David Copley's "Foxhole" mansion on sale for $7.95 million

15,300 square feet, nine full baths, three half-baths.

Former Union-Tribune publisher and owner David Copley, who died at age 60, in the 1970s built a small home and then began expanding it. It grew into a 15,300 square foot mansion with seven bedrooms, nine full bathrooms and three half-baths, along with high ceilings, chandeliers and party room. Copley named it "Foxhole" after Foxhill, the spread owned by his late mother, Helen Copley. Now it is for sale for $7.95 million, according to the publication Realty Today. Five former Copley properties have now been listed for a total asking price of nearly $20 million, according to Realty Today. The publication expects Foxhill to hit the market soon. Adjoining acreage went on the market some time ago.

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It started as a "small home", huh? It sure isn't anything like that now. One might wonder just what he thought was small in the 70's. Fifteen thousand square feet is gigantic, even by local mansion standards, and all in La Jolla. Wow.

Visduh: It actually started with Copley buying a small home; then he started buying up adjoining property, and finally the house reached 15,300 square feet, which, I agree, is pretty commodious for a single person, although David did like to throw big parties. Best, Don Bauder

According to an earlier article in the Reader, Foxhole is located at 1274 Virginia Way, La Jolla, CA. I located Foxhole on Google Maps Street View. There's also an alley behind Foxhole which is also accessible through Street View. It appears that Copley took as many as four pre-existing houses on separate lots and physically connected them into one large residence. Then, Copley built large structures at the rear of the each property and connected them to the main "residence" with a pool in the middle. I don't think anyone who could afford Foxhole would want to live in a house like that. I think Foxhole will sell for the value of the land only. I don't think anyone will pay $7 million for Foxhole, because it is not located on the ocean and lacks an ocean view. A developer will buy Foxhole, raze the residence, and erect condos. With an alley running behind Foxhole for parking access, it would be ideal for condos or apartments.

Burwell: Foxhole a tear-down? Almost sounds like heresy. But you may well be right. And you could well be right on the potential price, too. Best, Don Bauder

Are you saying that the name FoxHOLE, had some hidden meaning, in that it was low to the ground, even subsurface, and hidden? To us old soldiers, there are many connotations to the term "foxhole", and most of them involve only survival, and nothing very positive.

Visduh: The story around the U-T at the time was David was just making a play on Foxhill. There were some other theories about the origin or secret meaning of the name. Best, Don Bauder

They posted 24 images of the estate at La Jolla Patch. The estate reflects the tastes of a true vulgarian. Some of the rooms show signs of cigarette smoke damage. He probably smoked right up to the end.


Burwell: David definitely had bizarre tastes. Some loved the home and his taste in art, others were repulsed by them. He was a lover of the purported artist Christo. I think Christo is a fraud, but nobody has ever asked me. Best, Don Bauder

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