Who's more embarrassing? U-T or Filner?

Journalists debate U-T TV's gauche Filner dance video.

The Los Angeles Times has broken a story about U-T TV's juvenile, unprofessional post on the Filner controversy. TV Week and Huffington Post have also commented on the video. All should consider Matt Potter's excellent Reader post: when details about Arnold Schwarzenegger's alleged sexual harassment leaked in his campaign for governor, Papa Doug Manchester, owner of the U-T, not only ignored the women's protests, but showered money on Ah-nold's campaign.

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The U-T certainly isn't one of the finest newspapers in the land, but the (alleged) transgressions of Filner take the lead in what's more embarrassing.

aardvark: I would agree that the U-T is not one of the finest newspapers in the land. Indeed, it has to be one of the worst, as it gets even worse every day. Best, Don Bauder

@Don Bauder: I agree. UT has a terrible reputation, much worse since Papa Doug Manchester bought it. I've been disappointed in the City Beat's editorials, as well. I appreciate your more objective approach in the Reader. There are so few "objective" investigational reporters left in San Diego County. The Watchdog with the UT has some good work. I hope those two reporters are still able to share their stories? As I just posted in a Facebook comment, the tail is wagging the dog, with respect to the media and the Filner issue.

Leucadian: Yes, the U-T has a terrible reputation. I don't read City Beat so can't comment. Best, Don Bauder

Oh please! Did you read what AS did to those women? The Guvernator makes our mayor look at worst like Pepe LePew.

But that isn't even the point, the point being, Manchester is a big fat hypocrite. And that isn't even the point, the point is Dougie wants Filner out and is only using this contrived "scandal" as a way to get him out.

This isn't about justice for the victims. This never was about justice for the victims. It's not even about the victims, just as it wasn't when Ahnold was running. Let's stop playing games and call it for what it is, because otherwise it's beyond sickening.

KLoEditor: You are correct. This is all about getting Filner out of office. He dared to tackle San Diego's major problems: 1. the runaway real estate development; 2. the neglect of infrastructure and neighborhoods as all the money is hogged downtown for corporate welfare projects that should be financed with private capital, not taxpayer money. Manchester had no problems with Schwarzenegger's harassment of females, because Schwarzenegger was committed to corporate socialism. Best, Don Bauder

Don: Filner has given all of his opponents the pieces needed to get him out of office. People can blame anyone they want, but Filner opened the door; whether it was alleged sexual harassment, allegedly unauthorized credit card charges, or the Sunroad mess. (I used alleged a lot, because none of it is proven yet--that "due process" thing) I feel that Filner must go, but there is a big problem for me. First, I did not vote for mayor last year, as I didn't care for either candidate. But my concern is who would run for mayor if/when Filner is recalled, or if he does resign? All the names I have seen scare me. The only one I would consider voting for would be Donna Frye, and she has already said she is not interested.

aardvark: Donna Frye would make an excellent mayor, but she effectively took herself out of the running by being among the first to call for Filner's head. Best, Don Bauder

Why can't it be turned around on you? You don't seem to have a problem with Filthy Filner being a scumbag as long as he takes on the Corporate Welfare Queens of San Diego?

paulmclarke: With all due respect, I think you have not read what I have said closely enough. If true, Filner's alleged behavior is reprehensible. I have stated that from the beginning.

I am particularly worried that he may have a mental/physical problem that has contributed to the alleged oafishness with women.

But I find arcane theft of taxpayer funds for corporate welfare projects a greater offense than sexual harassment. Much greater -- particularly because Big Money's kidnapping of the redevelopment concept involved theft of funds from education. Best, Don Bauder

Don - why do you think it took so long for these middle aged professional adult women to speak out on the sexual harassment and assaults? Why not before he was elected? Because DeMio was such a bad alternative or were they really afraid of what could happen to their jobs? Seems strange for so many to be unable/unwilling to tell a creeper " keep your F'n hands off me" or "stay back freak" anything but just let him keep going in "fear". I don't think I would act like a scared little girl more than once after being caught off guard. Then I would have to stand up to a perve of his nature. He probably would not have been able to do anything about a woman telling him to back it up. Why are all these women victims and why didn't any tell him to stop?

shirleyberan: Great questions: why didn't the women come forward earlier and why didn't some of them just tell Filner to stop what he was allegedly doing? Best, Don Bauder

From the stories I've heard, most of these women took precautions after the first uncomfortable "incident," or there was only one inappropriate "incident," to begin with. I have not heard a woman say there was a pattern of misconduct by Filner against her, personally. Filner should not be forced to resign. Locking him out of City Hall would be irresponsible, without there being a trial or a hearing to determine if he poses an immediate danger. These are all publicity tactics. If I could, I would vote to recall Jan Goldsmith!

Leucadian: I believe the only two that have charged an alleged pattern of misconduct are McCormack Jackson and the lady who worked part-time on behalf of seniors.

But I could be wrong on that. So many ladies have been trotted out that it has become difficult to follow all the allegations. Best, Don Bauder

As much as I hate to say it, Don, Filner wins by a landslide. The eyes of the world are on Mayor Hefner. UT-TV is seen by 4 people.

Scott Marks: I suspect that some public relations person in San Diego is making Filner front and center nationally. Another factor is that other sex scandals are making headlines -- Weiner, etc. -- right now. Best, Don Bauder

Setting Manchester's politics aside, the actual parody achieved what its creators intended, which was National attention on an otherwise failing venture in U-T TV. Stupidity often attracts attention which gets publicity.

David Dodd: The U-T's stupidity has already gotten lots of coverage in the media covering the press. Much of that occurred pre-Filner scandal. Best, Don Bauder

Somebody is paying these women because they Doth Protest Too Much!

shirleyberan: I don't know that there have been direct payments, but many of these women are tied to the downtown corporate welfare establishment. So indirectly they are getting generous remuneration. Best, Don Bauder

Aw, c'mon, didn't that video make anyone smile just a little bit? There was some wit there - taking a huge hit that itself contains some sexually questionable lyrics - "I know you want it, but you're a good girl..." - and applying it to Feelner. As for the fact that it's produced by the U-T, I'm perfectly comfortable with editorial bias in a newspaper, as long as it's kept to the editorial department. These anchors strike me more as show hosts than news reporters, so it didn't fluster me overmuch.

Walter Mencken: You don't seem the least worried that the U-T or U-T TV will replace your entertaining "Almost Factual News." Sometimes I think the U-T is a satire on itself. Best, Don Bauder

Walter Mencken once again proves that all his taste is in his mouth.

Excellent post Don. Manchester's Barbie Doll media empire is designed for people with his Playboy mentality.

Dirty Filthy Manchester is the biggest threat to the future of San Diego today, but Filner must go if democratic party integrity is going to be restored after they ran Filner even though his congressional colleagues (Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi et al.) knew all about his anti-women's rights mentality (he may have said otherwise but his actions prove he is a liar in many things). Filner never would have been elected in the first place if San Diegans knew the truth about him before the election.

So the question is, can San Diego politics get any worse? Stay tuned to the Colbert Report and read the L.A. Times daily.

Anon92107: I suggest you read Reader blogs and stories daily. Best, Don Bauder

Of course Don, that goes without saying. But the L.A. Times also tells us what the rest of Southern California sees going on in San Diego, and Colbert gives us the national perspective on San Diego.

As you keep proving, both republicans and democrats are corrupt. And both parties cover-up their own failures in morality and greed in order to get elected no matter what the consequences will be when people finally discover the hard way that we are continuously lied to by both parties.

Anon92107: Love doesn't make the world go around. Greed does. (I know I have said that before.) Best, Don Bauder

Don: I thought it was angular momentum.

laplayaheritage: I know that you are an engineer. Best, Don Bauder

Yankeedoodle: Are you a physicist? Best, Don Bauder

Don, I'm still waiting to read your investigative report on the rumored microphone-at-the-Westgate gambit that you delightfully passed on to readers. Oh that's right, you didn't do one. You got real quiet on that one, all of a sudden. And I haven't seen any personal investigation to justify your accusation of "media lynching" either. Is that coming later this week? And at the recall march on Sunday, citizens will not be carrying pitchforks and torches, thus disproving your constant screed about "hysteria" going on in town. And I doubt any PR person is stirring up things on a nationwide basis. This is a juicy story that the media and late-night comedians just love. Finally, let's see less opining from you, and instead more good reporting.

"Media lynching" is what is called a "metaphor". Use your own if you don't like Mr' Bauder's.

I've suspected you were getting your thinking from jokesters, but still I'm surprised you would cite them as relevant.

It's been reported many places that a PI has been following Bob Filner, bugging is just one possible technique.

There can be hysteria without pitchforks and torches, I would suggest that the tiny Anti Filner crowds make your point better. The hysteria is obviously in the media and nowhere else. Occupy SD got many times the biggest Anti Filner crowd we've seen, To make a recall work they need hundreds. We'll see.

So since you can't prove it, now you say the "media lynching" accusation is a metaphor? hahahahaha, that's rich. Nice backtrack.

Psycholizard: I have absolutely no doubt about the bugging-from-the-Westgate incident. I also suspect that governments are doing their best to cover it up. Best, Don Bauder

d-bat: I checked into that with the government and got a not-expected silence. Best, Don Bauder

d-bat. I meant to say not-unexpected silence. Sorry. Best, Don Bauder


We all knew about Arnold but voted for him anyway. That all...and it was much worse that Filner, who never seems to have done much at all..came out before the election. So maybe it would have been good to have DeMaio say He patted a woman's posterior five years ago!, he tries to kiss women! he tries to propose to Women! And see how the vote would go.

Yankeedoodle, you are right about Schwarzenegger's history of physical assaults against women, plus the republican party (including Manchester) attitude of looking the other way and cover-ups, are hideously worse than what has been reported about Filner.

But that doesn't excuse Filner's egregiously inexcusable assaults that have been reported by many women. The democrats must prove themselves to be better than the republicans by compelling Filner to resign immediately.

Women's rights are the most important issue here and Filner has lied repeatedly about his support for women's rights while his repeated assaults against women prove he is a total and complete liar, and worse. And as one who claimed to be a spokesperson for women's rights for decades, Filner had to know everything there is to know about the acts of sexual harassment he committed were totally and completely unacceptable.


The alleged acts. All I am saying is that it is never clear what "would have happened" in an election. Because the electorate did vote someone in with a known sexual assault history, we cannot assume that Filner would have lost either.

Yankeedoodle, yes but it was republican voters who knew about Schwarzenegger and voted for him anyway while San Diego democratic voters were not told about Filner by Washington democratic leaders like Feinstein and Pelosi who knew about Filner’s predations and chose to cover them up.

San Diegans must show the nation that we are better than our failed political leaders in both parties and set an example by compelling Filner to resign immediately for the good of San Diego.

However, it must also be noted that women who were attacked by Filner before he was elected Mayor were afraid to speak out against him because they were threatened by the powers that they worked for with threats against their careers.

Anon, I see your point, but Arnold was outed for all, and all voted for him. And, until the facts of the case have been determined, we do not need to assume all allegations true in nature and degree, nor to say Filner "attacked" women or that he is a "predator." That is extremely loaded language, for we do not now have evidence and documentation. If he is not a predator, pray tell why should Washington D.C. people have told us he is? Are they under an obligation to pass along unsubstantiated gossip? I think not.

Anon92107: Are you angling for a third party? Best, Don Bauder

Maybe, but we are so screwed up with two corrupt parties, a third could be the end of our Democracy, and the republicans are split into two parties already.

Yankeedoodle: Horrors! He asked a woman for a date! The beast! Best, Don Bauder

Ch10 is going to announce that a Great-Grandmother was sexually harassed by The Mayor. Allred is making a ton of money this year. Comical now - grandma couldn't punch him in the face. Save Filner from big business overdevelopment and looney women, I think.

shirleyberan: Filner is old enough to be a great-grandfather. Nobody seems to mention that. I am old enough to be a great-great-grandfather, but I am only a grandfather. Best, Don Bauder

Shirley: Yes, one can easily be a great-grandmother while in one's 50s and 60s. So, no more flirting? No one can find you attractive? And certainly nobody can make a pass at you?

Yankeedoodle: The way things are going, flirting will be outlawed. Best, Don Bauder

Don: When flirting is outlawed, only outlaws will be flirts.

Maybe write something about the history of the "ladies" It takes two. I can't stand deception. Where's the list of names and who they really are? The why this is really happening hasn't been addressed - loudly - F Heff!!

shirleyberan: Actually, a lot was written about the ladies who came forward -- their ages, achievements, etc. Some things were left out, such as one of the ladies being on the payroll of one and perhaps two of the people wanting to be mayor. That was mentioned in the Reader but I don't know that any other media outlet mentioned it. Best, Don Bauder

Keep going Don - Get something on the cover for Pete's sake!

shirleyberan: You mean Pete Wilson? He has come out demanding Filner resign. Best, Don Bauder

Worst scandal pandering a la Filner's Follies?

KOGO...Flip Chaplin and LaHarvey Donna...ridin' this train, firebox ablaze, to the end of the line...

Every ding-dong morning at the crack of dawn....

I can hardly keep my cornflakes down...

Only a failed anorexic need listen to KOGO, San Diego's aural equivalent to ipecac.

Scott Marks: Go-Go KOGO! I can hear the cheers now. Best, Don Bauder

BeauDobro: It seems to me I was on that show a couple of times. Best, Don Bauder

We should not blame the ladies who came forward, they were asked for help by law enforcement investigating a sexual predator. Nobody's reputation would survive a well publicised personal sexual predator hot line, since usually these are reserved for serial killers, and people want to help. Bob Filner worked in Washington for years, yet no one there has come forward. The difference is the media frenzy and hotline, and the way a touch changes into a grope based on intent. The Mayor is said to have a history, but we're still waiting for one document, one photograph, one video of the allegedly habitual and uncontrolled behavior of a very public man.

We do have a document of lewd behavior from the UT. Hip Hop fans for respecting women??? Unbelievably stupid. Can't dance also.

I looked at the YouTube video and it WAS pretty stupid and amateurish. I've seen better dancing-cat videos on YouTube. I never watch the UT TV channel; does anyone? As I understand, it's separate from the U-T itself, and is meant for entertainment as much as it is for news.

dwbat: From everything I hear, the audience for U-T TV is extremely slim. Best, Don Bauder

Psycholizard: good points about the hotline. Video no big deal. Off-topic alert: did you read that Gloria and Zapf are angling to get the lobbyists back? Saw that over on kpbs. Hope the Mayor scotches that one.

Yankeedoodle: Didn't see the one about the lobbyists. Best, Don Bauder

Don: can search for it by "city council" then click"past week". Here s an excerpt..."Members of the San Diego City Council are considering stripping embattled Mayor Bob Filner of his intergovernmental relations responsibilities on grounds that he has allowed the city to go without the services of lobbyists for eight months."

Psycholizard: The media frenzy and sheriff's ill-conceived hotline are at the center of this. Best, Don Bauder

I don't remember where I heard this quote but -"Scapegoating Is The Basis For Human Sacrifice"

In the legends, animal sacrifice replaces human sacrifice. Abraham replaces his son with a lamb on the altar. In Christian practice, Christ replaces the scapegoat, the animal sacrificed for our sins.

Psycholizard: Oh. Thanks for the explanation. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: Good axiom. Best, Don Bauder

No one else to blame but the Mayor himself, of course the vultures were just waiting to pounce on anything that smelled rotten so don't expect the carrion eating filth to behave any differently. They dress it up to serve their purposes. So its up to us to recognise the puppet candidate when they roll him or her out on the showroom floor. Whomever is running the most commercials, red flag, too well funded, red flag. OOOOh yeah, how 'bout this one?!.................................JUAN VARGAS FOR MAYOR! Hows that sound San Diego?

Psycholizard: My sentiments, too. After this, will anybody want to be mayor? Best, Don Bauder

FatCatSegat: Whoever it is, Republican or Democrat, will be in the pocket of the corporate welfare crowd. It's paying the bills. Best, Don Bauder

Filner is making small town news sources here 500 miles away, while the UT is only a sad relic of what was once good.

CaptainObvious: Sad is right. Best, Don Bauder

The Governor, The Clinton, their fault but they got past it - Soapbox, Bandwagon, UT, Radiorodeo, Pundits without substance.

Yankeedoodle: She (unless she is a he) sums things up well. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: That's a pretty good list. Best, Don Bauder

Bob Filner ssys he's sorry forry what he's done, has done a lot of good for the city, and can be redeemed. Not so for the UT . . . Doug Manchester has stilted the news to fit his own agends.

Al Fisher

Well, let's face it San Diegans...

The U-T has become a mere mouth-piece for the "powers-that-be" - a throwback to the days of William Randolph Hearst and "Yellow Journalism" at its finest...(Disclaimer: I have never visited San Simeon, but I have seen "Citizen Kane"...)

Unfortunately, for those that would like to believe that this model of information dispensing is still viable...uh, have you heard about the internet?

Multiple sources of information, multiple opinions...and it don't cost money to say what oughta be said...(Disclaimer: Will Rogers patois chosen for effect...)

I always liked the sports section of the U-T...just print that and sell it for 10 cents or a quarter...

They'd make money...

Beau: Didn't Hearst brag about starting the Spanish-American war all by himself? Instigating a spontaneous outpouring against Filner is child's play by comparison.

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