"Papa Doug" Wants Positive News, Business Cheerleading at NC Times

"Papa Doug" Manchester intends to continue his happy-talk U-T policies at the newly-purchased North County Times. Brandon Lowrey, a police and courts reporter for the Times, tweeted yesterday (Sept. 11) that U-T Chief Executive John Lynch gave instructions to NC Times staffers. "He wants us to be 'positive' in writing news, and to write nice stories about business owners," tweeted Lowrey. Lowrey's tweets were reported in the Voice of San Diego's comprehensive coverage today on Manchester's purchase of the Times. Lowrey reported that Manchester claimed he will control editorials in his own way, but keep his hands off news. This statement, however, contradicts the Lynch statement that the new owners want "positive" news, particularly about business.

Current NC Times staffers will be interviewed to see where they fit in. Peter York, Times publisher, expects fewer than 50 layoffs. There are 70 people in the newsroom. It's expected that there will be combination of administrative functions. The U-T has not decided whether it will fold the Times into the U-T or let it continue under its own brand. Analyst Ken Doctor noted that the U-T paid a stiff price for the Times, but it's worth paying a premium to control a market, as will happen in this combination. Doctor said the deal was unlikely to get the Justice Department interested in any antitrust action, according to the Voice report.


Hello Don, Just so there's no misunderstanding, the North County Times employs roughly 200. Most are not in the newsroom. Here's my story on the sale: http://j.mp/salenct

I didn't say that the 70 in the newsroom dominate employment. If that were true, the Times would be quite different from other daily papers. I do believe that the layoffs will likely be more heavily concentrated in administrative posts where there would be overlap with the U-T. However, I think some newsroom employees will get the axe. Thanks for sending your piece in NC Times. Best, Don Bauder

Hi Don, I know, I was just adding that one number for context. It's a bit less than 200, I think around 190 or 180.

Your continued coverage of San Diego is appreciated. I stole your style of replying to comments for my story.



Bradley: I find that replying to blog comments is helpful in understanding how the readership is thinking. It helps. Best, Don Bauder

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