FDA warns doctor selling herb-based diabetes treatment

Agency questions claims for Glucosil

The Food and Drug Administration has warned Lee Zhong, M.D., Ph.D., that his company, Neuliven Health, 10171 Pacific Mesa Blvd., could be selling a diabetes treatment that violates federal law. From its website, the company sells the Glucocil product for diabetes sufferers. Among the ingredients in Glucocil are proprietary mulberry leaf extract, alpha lipoic acid, banaba leaf extract, cinnamon bark powder, and fish oil. The webpage asserts that, "The natural ingredients in Glucocil...can lower our fasting blood sugar in as little as two weeks." Zhong is quoted saying that Glucocil delivers "peace of mind without a prescription."

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It would be most interesting to know how/where Zhong earned his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees. There are a host of operations in the world that can allow just about anyone to purchase a doctoral degree. Is Zhong licensed to practice medicine in the state of California? (I have a very strong hunch the answer is No.) The Ph.D. could be in almost any discipline, including literature or psychology or social science.

Visduh: Zhong says he an MD and PhD from UCLA and was a researcher at the University of California. I haven't checked these claims because this came to my attention Friday evening. Best, Don Bauder

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