Former SDCERA employee blames Aguirre, law firm for his firing

But Aguirre says Jeff Baker gave two different stories in two different courts

According to Courthouse News Service, Jeffrey Baker has sued attorneys Mike Aguirre and one of his partners, Chris Morris, and their firm, Aguirre Morris & Severson, for malpractice, fraud, and other alleged offenses. Baker claims that Aguirre encouraged him to leak emails to the Union-Tribune regarding alleged poor investment practices at the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association. Aguirre says that Baker had been a source for the U-T several months before he went to Aguirre's firm. Aguirre was the lawyer in Baker's suit claiming he was fired for being a whistleblower. But, says Aguirre, Baker later claimed in a federal suit that he was fired for releasing documents. That's a no-no, says Aguirre. "He never paid a penny for representation," says Aguirre.


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