Vista Man Shows Off Improvised Arsenal to Deputies

San Diego Sheriff’s deputies responded Saturday afternoon to a domestic disturbance involving a father and his 25 year-old son on the 1100 block of Meadow Lake Drive inVista.

Upon arriving, deputies made contact with the father, who was standing in front of his apartment building. He told deputies his son had broken a window and was throwing objects onto the front lawn.

One deputy saw the son through the window brandishing a knife. A single beanbag round was fired in an attempt to subdue the subject, but it struck an outside wall of the building. Deputies then moved to establish a perimeter around the building and make contact through a loudspeaker.

The son continued to show himself through the window at various intervals, at different times brandishing the knife, a baseball bat, or a hammer, and sometimes wearing what appeared to be a paintball mask. At one point, he left the second story apartment and came downstairs to retrieve his cell phone that he’d thrown out the window.

When he went back inside, the Sheriff’s Crisis Negotiating Team was able to contact him. After being assured he’d committed no crime, the son agreed to receive help from family members and deputies departed.

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If he'd "committed no crime", why were the Deputies firing bean bags at him and surrounding the building? If it's necessary to do those things, to protect him or society, he should be hauled off. If there's no crime, then there should be no police involvement.

I really don't want to live in a society where, even though I've done nothing against the law, the state can still get involved in my life. The government already has far too much power to declare that pretty much anything is a crime... smoke this plant instead of that one, gamble at the wrong place or time, pay another consenting adult for sex, carry a sidearm to be able to defend yourself. To let them skip the whole legislative process and simply decide that they need to get involved is NOT the picture of a truly free society.

No crime, huh? How about that old catch-all, disturbing the peace? Seems that fits just about perfectly. Folks, there's no tellin' just what the deputies will do here in Vista. There are folks who just looked a bit sideways at a cop here and ended up six feet under, while this is no crime. Go figure, I can't.

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