Sweetwater Union to Send Pink Slips

On a motion put forward by vice president Jim Cartmill on March 12, the Sweetwater Union High School district voted to send out pink slips to 211 employees. The RIF, or reduction in force, was supported by trustees John McCann and Arlie Ricasa.

The motion was opposed by board president Pearl Quiñones and trustee Bertha Lopez. Lopez said the district should look elsewhere in the budget for the anticipated cuts.

The layoff notices will go out to 34 English teachers, 25 math teachers, 25 social science teachers, 17 biological science teachers, and 12 librarians, among others.

Alex Anguiano, president of the Sweetwater Education Association, said in an interview prior to the board meeting that he didn't understand why the district needed to send out the notices. In a negotiated settlement last year, which Anguiano described as "civil," the association accepted up to six furlough days in relation to the district deficit.

Anguiano also expressed concern about the havoc the layoff notices may play with staffing for the master schedule in the upcoming school year.

At the March 12 board meeting, interim superintendent Ed Brand noted that there "has never been a worse time for public education." The district anticipates a deficit of $27 million.

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I bet when Brand negotiates his contract he will require a substantial raise. He did not take a cut in salary when it was mentioned at the meeting by teachers. It would seem what's good for the ganders should be good foe the goose. It was evident that Brand did not supply the board the information that they requested on alternative cuts. Lopez and Quionnes acknowledged this at the mtg. It really showed where Brand is coming from. It was an unusual night night especially when Mc Cann fled from tHe meeting because he did not want to be served with recall papers. The districts spin on the matter was that a family emergency had occurred. We knew this was not true because Mc Cann sprinted out of the meeting earlier as well. A police officer tried to assist to no avail because Mc Cann was quicker than the officer. It provided comic relief that was desperately. This was the Iraq vet at his best,afraid of a recall paper.

the sweetwater district board meetings continues to appear as a desperate attempt at 'fools comedy'.

brandara sitting before educators informing them of their future firings all the while planning a feeble attempt at starting up an elementary charter school. the board, with the exception of member lopez failing to make rationale decisions. how do they expect the community to understand their failure to educate middle and high school graders while beginning the new venture of a charter school - all the while crying poor. where is the money for personnel, planning, and start up for the charter school coming from? it is coming from the middle and high school students enrolled in the district.

brandara's salary? - i am sorry who said he was going to be hired? the board obviously sent him the message monday evening when they failed to unanimously endorse his many proposals. i thought this was the guy who stated that first evening IF I DO NOT GET FULL ENDORSING FROM THE BOARD I WILL BE GONE??????????? so when is brandara leaving??????????? the community, the majority of the employees, the educators, and now the board are beginning to question his recommendations - SO WHEN IS BRANDAR LEAVING?????????????????

john mccann, i have often referred to him as the 'little man who wants to be king' - IS THERE ANY DOUBT NOW??? just how inept this supposed politician truly is?????????????? john mccann RAN OUT OF THE BOARD MEETING, like a small child afraid of the 'boogy man'. afraid of being served with a recall notice????????? i ask you fellow voters is this the kind of person we want holding ANY office? i say NO.

apparently he does not want it known that the community is showing NO CONFIDENCE by beginning RECALL PROCEDURES. is he that insecure? is he that weak? - this man RAN from a 60+ female - attempting to serve him recall papers????????????????????????????????????????????????

i would hate to see what he would do if faced with a real threat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something is really wrong with this guy. If he really had a family emergency why didn't he just say so instead of just ditching and showing disrespect for the public the way he did? It sounds like the teachers union has been willing to work with the district to avoid layoffs. Why the hard line from those three? It's time to clean house.

family emergency? interesting, not even the board members knew that mccann had run out of the building.

emergency no, coward yes

*Readers, this amended information was provided by Lillian Leopold, Sweetwater's direction of grants and communications.

" I wanted to provide you some clarification for the story that ran in the Reader regarding Sweetwater District pink slips. While the agenda listed 211 FTEs, it was amended at the meeting to be 203 FTEs. As you may know, Full-Time Equivalents is different than the actual number of pink slips. There may be more than 203 pink slips issued."

Thank you Ms. Leopold

i am missing ms. leopold's point. 211 vs 203 - then she states "there may be more than 203 pink slips issued"??????????????

this is the Districts spokesperson??????????????????

perhaps she should have clarified the 'need' for starting an elementary charter school when we have no funds - now that comment would be worth reading.

It would be informative for those who follow this wretched excuse of a school district that two dozen school districts in the county have issued NO, as in zip, zilch, nada, pink slips this year. They have their operations under control and have determined ways to cope with this fiscal crisis. So "Brass" Brand noted that there "has never been a worse time for public education." He's so right. With hacks and clowns like him running things in public education, there will be these panic attacks and other public displays of lunacy for the duration of this state financial misery. Sadly, this crisis could persist indefinitely, and jokers like Brand, Cartmill, McCann, Ricasa, and their criminal and near-criminal cabal could continue to create havoc in the schools.

If the state takes over that district, it might be a good thing. I mean, could Sacramento do a poorer job than these bozos? DON'T ANSWER THAT! Whew! Just when you think it can't get worse, it does. Recall, convict, or replace ALL these bums. Send Brand packing. Maybe new blood can make things right again. Maybe not. But there's nothing redeeming in this pack of thieves and fools whatsoever. Clean house.

point of interest neither chula vista elementary school district or the the south bay elementary school district are issuing pink slips.

additional information for your consideration.

sweetwater district's 'pr person' who has just been hired by southwestern. i seem to remember that 'alvey' and 'focuscom' were also used for pr issues. and we have seen (alvey) and have been denied seeing (focuscom) what those dollars bought us.

question: just how many people do we need working on 'pr' issues for the sweetwater district????????????????????????????????????

another thought============ focuscom was ALSO used by southwestern for pr issues.

am i missing something here???????????????????????

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