San Diego inches closer to abolishing bicycle licensing law

The San Diego City Council’s Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee voted unanimously last week to recommend an end to the city’s bicycle licensing program,"> reports.

“We were really required to have a license to ride a bike?” asked Committee member David Alvarez, who was caught completely unaware that such a law was even on the books, a sentiment echoed by Committee chair Marti Emerald.

Bicycle licensing restrictions have gone without widespread enforcement for years, though the lack of a license has been used by transit enforcement to remove cyclists from Metropolitan Transit District buses and trolleys.

The city’s Fire Rescue and Police departments reported the licensing program has drawn virtually no revenue for any city department over the last three years.

The issue will now go to the full city council for a vote before any action is taken to remove the licensing requirement from the city code.


Congratulations, this is another idiotic law which should be abolished! Maybe the city can start leading California towards less regulation.

The license fee is only $1. The license requirement was enacted to deter bicycle theft. The SDPD records the owner's name and the serial number of the bike in a database. Without licensing there's no way to identify or return stolen bikes to their owners. All bikes should be licensed and those riding unlicensed bikes should be ticketed. My bike was stolen and the Police were able to return it to me because it was licensed. If this law was enforced bike theft would decline dramatically. Thieves would be unable to register stolen bikes or resell them. Thieves would not want to ride stolen bikes for fear of being stopped by the Police. Bike theft is big business in San Diego. This is a good law that should be enforced.

The fee to be paid for registration and licensing of any bicycle in San Diego is $2.00. There is a $1.00 fee for transfer of ownership. Up here, the LA City Council repealed a requirement to license bikes in the city,at a charge of $3.00, about 3 yrs ago.

The City Council was not aware of the registration law because they are not San Diegans. The City Council is comprised of carpetbaggers who came here from Slobsville to line their pockets at San Diego's expense.

I think they should increase the cost a few bucks & spend the money to help pay for the bike lanes they want. Some of the funds should also go to mandatory training on how to follow the rules of the road.

Bike Thefts in San Diego are are widespread and out of control. I am all for bike registration .if you ride a 2000 dollar bike then spending 2 bucks should not be a problem But San Diegans are fat Lazy slobs, Mayor Sandusky is anything but bike friendly. Your best bet is to carry good locks and forget any help from the city, the city wants gross polluting cars and no bikes and getting rid of bike registration proves it. The Fat Lazy Diabetic pigs run the Show. Say NO To Demaio!

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