Sanders Shopping for Costly TV System

San Diego taxpayers who find themselves longing for a more penetrating view of Carl DeMaio's hair, a closer examination of Marti Emerald's pancake make-up, or who just want to better admire the newly svelte physique of Jerry Sanders can rest easy: high definition TV is coming to city hall, thanks to the termed-out mayor.

"CityTV is the City of San Diego's municipal government access cable channel," says a request for bids posted on the city's purchasing website. "CityTV provides live televised coverage of the San Diego City Council and other public meetings that shape our community and our quality of life."

Alas, the document goes on to explain, San Diego has fallen woefully behind the times, placing its council and mayor in a less than perfect light.

"The City’s existing Standard Definition system is fifteen years old and needs to be brought up to High Definition standards," says the request.

No longer will viewers be disappointed by having to watch mayoral state of the city messages and accompanying rock videos in mere standard definition and low tech sound.

(As its offical page on the city's website notes, "CityTV is part of the Office of the Mayor ")

"In addition to replacing the City’s outdated equipment, the current control room, located in the City Administration Building, will be relocated to the CityTV offices in the Civic Center Plaza building. Communication between the two locations will be executed over twenty-four City owned single mode fiber strands."

The request for bids provides a long a roster of expensive equipment needs, including nine Hitachi "Multi-format, HDTV Box" cameras; five Canon "2/3' 20X, remote zoom" lenses; five Panasonic "HD Integrated" cameras; and and an "HD Live Video Production System with 11 HDSDI Inputs and 1000 Control Panel and 6 keyers," among many other high-tech components.

How much will all this end up costing the city, currently hard pressed to cope with its gaping potholes and a growing array of service cutbacks?

Those blanks remain for would-be vendors to fill in.

Bids are currently due March 9, the document says.

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This is good snark, Matt. It's the Po-tterrr Reporrr.

Jeesh. There they go again, wanting to shape the "quality of [our] life." And make us pay for it. And the "blanks remain for would-be vendors to fill in." Right.

Dear Mayor: what we'd rather have is a mayor-cam, an attorney-cam, and a council-office-cam. With 24-hour video and sound monitors that put us your, Goldsmith's, and Demaio et al.'s offices, we'd really get our taxdollars' worth. And timesaving for you, too: No need for Public Records Act requests that cause you to burn papers and delete files and records.

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