Over 7 Tons of Marijuana Seized in Baja

The Mexican army seized 7.2 tons of marijuana and destroyed an airstrip used for shipments in raids across Baja this week. Lieutenant Colonel José Pérez of the Segunda Zona Militar (Second Military Zone) described the raids that occurred over the past three days.

The majority of the raids occurred in the Tijuana. Raids in Ensenada and Mexicali were also successful. The raids netted smaller amounts of other drugs, as well as weapons and ammunition. The airstrip was found near Ensenada and was destroyed to prevent future shipments.

The raids began after a Tijuana resident called in a complaint of a strong marijuana odor. After searching the residence, addresses were found that led to other stash houses containing narcotics. Only three people were arrested in the raids.

Marijuana is often grown in the interior of the country and then flown to border regions. The drugs are then sent to stash houses, repackaged, and prepared for trafficking into the United States. Marijuana is a huge commodity for drug cartels because it is inexpensive to farm and takes little processing to prepare for consumption.

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My stash!

Weed is also grown in Baja. Be careful if you investigate this, they are not very friendly. "The Tijuana" is currently under the control of the Sinaloa Cartel, they won't hang your head on a spike to make their point. They'll hire someone else to do that. But you're going to see more weed grown toward the border in the future, logistics demand that.

I don't smoke the stuff these days, ever since I had kids I thought it might not be a good example to set. But a lot of people in the U.S. sure do. And a lot of that stuff is grown right here. Logistics.

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