Del Mar prepares to enact measure to allow food trucks back into city

After a considerable delay and multiple extensions of an emergency ban on the licensing of gourmet food trucks within its city limits, Del Mar appears poised to implement regulations that would allow the trucks to roll once more by the beginning of summer.

Despite the third extension of the ban being implemented for 10 ½ months in February, city officials moved on April 1 to introduce a new ordinance regulating the mobile vendors, something they indicated to the Reader last month would happen.

The law governing mobile vendors is split into two parts, both of which were introduced on April 1 and will be read a second time at the upcoming April 15 meeting. Barring challenges or major changes, the new rules would then take effect 30 days from the second reading.

A complete set of the rules, which can be found here, states that a city permit would be required to operate anywhere other than at a private catering event, though a county health permit would be required for all trucks, regardless of venue.

Additional restrictions include a requirement that all serving containers including napkins and utensils be biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable, that two car parking spaces and two “fixed location bicycle parking spaces” be provided for each truck present at a location, that a space of at least 1,500 square feet per truck be secured for operations, and that at least one accessible restroom with hand washing facilities be available to customers at all times (and that a written agreement for staff to use facilities located within 200 feet of the parking site be in place prior to setting up). No operations, including setup or teardown, would be allowed before 10 a.m. or after 9 p.m.

Permits would be required for each day a food truck sought to operate, and a full plan including details on truck location, neighborhood zoning, and numerous other details would need to be submitted 30 days in advance of receiving a permit, suggesting that the trucks would mainly be allowed in only as part of festivals or other public events or to make scheduled stops, as opposed to impromptu visits they pay to other San Diego neighborhoods.

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Does anybody really care what Del Mar does about food trucks?

Based on the comments, I'd say that nobody really cares.

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