Former police chief executed in Mexicali casino

A state prosecutor was executed in a">Mexicali casino last night, October 2nd, as he sat at a slot machine. Juan Cristóbal Aguilar Aispuro, who is a former chief of the state police, was">shot by a gunman about 11:00pm in the Caliente Casino.

After the shooting the suspect disappeared into the chaotic crowd. Surveillance cameras were unable to get a clear shot of the suspect.

Aguilar Aispuro had overcome controversy since 2002 when he was arrested for connections to organized crime as a police officer. He spent four years in prison before he was finally released with no charges or convictions. He returned to Baja California and regained the trust of the community while serving as an officer, chief of police, and most recently as a state prosecutor.


Gotta love the neighboring banana republic known as Mexico, where 50 families own 90% of the countries wealth and 110 million people live in poverty.

You can lose a lot more than money in casinos, especially those in Mexico. But I do quibble about the use of the term "executed" when he was murdered. Execution involves the execution of a sentence, a LEGAL sentence. But when a few reporters used the term "execution-style" in referring to gun downs, there was only one more small step before the whole term lost its precision and full meaning. (Oddly when it was used that way, it wasn't even accurate.) This one, with many more terms in our language, has been corrupted into being almost meaningless.

Picky, picky. Who says the order of an execution by a cartel is not an execution because it wasn't legally issued? Seriously? Do you think someone killed, murdered, terminated, whatever, by order from the Boss, was not executed? You could say he was murdered, but his murder was ordered and therefore, he was executed. It might be a technicality in a US court, but in my opinion, considering the circumstances, this poor man was most definitely executed.

You just proved my point. The term "execute" has been forever changed by misuse. Happens all the time. Weep for our common language.

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