could) (oh wait, "tried" to call him out, the tell) and Josh didn't respond to him. Truly pathetic. Needy.

BlueSouthPark: The point is that there are few signs the momentum is turning to Filner. That won't happen until the Allred/Goldsmith ploys are aired.

And they might not be if Filner resigns first. Best, Don Bauder

I appreciate your fact-checking, but you seem unaware of Twitter's delete function.

I posted a tweet questioning the momentum for support. Josh replied I misread his report. I deleted my tweet since it was inaccurate. He deleted his tweets in response to me.

I then tweeted a joke about aiming outrage at Josh and missing. He retweeted it.

As for Josh post: if you read it carefully (as I didn't at first), you'll see how he's being facetious.

If you don't believe me, talk to Josh Marshall directly. He's at

Randy: Josh Marshall is a busy person. I wouldn't bother him about this insignificant matter. Best, Don Bauder

I wish Bob would ask me to marry him. Guess we'd need to exchange roses first.

Yankeedoodle: Yes, she is. Best, Don Bauder

That's your opinion, and as usual it's flawed.

Batteredson: continually proving the adage that other folks' perceived shortcomings that one rails about the loudest are indicative of one's own most glaring inadequacies. You should seek help. This forum is obviously deleterious to your psychological well being.

So glad he takes a break from beating his pit bull and firing warning shots through the barbed wire to blog with us. Every minute he spends blogging is one minute delay for his inevitable rampage.

I think you've posted in the blogs a lot more than I have.

Actually I rather enjoy doing this. I like sticking pins in Bauder's gas-filled balloons, as he does get out of control here. And someone needs to speak out when he's wrong or misguided. But you don't need to defend him. He's a big boy, and can fend for himself.

shirleyberan: Filner will be making no proposals to anybody of the feminine gender. Best, Don Bauder

Don: Maybe if he proposed to Jan Goldsmith...

Yankeedoodle: Goldsmith doesn't have to worry about being propositioned by anybody. Best, Don Bauder

The whole thing is a little worrisome...what does he have to give them except his resignation? What else would they want?

Surely he couldn't buy the galactically specious argument about how he couldn't be effective after this hullabaloo.

If it's all about money, then he has to be prudent of course. But I surely hope he does not resign. This is the only time I have ever seen any intelligent life in the mayor's office. And although Don has beaten me about the head and shoulders on this subject, I was fond of Murphy, who, I thought, did not need to be ejected either. What is wrong with waiting for the next election, people?

Todd Gloria mat be packing up his desk soon, for a temporary move into the mayor's office. Let's hope Carl DeMaio doesn't try to run again. Yikes; once was enough.

dwbat: DeMaio is already making his move. This will be interesting. Best, Don Bauder

Yankeedoodle: Filner indeed has made some intelligent steps reining in developers and downtown corporate welfare boosters.

That is why Goldsmith is cooking up fictions to oust him. Best, Don Bauder

With this mess over, now you have time to investigate Goldsmith and prove your accusations. Right after you finish your thorough report on the Westgate Hotel microphone gambit. Oh that's right, you didn't do that one. Easier to spread rumors, then move on, right? Fills up your writing quota, I guess.

And wait, don't tell me San Diego deserves better. San Diego is a provincial town that has lots of great nature nearby, but it has complacently endured full terms under Sanders and Golding. Q.E.D. No standards whatsoever.

Yankeedoodle: Under both Golding and Sanders, City Hall was for sale to the highest bidder. Best, Don Bauder

There seems to be no one on the streets of PB with petitions, not yesterday or today. I've been looking and not finding, and they should be looking for me. I didn't see anyone downtown either. I'm thinking Pallamary is not up to the task. BTW i'm certain no one has seen the Gloria Allred and the drag queen link, Because if they had, they would know what a terrible fit she is for her case here.

It looks like the petitions will not be needed. And don't discount Allred; too many have made the mistake of underestimating her.

David Batterson: If Filner resigns under this pressure on his personal finances -- very possible -- the recall won't be needed.

A recall would be democratic. An intergovernmental extra-legal coup is not. Best, Don Bauder

You don't have to keep repeating your (misspelled) buzz phrase. We've heard it enough. You're sounding like a parrot on sterioids.

Pot, kettle, SQUAWK!!!!

Have you no sense of fairness, Bat Masterson?

BTW, "sterioids"??? (Hint: misspelled) Stop, you're killin' us! LOL

Arggg, darn typos. Hey, I'm human too.

David Batterson: Yes, but you think you are superhuman. Best, Don Bauder

Have never thought that about myself, Don. You just don't like being corrected online, because you always think you are right (even when you're not). Someone has to reel you in occasionally. But when you stick to pure investigative reporting (instead of ranting and raving, and opining), you're the best.

Oh, you're reeling, all right. (Announcer whispers: "The password is insufferable").

Duhbya: Think of the revenge of the bat: Die Fledermaus. Best, Don Bauder

Shall we blame it on the champagne, then?

Never drink the stuff. Rarely drink ANY alcohol. My beverage of choice is diet tea.

David Batterson: Sterioids? Best, Don Bauder

Yeah, I saw it, Professor Bauder. Duhbya already had his fun, though. You were too late. And pay more attention to your own typos from now on.

David Batterson: Yes, Duhbya got it up first. He is a very alert person. Best, Don Bauder

Psycholizard: I repeat: I agree with Allred's position on LGBT rights. Best, Don Bauder

I support her work there also, I simply believe her tolerance for sexual flamboyance should be extended to the Mayor, until the first warning anyway.

Why do I feel like you're going to go all anti-gay on us? Weren't you the one who said something about RuPaul's Drag Race the other day?

I just watched the video, linked above. It was wonderful. I like Allred even more now. You GO, girl.

David Batterson: I agree with her on LBGT rights. I agree that she should GO -- back to Los Angeles. Best, Don Bauder

She WILL, after she finishes negotiations and justice is done.

David Batterson: She is not after justice. She is after money and publicity. Goldsmith will settle for the publicity. Best, Don Bauder

Do you know Allred? Have you read up on her background, and all the civil rights cases she has won (or settled) over many years? She could have gone into corporate law but chose to fight for the little person. I'd think you would be in tune with that, as that is what YOU fight for as a reporter. As for money, in civil cases (if you recall), it's about liability and that means payment of money. It's how they got OJ in the second trial. And that IS also justice.

David Batterson: Anyone who does ANY reading can't help but read up on Allred. Best, Don Bauder

So why do you deny she's a champion for civil rights? Get your head out of the sand; it's dark down there and hard to breathe.

I couldn't resist taking a look at the link. I couldn't stomach watching the whole thing.

But, after looking at the nose and smile on the blonde "bombshell", it gives me pause to wonder whether "she" is actually Filner at an earlier age.?

The wig certainly looks better than the one Jan Goldsmith wears.

Tired_of_PC: If Goldsmith gets to be mayor -- his passionate desire -- he will have enough money to purchase a better wig. Best, Don Bauder


Nor have I seen recall petitioners on the streets of North Park.

Yankeedoodle: Maybe they are confident that Filner will resign. But Filner told his staff Saturday that he was not resigning. However, that was Saturday. Best, Don Bauder

The complete sellout of KPBS to the "mob" shocks me!

Not me. If you've been watching closely enough the past few years, it is NO surprise. Cancelled subscription long ago.

vitalinfo: It is a good idea to cancel subscriptions to print media, and stop watching electronic media, that have had such one-sided coverage. Best, Don Bauder

85db: Remember, KPBS sold out to the Copley interests long ago. It is appealing to its donor base. Best, Don Bauder

Judge Irving is well respected and a sought after mediator. This mediation will most likely be binding and result in an agreement. I speculate it will be in the $1 to $3 million dollar range with the city agree to split the cost with Filner. Irene Jackson will probably be estimating her $50,000 reduction in pay, forecast over 15 years, has lost her about $750,000 or so in income. Through in the savings of not fighting a protracted legal battle and the possibility, however remote, of treble damages, and 1-3 million is a reasonable figure.

I don't like any of this, I was enjoying Filner pushing back the establishment. But they have circled the wagons and used every tool in their disposal to pile on the propaganda and create the momentum. We knew this kind of $hit was going to happen when Doug Manchester bought the San Diego Union-Tribune. Our worst nightmares when he became owner are playing out before our very eyes. I don't condone harassment in the workplace, but the more I witnessed the dog-pile, the more I understand Filner supporters. Whatever happened behind the scenes and in the matching of strange bedfellows, this affair is something to fear the establishment more than heap anger on Filner. It shows clearly that, regardless of the infraction or misstep, there is a well oiled machine that can now take any progressive candidate down.

The media is back to leaking stories about a new Charger stadium, more radical changes in Balboa Park (read paid parking), Walmart and Jack In The Box being scolded by judges, but the development they lied about continues. The irony is this is where the Romney's have decided to throw their hats. Fitting. The liberals and progressive who are running out to sign recall politicians are like lemmings. They should be figuring out how to assure the replacement of Filner is someone on their side instead of helping the enemy throw him out.

Do I think Filner should resign? Yes. I thought he should have a few weeks ago. I don't think he has much of a choice now. I used to live in the city limits in Del Mar Heights. If I was a San Diego resident, I would not sign the recall. But outside looking in, Don has made of lot of sense about the situation, tempered with his accumulated wisdom of the San Diego insider machinations. This is not going to be a good thing in the long haul. A lot of ground fighting back the downtown (developer/sports blackmail/corporate welfare) establishment has been lost and it could take years to get back to this (unfortunately, now tarnished) change of guard.

All mediation agreements are binding. They may be enforced by motion if signed by the parties pursuant to a settlement agreement reached at the mediation. You are confusing binding vs. non-binding arbitration with mediation.

In settlement, parties do NOT settle based on punitive or treble damages. You have the second year law student disease. Being sophomoric does not add to your otherwise good analysis.

Not offense intended. But you should have the concepts straight before offering legal opinions. You might have a sophisticated audience and be unnecessarily embarrassed. This is a common subject of confusion, however. It does not reflect on your intelligence, unless you persist in erroneous legal analysis.

Having, said that, and with all due respect, mediation is often started at one session and continued through other sessions. The mediator may make a mediator's recommendation, which I encourage you to research as a homework assignment. You will note, however that no mediator has ever made a finding, mediation is about resolving the amount.

Allred stated in her first press release that Filner must resign as a condition precedent to any negotiations. That condition may still be in effect but only as to a final settlement.


The phrase "Having, said that" is at the very top of the narcissistic personality disorder most used phrases list.

Ponzi: Please: don't act like Goldsmith. Best, Don Bauder

I'm not offering a legal opinion. I clearly stated I was speculating. If you enjoy attacking people with your self-absorbed, narcissist disorder fueled diatribe, carry on. It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

Ponzi: C'mon. Diogenes is one of our best posters. Can't you folks make up? Best, Don Bauder

Please insert your name here and post it. If you can't your legal opinion is just as valuable as mine. .

I have clients whose interests might be harmed by my political positions. Legal opinions stand on their own. Non-lawyers such as yourself may have correct opinions. Yours are erroneous in regard to mediation. Do you want to go on and on without being corrected? Just because you were born in San Diego and know all the names of people here does not qualify you to render the opinions you do. I have degrees in psychology and law. I have 35 years practicing law. I used to skateboard in La Jolla in 1961 and surf at Wind 'N Sea. Does that qualify me? I have practiced here for 30 years. Is that enough for you?

If you had a bugger in your nose, would you rather wear that or have me point it out? You have no problem in attacking others. So why give you my name?

You legal opinion does not compared to mine, especially when you don't know mediation from arbitration and you have never completed law school or even practiced law. So why render such firm know-it-all opinions?

You evaluate cases for their settlement value all without having practiced a single day! That rubs some of us the wrong way.

Diogenes: You indeed have an impressive bio. Best, Don Bauder

Diogenes: You and Ponzi will have to fight this one out. Best, Don Bauder

It's cool Don. I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.

Ponzi: Think of the pigs Filner has to wrestle with. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: This will be a very bad thing for San Diego -- especially coming on top of the smearing of Aguirre and the stealing of the mayoralty from Frye.

This is a disaster for those who want neighborhoods and infrastructure restored, libraries opened, etc. Subsidizing a billionaire family that owns the Chargers and going ahead with an economically insane convention center expansion will be front and center on a corrupt agenda. Best, Don Bauder

If people wonder why it evokes anger, I grew up here. I have watched it go from a sleepy little Navy town into a metro that is increasingly being raped and pillaged by the likes of Manchester, Corky McMillan, the Sunroads and other carpetbagging developers. They ignore the shortage of water, they don't care about the quality of life, they are just turning this once wonderful city into a playground for the wealthy. I know I am a reactionary as I get older, but I fear that people don't realize that things used to be free. We had fire pits on the beach. Civil people could have a glass or wine or a beer. Paying for parking at Balboa park would be something unimaginable. I used to attend Padre's games for $8 on Thursday afternoons. We could tailgate in the parking lot and be so filled up on food, that we didn't need to hunger for $8 hamburgers that came with no condiments.

San Diego is having is soul sold out from under it. This mayor Filner saga is just a proxy battle between the 1% and the people in this city who are trying to make ends meet and enjoy a lifestyle that is rapidly being taken away and replaced with turnstiles. We used to live in a wonderful community with endless cost-free things to do. The greed of the power establishment is slowing building up walls so that San Diegan's have to pay for every single they do, every time they drive anywhere and every time they park their car. We are not gaining any ground, we are losing it all the time and the only people making money are pricks like Doug Manchester and his cronies.

Ponzi, as a fellow observer of the dismantling of the charming little burg we knew before the hordes invaded, I have a newfound and unabiding respect for you. Well done, sir!

Duhbya: In the earliest days of San Diego, it wasn't hordes coming in. It was whores coming in. Best, Don Bauder

reply to ponzi You nailed it. I have been up in the Pacific Northwest visiting my daughter. Full disclosure: while I am not a native San Diegan, she is, though she was only 7 when we left. Anyway, we've talked a little, very little actually, about this whole Filner circus. But mostly, she was curious about why I decided not too move back there, especially when from her viewpoint, it seemed like a done deal. I haven't been able to really come up with a clear concise answer; those things tend to be more a feeling thing rather than logic anyway. I may have muttered something about the halcyon days of youth or something like that. But your description hit the nail on the head. San Diego has lost it's soul. That describes the way I felt perfectly. Even back in the 70's when we got there, only a couple of yrs removed from the war in Vietnam, it still was pretty much a sleepy little Navy town. Businessman's specials on Thursday afternoons at the Murph, getting hassled by the ushers for throwing beach ball on the field because they were dumb enough not to realize that would happen if they gave them out for free, and years later getting chased for throwing tortilla frisbees, throwing some pallets in a fire ring and having a couple of beers, walking along the beach in Coronado, during an October heatwave when it was still almost 90 at 8:00 at night and not getting bothered, surfing every morning and afternoon in the summer, playing volleyball in between, sitting in the parking lot at the south end of Lindbergh, eating a burger and fries and watching the planes fly in at night. Yeah the halcyon days. San Diego, at least to me, is not having is soul sold out from under it, it's already gone. That's why I decided not to move back. And when I put it to her in those terms, she got in completely.

Danfogle: I disagree. There is lots left to save, e.g., streets, libraries, the 30' height limit by the coast, Balboa Park for all, schools. There are regular people doing much of what you did in your youth. Where do you surf now? There is no better diving in the U.S., except perhaps Hawaii. Perhaps you are just experiencing the You Can't Go Home Again syndrome. That's normal and defensible, but interior, not external.

Yankeedoodle: You are an effective cheerleader. Best, Don Bauder

Don: maybe Sanders will hire me at the Chamber of Commerce.

I don't see it as You Can't Go Home Again syndrome. Maybe for you it's just the frog in hot water. I pretty surfed everywhere along the SD coast, but I learned to surf at Swami's. Now? Well I'm spending most of the summer in San Clemente, so sometimes its Lowers, sometimes its Cottons, sometimes I'll even go up to Doheny or Salt Creek. When I'm in Calabasas, it's usually Malibu by the cove. I didn't say that San Diego doesn't have anything worth saving, but as I think about it, that's the problem. So much of it NEEDS saving. Look at the comments in the reader about Sweetwater. I mean my god, the way these people talk about Sweetwater makes LAUSD seem like heaven.
You've got your opinion and I have mine and it's all relative. btw, how long have you been in San DIego//


I have been here since fall, 1985. The diving has just gotten better because of the preserve. I came from Northern Calif where I body-surfed as a child. I have never been on a surfboard. So it is all relative, of course. But up there, and many other places, people will tell you it used to be better. Of course it did, they were kids! Ecclesiastes 1:9

reply to yankeedoodle, we moved to San Diego as teenagers in 1976. We lived in La Jolla until early 1986 when we moved to Encinitas. It's not about the surfing or body surfing or diving. It's about living. San Diego in 1985 was far different than it was in 1976. And San Diego in 1994, when we left, was different than it was in 1985. You've been there almost 30 yrs, so perhaps you haven't noticed the changes over the years. As I said, a frog in hot water. Perhaps viewing from a distance makes thing a little more clear. For me, far too many things have changed for the worst. As I said, Ponzi nailed. San Dieogo has been raped and pillaged by those with money, to make money. As I have said, I know still know many people who still live there and love it there. But to a person, and we have talked about this many times in the past, they say San Diego is not the same as it was back then and in most ways, not for the better. They pretty much all have the same sentiment. It's not the same, but you get used to the changes. But it's San Diego and it's home. Except for one. She moved to Chicago a few months ago. There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction. Has San Diego chosen the right path? Sleepy little Navy town to a Metropolitan tourist destination without a soul and where greed is the only winner?? Try reading Ponzi's post again. Maybe you'll get it.

Ponzi: Oh yes, the media -- particularly the U-T -- are back beating the drums for a Chargers stadium and other corporate welfare scams. Did you expect anything else? Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: The bulk of your excellent comment here supports my firm conviction that Filner should not resign, for the good of the city. We have no one else. They would have run by now. There is no one else. This is our one chance. Ten years from now, who knows?

Yankeedoodle: Filner told his staff Saturday that he would not resign. Best, Don Bauder

Many politicians in the past have said "I will not resign." But they did so later on. You should remember that.

David Batterson: In a negotiation, the last thing he would say is that he will resign. Best, Don Bauder

Wrong again. Obviously he DID say such a thing (or his lawyers did) recently in the mediation negotiations.

with this mediation session before a prestigous retired federal judge, now you can probably guess why filner cut his so-called therapy short by a week. he needed that "personal" week's time to prepare for this with his attorneys. this was probably set up during his first week in therapy, they saw they had to cut the therapy short and come up with the cover story that he really started therapy a week earlier (who really believes that!).

(but personally myself still want to believe he's just an old fool who gave up in frustration after only a few days in therapy that he probably didn't really believe in at all.)

you can see the time schedule built to allow things to happen like that council meeting towards the end of the month when goldie wants get the council to rubberstamp going forward with that section 108 proceeding. if there is no settlement (resignation) by that time, then more of the fireworks are going to be blasting off.

this is one big legal & political dance where the ending seems certain imho with filner's resignation. the real question is how much pain is filner willing to accept (what will he still be on hook for) and how much is it going to co$t the city of san diego. filner is still probably going to hurt for being the filthy fool that he has been!

haha. need more popcorn to munch on while watching filner slowly get hung by what's left of his grabby fingertips. lol

MeReader: If you are a San Diego taxpayer, you will suffer the consequences of this coup. It will probably work because Filner won't have the money to fight injustice.

These deals are settled by the ladder system. First, the government says X (say, we will pay your legal bills if you resign by Friday, but if you wait, the terms get tougher). The defendant is trapped.

Best, Don Bauder

I took a drive to pick up some groceries. I now feel that my estimate of 1-3 million is low. With a mediator that is used to settling billion dollar cases, a pit bull that uses gold paste for lipstick, I feel San Diego is looking a what will be a historical settlement. My bet has been raised to $5 million dollars. That is to cover the pit bull fees, Judge Irving, and other expenses.

There you have it Diogenes. $5 million. Oh, and by the way I never wanted to complete law school. Because 80% of people who did never went on to practice law. And out of the bottom of the law class, we always found ourselves calling them "your honor" later in their careers. Take Clarence Thomas for example.

Ponzi: I don't care if it's $5 million...we are still $44.5 million ahead, because some other mayor would have found a way around the judge's decision on Balboa Park. What I care about is keeping Intelligent life in the office. Five million will be a drop in the bucket if Filner leaves. I think Peters has better manners than to get further involved.

Ponzi: Yes, but I keep hearing from the same excellent sources that have given me other accurate information that neither Allred nor Goldsmith has much in hand.

There are few witnesses. So-called victim credibility is low. I do think Filner will be resigned because of the assault on his personal finances, but I don't think the payoff will be high. And it may probably be borne by San Diego taxpayers. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: One must take the plaintiff's background into account. Was she in trouble at the port, and that's why she left? Was the City thinking of firing her? All these are pertinent questions. Best, Don Bauder

Speaking of pigs, Carl DeMaio is posturing. He is calling on all politicians to join the recall effort against Filner. In doing so, he is trying to draw Scott Peters into the fray.

The politicians have given their statements. That is all they should do. Because their job is to serve their constituents in their specific mission and scope of duty. DeMaio is a cunning and diabolical actor in trying to bait politicians to participate in the recall. I feel he is trying to bait Peters and challenge him. To anyone with any critical thinking skills, this DeMaio tactic would be obvious. Unfortunately, ....

Ponzi: I will make a prediction that DeMaio will not enter the mayoral race that will follow Filner's likely resignation. Best, Don Bauder

Pretty safe prediction. So who do you predict will enter?

David Batterson: I know one who wants to be on the ballot: Goldsmith. Best, Don Bauder

I agree. He's going to stay his course. I feel that he is trying to bait Peters to actively jump on the recall. Later he's going to point out that Peters was "not for San Diego."


But it won't work, because people like Scott and the other fellow, well, not so much.

In my uneducated opinion Ponzi is so right on so many points. You've put into words almost exactly how I feel about this once somewhat sleepy, somewhat innocent and somewhat wonderful town I love so much. The frustration I feel about the way this whole thing went down only seems to reiterate what us objective citizens know. The real Fat Cats have moved and manipulated this whole event into a circus that the average person only believes what they see on the "Filner Under Fire" pieces that go on until the next commercial break. The sensational coverage and the daily emergence of another victim leaves alot of doubt lately. The front of city hall where the latest victim sits must have cameras. Can someone access the tape? They've done everything else but show us the replay. In my opinion, I believe that woman is lying her ass off. Jumping on the bandwagon as it were. There is something very smelly here. Okay, maybe one, two, or even three, but sixteen?! There are cameras there, I've seen them. Money where your mouth is time Gloria. I'm just sayin'. The Demaio, Peters angle is also right. Here are the facts, Carl lost. Scott Peters used to be a republican, then a libretarian, and now a Democrat? Who you clowns think your fooling? Pay attention voters! Just like republicans around the nation are lying to and not paying attention to their constituencies, this guy thinks he can do an about face three times? So where does he end up facing? Hopefully another lost candidacy if the voters are paying attention, right? Cross your fingers Ponzi. Yet, expect the worse.

FatCatSegat: Over the last century and a half, some residents may have thought San Diego was a "sleepy" town. But the citizenry was sleeping while the politician/real estate/corporate welfare cabal was stealing.

In fact, the city has been very dirty since its inception. Best, Don Bauder

Now everyone seems certain that this mediation involves Filner's resignation, I'm not so sure. Remember the mediator is a judge, and I don't really think that Filner' has real legal problems. He faces a lot of trumped up nonsense, a nasty publicity campaign, and law enforcement gone berserk. I have thought from the start his apology and therapy were meant to satisfy what might be possibly ordered by a judge as part of a settlement. If he's going to resign and pay there would be no purpose in getting the therapy or apologizing, he wouldn't be returning to work. Filner knows these laws, his modus operandi by all accounts has been very lawyerly. Plus there is the fact that most of the alleged behavior occurred in front of security cameras, if photos or other documents prove Filner's guilt, local law enforcement might possibly not have leaked them. Pigs could fly possibly. But since we've heard no one confirm a single allegation with circumstantial evidence of any kind, I suspect evidence and lack of evidence, that supports Filner might be suppressed to keep the frenzy alive. Unethical to comment on an ongoing investigation you see.

I suspect that Bob Filner would pay lots to settle these weak cases, but won't resign. Allred might sell out for what he offers. Remember Filner's resignation doesn't really do Allred's clients any good, and she knows what these cases would normally be worth. She might be an honest lawyer playing the resignation demand to get some undeserved bucks for her clients. Dropping the resignation demand is something of real value to Filner, he will eat more crow, and pay money out of pocket for that. He might fight if the demand is not dropped, and these cases aren't worth expenses. If there are criminal cases filed, Allred's resignation demand loses all cash value, and the cases might eventually be settled for what they would normally be worth, which is not much.

They're settling the civil matter, Filner won't resign over that. Gloria Allred is not a crook but a very slick lawyer, collecting money from a city with a very stupid lawyer.

Psycholizard: Yes, much of the case against Filner is trumped-up nonsense. But would you -- knowing you could go broke, and knowing how biased the press is -- fight it? Best, Don Bauder

Allred knows she has no case. She was misled by Goldsmith into believing that Filner would fold and that there would be a quick cash settlement for her and McCormack. Not going to happen. Filner is just playing along to learn the worst they can do to him is or if there is anything he has not thought of.

My guess is he will walk out of there with “See you all in El Centro”.

And Don: if this “intergovernmental extra-legal plot” you speak of succeeds it will because, far from fighting it, Donna Frye threw open the city gates to the plotters in a screaming diatribe against the one man who could have won back our city from the despoilers.

Let’s hope Bob can overcome the harm Donna Frye has done by throwing him and his program for good government to the carpet-bagging wolves. If he succeeds he will earn a shining place in San Diego’s history as the man who saved the city from the howling hordes of horribles.

If it was up to Donna, we'd see bob's head on a pike. ( or at least his balls)

Murphyjunk: I haven't talked to Donna since this whole thing began. My guess is that she, Marco, and Cory all now realize that their actions opened the door to the downtown overlords overthrowing all the splendid initiatives they have worked for.

Frightening realization. Best, Don Bauder

Murphy: I very much doubt that. She may have been unwise, as was Filner, but everyone makes mistakes.

Yankeedoodle: The people who make the most mistakes are the ones who claim they never make mistakes. Best, Don Bauder

Well, now is the time for her to own-up then.

Vile. Talk like this shows how normal and harmless Filner's alleged words are, compared to the hate speech that is so common.

Pat: Allred and Goldsmith have weak cases.

Filner's lawyers may force federal officials to admit they caught the bugging conspirators and know which local agency did it. That might move the needle somewhat in Filner's direction.

But he is fighting hysteria that the press whipped up. He knows it. Best, Don Bauder

Don: According to Pallamary on Ch 6 just now, Filner would save the City $5 million in election costs by not resigning requiring a cheaper Recall election. I wonder if that will come up in the negotiations.

And the recall's failure will save the city even more money.

Pat: There are a plethora of variables on the table. Best, Don Bauder

That's called stating the obvious. So you said nothing.

There goes that "hysteria" word again. An inaccurate description for sure. Oh, but that's your so-called "satire" I guess.

The hysteria isn't going away, but I think Allred and her lawsuits will, for some cash. The fact that they're meeting with a mediator suggests that at least two of these parties want to settle. Filner's apology and rehab were obviously meant to smooth the way to quick settlement. They were political disaster, and not helpful for his defence if he intended to deny the allegations completely, but getting them out of the way immediately, since they likely would be demanded, makes sense if the intent is to settle as quickly as possible. Note that that Filner's team is not attacking.

Watching Allred interviewed by the drag queen, and some clips of other forays into television, made me doubt that Allred and Goldsmith were in the open collusion I originally thought. They both practice courtroom theater, but are political opposites. If Allred really intended to force Filner's resignation in collusion with Goldsmith, that would likely be corrupt, since Filner's resignation does nothing for her clients. But if Allred intends to drop the resignation demand. or at least shut up, in return for cash for her clients, that would be normal, for a lawyer.

Goldsmith right now is likely trying to prolong this case by refusing to agree to the outlines of a settlement that Allred, Filner, and the mediator have worked out.

Psycholizard: I suspected that his apology was scripted by Shepard, who then departed.

But that is just a suspicion; I have no inside information on that. Best, Don Bauder

I think there're about 200- 250 people at rally yesterday. The young lawyer was Brian Peace. Still aren't presenting underlying backstory in media opportunity. Somebody said to me, you look at Goldsmith you can tell he is not very self- aware. I'm watching Gloria Allred on her TV show "We The People" She plays a judge, obvoiusly scripted, with actors as litigants. That is how she always talks, actor.

The news said around 100, but they also said the recall rally was several hundred, which conflicted with the number estimated by strata66, who was there. Perhaps both rallies had about 150, but that is good news because the ever-unreliable U-T polls should have led one to believe there are three times as many Filner recall supporters as Filner supporters. 50/50 is quite different, and if he hangs on, he might get his extra 5% back.

shirleyberan: Many lawyers are at heart thespians. Best, Don Bauder

I believe that lawyer is Brian Pease.

Allred show " Some of you love me, some of you may hate me, but I will always speak the truth, as I see it".

", as I see it" more like as it suits her at the time.

Murph But that is a general trait of human nature, no?

Murphyjunk: Possibly "as I see it" is a nifty hedge. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: Watch out for anyone claiming to always speak the truth. Best, Don Bauder

The recall needs to get a couple hundred on the street every day. And from the shots of the people that showed for their rally, they lack the diversity to get into every community. Hateful people, the recall's most likely signers, tend to lock themselves in their homes with their guns on their lap. When they do go in public, petitioners might be frightened by their scowls and snarls, as well as the pit bull.

The poll numbers mean little in the signature drive, what matters is signatures, and since they're not boasting, I suspect they're having a tough time.

I wonder if someone will be held accountable for the money donated to the recall?

Murphyjunk: Two people named Wilson and Cox are apparently identified as the backers. Best, Don Bauder

RE: "Hateful people, the recall's most likely signers, tend to lock themselves in their homes with their guns on their lap." Are you absolutely out of your mind? Your statement is preposterous. Or was that "satire" as Don likes to say, when he's caught telling a whopper?

David Batterson: For someone who writes for a living -- meagre as it is, in your own words -- you certainly cannot tell a joke when you see one. Lighten up. Maybe it's too late. Best, Don Bauder

I can tell a joke if it's a good one. Nobody on the blog here can tell one worth a nickel. And I don't write "for a living" as you wrote. Once again you have made a false statement, like you do so often. You need to put your brain into motion before you start pounding angrily on your keyboard until the steam pours out. You know NOTHING about my finances, etc. I'm retired. I write occasionally on a freelance basis as I've said before. Do you now comprehend, or do you need to see a Powerpoint slideshow? Grow up; you're acting like a bratty teen.

Now I certainly got a laugh out of your response. For someone who dishes out personal attack sometimes, often characterizing people as a substitute for argument, you certainly seem unable to take even the hint of it.

Since you're retired, why don't you get a clipboard and get some signatures and tell us about it. Leave the gun at home,

Gun? hahaha Never owned one in my life. I don't even have a water pistol. I have to confess I own a glue gun. [Stop, or I'll glue your hand to your face! But let me warm it up first.] I'm probably one of the most nonviolent and funny/fun people in town. But you don't know me at all.

I did, but I couldn't find any mention of the word "Batterson" linked to them.

As I've said before on here, you don't know me.

Psycholizard: They don't have to have volunteers...Goldsmith said residency requirement is unconstitutional so they will accept them all, didn't he? So they can just hire a company to do it.

Yankeedoodle: There could be both volunteers and paid signature gatherers. Best, Don Bauder

Psycholizard: I am hearing that getting people to sign is so easy that the signature gatherers are willing to cut their price from $1.50 to 50 cents per signature. Best, Don Bauder

I heard Pallamary claim that he got 100 in in an hour. May I suggest that the same story might be reported as: "Recall effort runs out of funds, demands 66% pay cut from volunteers.". "Willing" is one of those words that means something different when management or labor say it. I'm trying to imagine. "Sir, I'm making too much money, please take two thirds of it and give it back to the millionaires sponsoring this.". The only figure I've read is 800 signatures on Sunday. So 1200 dollars for that is too much for the organizers? To be on schedule they need at least 5000 signatures by now. If $7500.00 is busting their bankroll, the recall is a bigger clown show bluff than the Gloria Allred show.

Anon: Just read it. It is good. Interesting that Gloria was there.

BTW St' Stephens Gospel Choir, incredible, almost got dunked.

Psycholizard: Went there once or twice a few years ago. Compelling atmosphere, good music, nice people.

I'm not sure how soon or ifI can make a U-tube video, but maybe there is something to say there?! Should've have drank yesterday! Woman at rally told me she worked in City Attorney office for over 20 years. She has had nervous breakdown and applied for disability, which the city boys are rejecting and fighting. She said things got hard for her when she asked for/received ? a promotion. Hard to understand her story but she was suffering. A man there who said he is Dr. Greenberg/Greenwald something like that (says he will be running for governor?) gave her a lot of useful information but she was literally crying while she revealed she had given a lot of money to attorneys who were not exactly helpful. Scott Marks does the photoshop to perfection - maybe he could make an attention getting video - some political agenda truth.

So many characters in this drama, passion players. Hard to be involved in. And I do mean characters!

Since Goldsmith has made the law irrelevant so that "signatures" don't have to be verified, I'm starting to think Filner will give up before public is informed. Bad, Sad, Mad!

Your statement is misleading. Signatures will be verified on a sampling basis, and that percentage will then be applied to the whole lot. A full verification could still happen, though. Next time check the facts before posting.

I'm not sure if she knows what "citation" means. Just like Don doesn't know what "hysteria" means.

Goldsmith is a city official. The County Registrar of Voters is the authority that will be verifying petition signatures.

I think what mean is that Goldsmith has choose not to enforce a city charter clause that required recall petition signature gatherers to be registered voter who reside in the city.

That's it! It has nothing to do with signature verification. Thanks.

Edit: "I think what - shirleyberan - means is that Goldsmith has choose not to enforce a city charter clause that required recall petition signature gatherers to be registered voter who reside in the city.

Just a note, shirleyberan. There is a county and city government. Both are named "San Diego." But I can't say how surprised I am that people who want to talk politics always get the boundaries of the official responsibilities of political actors in these two separate bodies confused.

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

You haven't heard of the 1st Amendment? When you become Queen of the U.S. you can forbid whoever you want from writing or speaking. But your saying you don't believe what I say is irrelevant. By the way, I checked the signature verification information. I'm a veteran journalist with decades of experience (like Don), not just someone with a keyboard and Internet connection. And my name is David. You got confused about the spelling I guess.

Now now Shirley, try not to sexually harass Honkytonk Batterson, who is not just a journalist but a Country Music star as well, thats what the ASCAP sticker is about. Your offer of annalingus is just as serious as what Filner is accused of, and Gloria Allred might be interested in the case. I hear she uses Sassy to serve the papers.

BTW I haven't seen a single petitioner in the three days, I've been solicited for money by various organizations and freelancers. I suppose even the homeless have too much pride to work for the Tea Party.

Actually there IS a "David Batterson" who is a honkytonk country music singer. He lives in OK, and we've communicated by email. He has YouTube videos of himself singing. I think he's pretty good. But be careful when you Google, as you don't always find the right person. I do write songs, and I'm an ASCAP member. But I don't sing, so be thankful for that!

Psycholizard: You haven't explained why you're so upset by drag queens. Very curious.

News update: The Democratic National Committee (DNC) will vote this week on a resolution calling on Filner to resign. It's expected to pass on Friday. Hooray!

You are expected to be a liar/loser right now!

Dingbatterson- is that hoe you spell your name?

How - you should look up the word "vote"

I'm not upset by drag queens, except when they lay on unwanted kisses, which hasn't happened in a while. Even then, the Idea the idea of calling the Sheriff 's sexual predator line to get them fired never crossed my mind. I suspect the Sheriff would have laughed at me if I did. I think Sassy is a funny comedian. I doubt the Tea Party shares my sense of humor. Glad this blog agrees on something, Sassy is funny.

I believe shirleyberan has been hitting the booze tonight, in heavy quantities. Looks like a Wednesday hangover for her.

I don't smoke--pot or tobacco. If you knew me, you would know that.

No baby, did my boozing last night. Always take a god break from it so I can try and stomach stupid bats.

And nobody wanted to know your name son.

Good not god - I'll correct my own spelling but thanks for the elementary lessons

News alert...Bob Filner has a strange demeanor, more later..............Bob Filner is seen smiling and relaxed, with a new sun tan. This really was how 10news teased a few Filner pictures. I'm thinking he's smiling and relaxed, because he's talking to a judge. Legally, they got nothing.

I don't think Filner is going to settle with the city and McCormack to save his assets. As of 2011 he was only worth about $750,000. He's going to lose everything anyway even if he agrees to resign in exchange for the city shouldering some of the settlements. If McCormack doesn't get everything he has, his lawyers will get what's left. He's also facing possible federal criminal charges and state sexual assault charges. His lawyers are going to have to prepare a defense for possible criminal charges at great cost even if no charges are ultimately filed.

Burwell: He's only worth $750k? What were they thinking? Now I am absolutely certain he must stay. $750k, wow. Now that is very cool.

Filner was wiped out in two divorces. His modest wealth is also a testament to his honesty and integrity. He obviously made no effort to cash in while in Congress and has little to show for a lifetime of work. When Bob Dole entered Congress in the 1960s he was earning $8,000 a year as a county prosecutor. When he retired from the Senate, he was worth $30 million. No honest man could turn a legislator's salary into a $30 million fortune.

They could if they had bought Apple stock and held it. But I get what you're saying.

Filner will settle with McCormack, his apology and therapy have prepared for that end game. I'm certain he's very sorry for whatever happened. Who knows? Irene McCormack might accept his apology. A woman, no matter how liberated, demands and receives the right to change her mind.

I think Filner is just trying to find out what McCormack and Kojack Goldsmith have on him. I don't think he will settle or resign. He has nothing to lose by remaining mayor or going to court. He's going to lose all his money (but not his pensions) no matter what he does.

Oh boo hoo. Bad behavior has consequences.

Surprised that Filner hasn't counterattacked -- after all, this is just a ploy to dump him and open the door for a $1 billion Charger stadium hustle... and a Manchester end-of-Broadway mega development.

If I were he, I would also challenge the legality of the recall in court, before the signatures are even collected. Would also use my Washington contacts to get the FBI looking into all this for blatant corruption, payoffs to Goldsmith, Gloria, et al.

Isn't Scam Diego a kick! It never stops, does it!


I suspect there is no counterattack because they hope to settle the case.

Might as well wait for the recall to be certified before challenging the many end runs around the code Goldsmith has authorized. Everyone knows the law will be challenged, why not make the Tea Party dump a cool million on a gamble. Seems like the recall has fizzled already.

I don't think it "fizzled" at all. Filner and his attorneys probably felt the pressure, as they noticed citizens were rushing to sign wherever a circulator was stationed in the city. That may have speeded up the tricky mediation negotiations, which ended today.

lizard: What are the "many end runs around the code Goldsmith has authorized" that you mentioned? I know of ONE so far: requiring the circulator to be a registered voter of San Diego. State the other "end runs" (if they exist).

First and foremost, an official deciding on law should not be one of the parties in the case. It is unlawful to act as judge in one's own divorce for instance, The code says one recall at a time, Goldsmith rules it's OK for two. The code mandates a specific form, Goldsmith doesn't like it so another form is used. Goldsmith allows mail in, the code does not. Every ruling Goldsmith makes is unlawful because of the personal interest he has in the case. There likely is more, this is what I remember before my coffee.

Believe it or not, I don't like Goldsmith either. But I wouldn't say all his rulings are unlawful. If so, he wouldn't be in office very long. Although he definitely should be prosecuted for wearing that rug in public. That's much worse than Don's rants! ;-)

Every ruling that involves Filner, a man he confesses to hate.

In San Diego, and for all I know, other places too, unlawful rulings wouldn't be any particular reason to remove someone from office. They could, but would that be the impetus?

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

I support LGBT rights and the right of each and everyone to express themselves, and be themselves, until that point where others are injured. I posted the video of Sassy and Allred to point out the hypocrisy of Allred's attack on Filner's aggressive sexual posture. The essence of the drag queen schtick is unwanted sexual advance. Drag Queens usually call men Honey and Darling, make sexual innuendo, dress and act in an aggressive, overtly sexual way. The straight man in the drag queen's act is the straight man, whose confusion is foil to the drag queen's certainty. Drag queens make straight men uncomfortable, but since we dish out unwanted advances sometimes, it's fair that we should take some with good humor, to a point. We should tolerate sexuality foreign to us, Gloria Allred is right about that.

Gloria Allred should extend to straight men the tolerance she demands from us. Bob Filner didn't make himself straight, any more than a gay person makes himself gay. His overtly sexual behavior is every bit as ingrained as the LGBT behavior, and that self expression should be tolerated as much as possible, but should stop when warned. If Gloria Allred wants to cleanse herself of this hypocrisy, she could come forward and tell her supporters to drop the words filthy, perverted, deviant etc. This type of talk does no service to the LGBT community or humanity in general. Sassy knows this.

RE: "The essence of the drag queen schtick is unwanted sexual advance." Huh? Where did you get THAT? Drag queen shows consist of feminine dressing in an exaggerated manner, for humor, satire and sometimes dramatic effect. I've been to such shows. I have met a couple of famous drag artists (singer Sylvester of San Francisco, who died of AIDS, and Frank Marino of Las Vegas--the great Joan Rivers impersonator). I didn't find them to be "overtly sexual" at all. They are actors/entertainers. Marino is absolutely hilarious, and looks great in makeup and dresses; but he has all the sexuality of a nun. His audiences are mostly straight, and they howl at his killer jokes. If a straight man is intimidated by a silly drag queen, then he is probably insecure with his own sexuality. Of course, in theatre many years ago, female parts were always played by men.

Psycholizard: I particularly like the second paragraph.

There must be a pony in here somewhere . . .

IN AN OLD RADIO ANNOUNCER VOICE: After Friday's vote by the City Council to remove "Fleeting Fingers" Filner, will we still read the "intergovernmental extra-legal plot" and "media lynching" rants from Don Bauder? Or will we finally get some respite? And what happened with Don's ongoing investigation of the alleged Westgate Hotel microphone caper? Stay tuned to find out; same time, same station.

Battered son: The only "respite" we long for is when you finally STFU. Your envious Don diatribes prove the axiom that the supposed shortcomings one thinks one observes in others, and rails about continually, are actually indicative of said accuser's own most glaring inadequacies. You're not much of a writer, but you're certainly an accomplished LOSER. Keep stalking Don, though. Maybe you'll get lucky and a smidgen of his expertise will rub off on you. On second thought, NAHHH...

Don't count on my shutting up. Just ignore my postings from now on. Don apparently THINKS he's the combination of Edward R. Murrow, Woodward & Bernstein, Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite and Brian Ross--all rolled into one. No, I have no envy at all for arrogant, smug, egotistical journalists who are full of themselves and spout wild opinions and rumors in blogs while not providing adequate personal investigation and verification of his accusations. And if I were "not much of a writer," how did I manage to write hundreds of them over the years, plus edit magazines (and write songs)? How many publications have paid YOU to write articles? Name one.

Are you indeed so shallow an intellect that you cannot recognize that your retort verifies EXACTLY what I postulated as to your obvious longing to be relevant to anyone here? And you so wildly miss the mark with your litany of innuendo aimed at Mr. Bauder as to almost pull it off in a humorous fashion, were your intent not so blatantly pitiful. As far as avoiding your posts, that would be simple. All I have to do is change your name to Amos. Then I can easily ignoreamos (sic). The Duhb stands by his original statement.

You forgot to mention even one article that you were ever paid to write. Oh wait, didn't you write the foreword to the latest "Where's Waldo?" book?

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