American woman arrested with stolen debit cards in Tijuana

24 year old found with 7 stolen cards in Zona Centro

A 24 year old United States citizen was arrested Monday, April 1st, in Tijuana by municipal authorities while in possession of seven stolen debit cards. Heather Nicole Bledsoe, the suspect, is a native of Missouri who is currently living in Tijuana. According to authorities, Bledsoe attempted to flee from an approaching officer and threw the stolen debit cards on the ground. After the arrest she admitted the cards were stolen.

Municipal authorities displayed the suspect and released known details of the arrest on Tuesday, April 2nd.

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Dumb, dumb, dumb! A thief from the US chooses to ply her trade in TJ (!) of all places, and gets tossed in the can. Whatever happens to her there will be ten times worse than anything she could have experienced in the US. Hey, "K", how long does one of those typical Mexican "trials" take? What rights do defendants have? If she gets a prison sentence, where will she serve it? Inquiring minds want to know. (Bet there will be no reply, heh, heh.)

Hey visduh, why are you so interested? To answer all your questions its a pathetic system if that. Half the people are rolled up on fake charges and theu showck you asnd put plastic bag over your head. but innocent until proven guilty

Why do you care why I'm interested? I may be making a point that the "legal" system in Mexico is a joke, and that any Gringa/Gringo there is in a serious bind, regardless. I notice that "K" didn't answer. Maybe he's a Reader blogger who refuses to comment back. But, BTW, unitedstates_, you could do better with your punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

Visduh- I apologize for not responding. I rarely check back on my posts for some time later. Due to extensive travel and often in places with no internet connection I have computer access an hour or two a day. If you have any questions you can always email me or contact me on twitter, as it will eventually reach my phone, in Mexico or the US.

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