New details in case of man "dating" 12-yr-old girl

New details in the case of a 24-year-old man convicted of sex with a 12-year-old girl are alleged in a probation officer’s report.

According to the report, five different “sexually explicit” photographs were found on Christopher Bradley Nutt’s cell phone, the same night he was caught with the child in his bedroom. These pictures reportedly showed Nutt and the girl in his bedroom performing various sex acts.

“In addition, text messages were stored indicating the defendant was either pursuing or involved with other females. In many of them, the females referenced being busy with homework or sneaking around parents. These messages indicated that these females were likely underage or in high school.” The report referenced Escondido Police and the District Attorney’s files as sources for these new allegations.

The 12-year-old girl who was found with Nutt in the early morning hours of May 27 reportedly “confirmed that she and the defendant had been engaged in sexual intercourse and other sex acts within the last month,” according to the report.

Christopher Bradley Nutt admitted that “he had engaged in sexual acts with (the girl) on four separate occasions” and “(the girl) had told him on more than one occasion that she was 16 but he preferred to believe she was 18,” according to the report.

The girl told police she met “Chris” through an on-line dating site called “Skout.”

“Chris” drove to the girl’s parents home on at least three different occasions, and “she sneaked out of the house” and then he drove her to his home where they engaged in sex acts. Then he would drive her home. This “dating” reportedly happened over a period of a little more than one-month, according to the report.

On the day the two were found together by police, after 2 a.m. on May 27, 2012, “she was surprised that the police located her. They heard the officers outside the bedroom door and the defendant said, ‘Oh crap! Get clothes on!’ She said she was mad at her parents for calling the police and not trusting her to come home. She said all of the sexual acts were consensual and she did not want the defendant to get into trouble,” according to the report.

The mother of the 12-year-old girl is reportedly upset that after Nutt is released from custody, he will be allowed to move to Los Angeles during his probation, because she feared Nutt will “fall through the cracks” and “just continue doing this until someone is killed.”

Nutt made a plea deal in which he admitted sexual intercourse with a minor, a felony, and employment of minor to perform prohibited acts, a misdemeanor. Last week he was sentenced to 270 days custody and required to register as a sex offender.


Nutt made a plea deal in which he admitted sexual intercourse with a minor, a felony, and employment of minor to perform prohibited acts, a misdemeanor.

Did he hire her???

This story is just so over the top it is hard to believe it is true. Guy is a dumber than a bag or rocks.

It still sounds as if he's getting off very lightly.

He got the gift of a lifetime. He could have been in prison for over a decade, easily. Sex offenders must do 85%of their time in prison, and child sex offenders are not looked upon very highly in the Joint.

If the feds go after him for Kiddie porn he is in REAL trouble.

The prosecutor implied that the second charge was for Nutt getting the girl to pose for the sexually explicit photos. Don't know if that is employment, don't know if money changed hands.

what's up with that very short sentence??

is California law that lenient about a child that young?

i'm shocked!!

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