Report blasts CPUC's laxity toward safety

Relations with utilities too cozy; legislator calls for Peevey firing

A report, due to be released today (April 17), blasts the California Public Utilities Commission for its "anti-safety" attitude and "resistance to challenging utilities," according to the Sacramento Bee, to which the report was leaked. The report blames a workplace culture that gives regulated utilities too much "access to the [CPUC] building, documents and personnel," says the Bee. The report was done for the CPUC. As a result of the study, according to Bay Area NBC, California Sen. Jerry Hill has asked Gov. Brown to remove CPUC President Michael Peevey, who has held the post since 2002. According to the report, the CPUC under Peevey has "an overly cozy relationship with regulated utilities," says NBC.


What do you think Don? Will Gov Brown give him the heave ho?

stingray: If Brown hasn't done it by now, I would guess he won't. He did make other good appointments to the commission, but sticks with Peevey. Best, Don Bauder

I agree that Brown won't remove Peevey as President of the CPUC. As I have said here many times before, if he didn't do it after San Bruno, he's not going to do it at all. And even if he did, who would replace him? NONE of Brown's "gang of three, Florio,Sandoval and Ferron, has stepped up and shown the kind of leadership needed as President and Carla Peterman hasn't even been confirmed by the Senate yet. No I think we are stuck with Peevey at least until his current term on the Commission is up, 2015 I think. And who knows about then.

tomjohnston: I agree that Florio, Sandoval, and Ferron were promising appointments, but have not yet shown the iron and the fire necessary to make the commission responsive to consumers, not just the utilities. Best, Don Bauder

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