Weekend DUI Checkpoint Nets No Arrests

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department is reporting the results of a DUI checkpoint held over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Encinitas, as well as countywide DUI “saturation patrols,” which place more officers on the street looking for erratic driving.

While 518 vehicles passed through the checkpoint, resulting in 229 screenings, no DUI arrests were made, though one vehicle was impounded, and two drivers were cited for driving without a license and a third for driving on a suspended license. Two, however, were arrested for DUI as the result of a local saturation patrol.

Around the county, the patrols appeared to work more efficiently, resulting in 50 stops, 24 DUI tests, and nine arrests. 13 total citations were issued, and six vehicles were impounded.

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Wopw, there is a shock, DUI check point that produces nothing. They never do. They are frauds.

In this the connected age, ... I'm surprised that once these are set up, ... everyone else knows, and then just avoids them... + I've been told that the rule of thumb is for every driver ticketed with a DUI, ... there are 100 others that don't get caught...

Seems that in other parts of the county they actually do nail several DUIs. Could it be that in Encinitas the locals are smart enough to avoid driving under the influence? I've seen descriptions of those check points actually have a lane that you can take to avoid being checked. Is that the case? If you've had too much to drink, then why not opt out? I don't drive under the influence, having others who can drive when I dare not, but if I wondered about my blood alcohol level, I'd make sure I didn't get checked if I had any way to avoid it.

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