Tijuana Police Respond to Concerned Residents

The Tijuana Municipal Police responded to concerns from residents of Valle de Las Palmas by arresting five suspects overnight. Municipal Police commander Richard H. Garduno stated the suspected armed robbers were arrested in the early morning hours Wednesday. Garduno said some suspects were found carrying plastic toy weapons.

Residents of Valle de Las Palmas handed Carlos Bustamante Anchondo, the mayor of Tijuana, a letter Monday stating they would go as far as lynching criminals if security was not stepped up in their area immediately. Concerned residents say there have been daily robberies and violence in the town.

Valle de Las Palmas lies to the southeast of Tijuana and southwest of Tecate. The urban development has slightly less than 2000 residents. Ongoing projects are expected to help develop the area in the coming years. Tijuana officially took Valle de Las Palmas into its municipality last year. By doing so, the municipal police are expected to patrol the area and respond to reports of criminal activity. Although residents have expressed concerns, officials say there have been few reports filed.

In nearby Tecate, a morning shootout occurred between police and two gunmen. Police engaged two suspects with gunfire that resulted in one suspect being killed and two officers being wounded. The police were taken to a local hospital and the second gunman was arrested.

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There's a bigger story here if you want it, Mennem. How about MOST Colonias are taking matters into their own hands? It isn't just remote outposts like Las Palmas. It's everywhere. While the local cops are tied up soiling themselves with drug runners and the like, local crime has increased greatly here. Of COURSE it isn't reported, why bother? If you live here, keep your eyes and ears open, you'll find a ton of great stuff to string. Tijuanenses are fed up, and they never have trusted the cops anyway. If you're into this sort of thing from a reporting standpoint, then you're sitting on a gold mine.

refried, your comment surprises me. Weren't you saying, as recently as a couple years ago, that crime and public safety were emphatically not an issue in TJ? You say that TJ residents "have never trusted the cops . . ." That is the impression that I had of the city, going back forty years. Have conditions changed, or have you changed, or am I mistaken?

The cops have never been trusted here, that is not new. The petty local crime is a recent development. A couple of years ago it wasn't any different from San Diego in that respect, but in the last couple of years there have been issues. This mostly involves robbery and similar crimes. The victims are usually older women, and the criminals are after their purses and cell phones. The cops are busy trying to control the smuggling, which has left an opportunity for thugs to prey on citizens that would have little defense otherwise.

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