Oceanside Councilmember Has Harsh Words for Mexican Mafia During Presentation from Laura Duffy

Elected officials in Oceanside have been known to take a hard line on certain issues. And while councilmember Jack Feller has often focused eliminating waste in city government, on Friday he had his sights set on the Mexican Mafia.

Feller had some choice words for the prison system for allowing members of the Mexican Mafia to operate while behind bars.

His comments were in response to a presentation that U.S. attorney Laura Duffy gave to SANDAG's Public Safety Committee on the influence of the Mexican Mafia in San Diego County.

"It frustrates me to know that these [street gangs] are being controlled in prison. You have to be so politically correct, making sure they have the right kind of toilet paper and every other stupid thing. How come we can't keep them from communicating to the outside?"

Added Feller: "I wish you could find a canyon to put them in."

According to Duffy, while the Mexican Mafia is reported to have only 150 to 200 members, it is considered one of the most powerful in the region. The organization controls nearly all Hispanic street gangs and has a number of operatives inside state and federal penitentiaries as well.

For those reasons, Duffy and local law-enforcement agencies have targeted the organization as was seen on January 25, when officials arrested 119 gang members from 20 different gangs, including 2 leaders of the Mexican Mafia in a countywide sting operation.

"We were able to cripple some of those street gangs that do the bidding and the work for the Mexican Mafia. We are going to align ourselves and devote our focus and resources to these cases."


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The Mexican Mafia is a PRISON gang, not a street gang.

They control the prisons, and once they can controlthe prisons they can control the outside. And since they are already controling the prisons there is no way you can shut them down. The outside gangs may come and go, change names and leadership, but they will always be controlled by the MM.

You're damn straight right about that surfpuppy619. A good friend of ours is a prosecutor in the Bay area. She a very attractive woman in her 40's and she absolutely hates having to go into a certain state prison up there. She has said several times that it scares the shit out of her so much that she wont go without what she calls her protection detail. And even then, it's hard to handle. We had dinner with her one night when she had been there during the day. After only a few minutes there, she was still shaken up that evening.

The Mexican Mafia and the Drug Cartels are the ones paying off Laura Scruffy, Dirty Dumanis & Bad Rug Goldsmith to go after the legal medical marijuana clinics and dispensaries. Why? Well, for one thing, by keeping pot illegal and closing legit dispensaries, the people who need medical marijuana will go back to buying it on the streets and from local pushers, who are supplied by the...Mexican Mafia & Drug pushers. Follow the money trail.

Totally agree with your thoughts! Israel did the right thing that implemented rough measures against smuggled cell phones because there are no administrative or criminal restrictions and punishments in the world which can stop it. But cell phone jammers can! And only when FCC will understand it, companies like jammer-store.com and other ones will be able to deal with this problem quickly and effectively.

A major setback to the Mexican Mafia would be easily administered with the use of cell phone jammers. If the FCC would “get with the times” and permit use of jammers in prisons, they would cripple the communications of the gangs. Other governments, significantly the Israelis, use jammers to thwart terrorists and other criminals from using cell phones to communicate.

There are two things an organization needs to propel its influence; transportation and communication. They obviously cannot go far, but they can communicate with smuggled cell phones. Stop the communication and you cut the legs off them.

Laura Duffy is just another pathetic, ancient relic of a federal system run amuck. She is as useless as any federal bureaucrat is and can’t see the forest for the trees. The prisons are filled with smuggled cell phones and any warden will tell you it is the most significant problem they have with gangs. When unqualified people like Duffy, who has her head up her ass, cannot see the simplicity of the problem, they do not deserve the position they were appointed to.

They communicated pretty good before cell phones, but shutting down the cell phones would go along way. Since the cell phones come mostly from prison guards and some from other employees, that is where you have to enforce the rules. If the gov were ethical-we know it is bought and paid for by the unions-they would do random searches of the employees with a zero tolerance policy, you get caught and that is the end of your job.

There might even be connections between La Eme and certain City of San Diego contractors, working in the arena of auditing and accounting services provided to some of the city's more questionable nonprofit economic development corporations. In addition to the drug business, La Eme needs legitimate-appearing businesses, even if the addresses are mailboxes.

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