Irwin Jacobs finishes fourth, not second, on Obama's top-five donor list. AP revises earlier rankings

The Associated Press has moved Irwin Jacobs from President Obama's second-most giving donor to fourth, in an October 31">article.">As we reported on October 22, the AP initially had placed Jacobs higher on the top-five donor list but has since revised the rankings.

During this election cycle, Jacobs has given a total of $2.12 million dollars to the President's PAC, Priorities USA Action and his campaign.

"Jacobs has given more than $2 million to pro-Obama super PACs and about $23,000 directly to Obama's campaign and the Democrats. But he's no newcomer to political giving: The La Jolla, Calif., billionaire has routinely backed San Diego-area politicians, including those in City Hall,"">reads Jacobs' brief bio.

The article also describes Jacobs' impact on local politics as well, including">the stadium-name change fiasco that we reported on back in January.

"Some of his local proposals have caused dust-ups in town, including one backed by San Diego's mayor that would have changed the name of Qualcomm Stadium for 10 days to reflect the cellphone-maker's new computer chip. Another proposal was to alter automobile traffic and parking in the city's historic Balboa Park. The plan was overwhelming approved by city officials, although a firm tied to Jacobs spent $34,000 to lobby the San Diego government for the change."

Joining Jacobs on the list were newspaper publisher Fred Eychaner -$3.57 million, James Simons a New York philanthropist - $3.5 million, CEO of Dreamworks Jeffrey Katzenberger - $3.07 million, Jacobs, and finally John Stryker a millionaire from Michigan - $2.06 million.


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