Over 12 Tons of Marijuana Found in Pacific Ocean

Several large loads of marijuana have been found floating in the ocean over three days, near Baja California. The U.S. Navy and the Mexican Navy have reportedly recovered over 12 tons of marijuana since Saturday, June 16th.

The first two finds were by the U.S. Navy, near the Mexico border. Navy officials reported that an aircraft carrier group recovered about 10 tons of marijuana from the Pacific Ocean, about 85 miles off the Mexican coast. The seizure was the result of two small boats dumping their loads after being spotted by Navy vessels. Neither of the two incidents, some 15 hours apart, led to apprehensions of suspects.

Early reports state that 19 tons were found, while the AP recently reported the number at 10 tons.

The third find was by the Mexican Navy on Monday, some 100 kilometers southwest of Punta Santo Tomás, Mexico. 2.2 tons of marijuana were found floating in the ocean, separated into 118 packages. No suspects were spotted.

Punta Santo Tomás is about 50 kilometers (31 miles) southwest of Ensenada.

Marijuana is moved heavily through the Baja California region. Large seizures have been common in recent months. 1.5 tons were seized from a home in Tijuana on Sunday.

Traffickers are now more commonly taking to the sea to move large loads of marijuana to the U.S. Marijuana is moved in larger loads than other drugs, and are much easier to detect at border crossings.

Tons of marijuana have been found floating in the Pacific as far north as Orange County. In May, over 8,000 pounds were found near Dana Point Harbor.

The Mexican Navy noted the weight of the marijuana seized would drop after it dried. The U.S. Navy made no such comments regarding the weight of their seizures.

It is of note that Mexico uses the metric ton (1,000 kg/2,204.623 lb), while the U.S. typically uses the short ton (2,000 lb/907.1847 kg)

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