Chula Vista passes new strip club regulations

City says laws aren't meant as retaliation to surprise opening of nude bar on bayfront

The Chula Vista City Council yesterday hastily moved to enact several local law changes, mostly concerning the operation of strip clubs within city limits.

The Reader reported last month on the controversial opening of Eyecandy Showgirls along Chula Vista’s section of San Diego Bay, which appeared to catch local legislators largely by surprise. Proprietors Jake and Waldon Welty had originally submitted plans to the city describing the operation as a “comedy club”, operated by Amber Hand Entertainment.

The new regulations passed by the Council now provide a separate permitting process necessary to operate as a strip club, as well as a separate process for permitting dancers and a code of conduct prohibiting touching of patrons by dancers and requiring a six-foot buffer between performers and audience members.

City Attorney Glen Googins says the changes in law, though taken up shortly after the opening of Eyecandy, are not directed at any one business in particular. Existing businesses in the city will have a 90 day grace period to comply with the new laws.

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Politicians and bureaucrats can be so comic! No, these regs have NOTHING to do with the new club that they didn't want. Of course not! Just the normal stuff a city like Chula Vista does all the time. Yeah, right.

What surprises me is that they haven't made an attempt to shut this one down legally. Maybe that's in the offing. Or maybe the city was blindsided to the point that it has no recourse. Except, of course, to wait until it has violations of these new regs and then order it shut down.

Let's watch how this plays out.

I know, as if anyone but a chimp would buy that BS......

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