Suspect in murder of Ensenada priest apprehended in Tijuana

Man claims to have know priest for over 15 years before killing him

A suspect has been arrested in Tijuana for the murder of an Ensenada Catholic priest on July 21. Local authorities stated that the suspect, 55 year old Marcos Cisneros Melo, was arrested while in possession of the priests van on August 6.

Cisneros Melo claims to have known the priest, padre Ignacio “Nacho” Cortez, for over 15 years. The suspect was a religious items vendor, who spent considerable time at the home of Cortez.

After the arrest, the suspect allegedly admitted to killing Cortez after a drunken argument. The victim was stabbed at least 32 times with a makeshift weapon. Cisneros Melo looted the home before fleeing in the priest’s van.

A family member of Marcos Cisneros Melo is still wanted in connection with the homicide.


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