Mexico special forces soldier arrested for kidnapping

A Mexican army special forces soldier was arrested in Tijuana Tuesday, October 22nd, in connection with kidnapping a civilian. The soldier, whose identity has not been released, was arrested by local police in the Zona Río after the victim specifically identified the alleged kidnapper.

Mexican military forces and special units formed to combat organized crime have been deployed across Mexico to aid police forces against cartels. Human rights violations have been common place across the nation as military units are not properly trained in policing.

Tijuana, unlike most other border cities, has received applause for its revamped police force and has been able to handle the majority of the police work with local law enforcement in recent years.

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NOBODY in Mexico who wears a badge has had any meaningful training in police work; the training received is in how to solicit bribes, make shakedowns, and look the other way when crimes are committed. So "military units are not properly trained in policing", huh? That may be a good thing overall. Maybe the army is far more honest and less corrupt than the cops. To me it looks as if the cleanup of the police came after the army was deployed, and not before.

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