Uncomfortable encounter

San Marcos man walks in on burglary in progress

A resident on the 600 block of Twin Oaks Valley Road in San Marcos was taken by surprise yesterday when he inadvertently walked in on a burglary in progress.

The unidentified man entered his apartment and noticed his roommate’s shotgun case and workout bag sitting in the middle of the living room. Assuming his roommate had placed them there, he began cleaning the kitchen. A few minutes later, an unknown male emerged from the roommate’s bedroom carrying a large bayonet. The resident asked the man if he was a friend of the roommate and then excused himself, proceeded to his own room and locked the door.

Once he was sure the other individual had left, he came out of his room and noticed the workout bag and numerous other items in the apartment were missing. He called 911 and received a response from Sheriff’s deputies and California State University Police. A witness in the area reported seeing a man of the same description entering a waiting vehicle and was able to provide the license plate number.

Tracing the plate, deputies determined the vehicle owner’s home address and detained the suspected burglar and his getaway driver. The witness was able to successfully identify both individuals in a curbside lineup, and the as-yet unidentified suspects were both arrested on residential burglary charges.


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