Baja state police officer wounded in strip club shootout

A shootout occurred Tuesday evening, October 30th, in a popular Tijuana strip club parking lot which left a state police officer injured. The shootout occurred just outside of the Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club around 9pm, which is in the Zona Norte tolerance zone popular for tolerated prostitution.

Two civilians were also injured in the incident, one who was an armed security guard for a businessman in the establishment and the other a citizen walking by on the street. The state police officer is believed to have not been in uniform and to have walked up on a confrontation causing the men to draw arms.">Agencia Fronteriza de Noticias reported on the incident and">released footage of suspects being arrested but has yet to release names of any of those involved.">" alt="None">

by K. Mennem


Just another neighborhood that has no crime, no confrontation, no vice, I'm sure. TJ at its best.

To specify the location of the event, it wasn't technically "outside" of the Hong Kong Club. It was in a parking lot that is not affiliated with the club other than it's within a block of the joint and is often used by patrons of the place. And Visduh, I can yank plenty of similar stories in a 24-hour period in San Diego, so I'm failing to see your point about this not happening within a 20-mile radius of ANYWHERE in San Diego. Crime is not Tijuana specific (nor are shootouts or strip joints or much else for that matter).

Shootiouts are way more common in high crime areas of San Diegi because private citizens are prohibited from owning guns or ammunition. In TJ only law enforcement and criminals own guns. Although, in Mexico they don't identify each other by color. Blue for police, or is it blue for crip and red for blood?

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