Tijuana woman missing, social-media users express concerns for safety of young women

A 23 year old woman in Tijuana who vanished on Saturday, September 1st, is still missing, according to family members. Magaly Salazar Bravo was dropped off by her mother near the Cesun University early Saturday afternoon, but has not been seen since.

Social media users have expressed concerns for the safety of young women across Baja, as http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/news-ticker/2012/sep/05/bodies-of-missing-women-found-near-ensenada/">two young women were found dead Tuesday near Ensenada. Some Facebook and Twitter users in the Tijuana area are afraid college age women are being targeted.

Authorities have stated that the two cases are the only women who have been reported missing recently and that there is no need for panic.

http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2012/sep/05/30958/">https://media.sandiegoreader.com/img/photos/2012/09/05/2012_09_03-f7745b97-d9a5-48-Vertical___Selected.jpg" alt="None">

by K. Mennem


A few years ago there was the rash of murders of young women in Juarez. And the cops kept telling the residents there was no real cause for alarm, even when the death toll ran to over one hundred. No, it wasn't an organized ring or a serial killer they said. If I were a young woman in TJ right now, I'd be very afraid.

I agree it is something to be concerned about, at least until they solve (if they even get a lead) these two and can prove its not a serial killer.

Two dead girls near Ensenada and one missing in Tijuana equals 3 cases. And that is just is what is reported. There are many many people that disappear there that are not reported as it is assumed they moved on to somewhere else.

Two more dead, one in Tecate and one in Rosarito. More details soon.

she was found alive and well she had ran away.

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