Winners, losers and post-election reflection

Bob Filner, Shirley Weber, Dave Roberts, Proposition 30 and 32 — these winners have Democrats in San Diego celebrating and Republicans regrouping.

San Diego Democratic Party chairman, Jeff Durfee, attributes the party's success to a number of factors. In a November 10 interview, Durfee cited the changing demographics in San Diego, the teamwork with labor, and the years of work put into party infrastructure.

The party also profited with the new voter online registration. Durfee said Democrats have been relentless in their campaign to register voters. They have signed people up while walking precincts, on campuses, and by attending every street fair in the city. "When you've got a booth at a street fair, you might register someone who simply feels obligated to fill out the paperwork. But when you have a person who goes online to register, that person is much more motivated and more likely to go to the polls."

Durfee said next year the state will allow online registration and voting on the same day.

After suffering such significant losses, the Republicans are repositioning. On November 7, the Lincoln Club's CEO, T.J. Zane, posted on the club's Facebook: "Okay, so it's a new day...and today, something my Dad always said to me as I grew older seems more fitting than at any other time: 'Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug.'" After congratulating the winners, Zane writes: "This political warrior, strangely enough, already is looking forward to the next battle. Cheers!"

November 9, the new battle began. ran a story about Lincoln Club director, David Malcolm. (In 2003, Malcolm, a former port commissioner, pled guilty to a felony conflict-of-interest charge. Ultimately, his record was expunged).

The substance of reporter Wendy Fry's NBC7 story was that Malcolm's fed up with partisan divisiveness, and has registered Decline to State. Fry also reveals a page from Malcolm's recent playbook: "As chair of the pro-business Lincoln Club's top political machine, Malcolm engineered the endorsement of Chula Vista incumbent Councilwoman Pamela Bensousan, a labor-backed Democrat who won re-election along with the endorsement of San Diego City Council man Tony Young, also a Democrat."

In the same article Lincoln Club spokesperson Tony Manolatos distanced the club from the Republican party and the appellation "conservative."

When I asked Jeff Durfee what he thought about the repositioning of the Lincoln Club members, he said the positive in the situation was that people will begin to say, "Let's see if we can figure out how to make things work."

Durfee also said that Republicans and Lincoln Club members are simply adapting to the new scenario, but that poll results demonstrate that "not even a moderate Republican platform is a winning strategy."

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What the Lincoln Club endorsements and "new" attitude show is that that their top priority is simply winning. Liberal or conservative means nothing but power and control is everything. Jeff Durfee commenting that people will begin to say "Let's see if we can figure out how to make things work" says it all. Work for whom? Developers?, Chamber of Commerce? Follow the money and see the truth.

Crocodile tears. The San Diego dems have said some good things since winning...I hope they stick to them.

Unfortunately for Chula Vista, the election of Democrat Bensousan and Salas mean more of whatever the Republican mayor wants.

Poor ol' Chula Vista! The only victory the Republicans/Lincoln Club is electing democrat Pamela Bensoussan. How very sad for Chula Vista. By the way, the same donors that financed Pamela also financed Mary Salas' win, so Cheryl Cox has succeeded in stacking the Council deck.

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